How you expect justice if the judge is your enemy the Chinese communist party

How you expect justice if the judge is your enemy( Chinese communist party)

Steve Ramsey,PhD -Public Health 

The silence of our loved one who died because of Covid-19, Died alone in thousands like sheep driven to their death by evil wolves . To me they got murdered by the Chinese communist party, by the stupid world Health Organization ,and by our Liberal incompetent government who listened to them .

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Dont just sit and cry,get even with those communists. First thing we need to do now is to ask US government, Canada ( liberal communists if they listen), and all European governments to hold China money that they owes us trillions of dollars , this money must be frozen now and dont send single cent to them, let them go to court. We must pay those who lost their lives and their families , to those who lost business and suffered economical hardship and every one of us who lost jobs and revenues .

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We must ask the government by the millions,send your petitions and complained and demand that you get the Chinese money now from the money that China keep here as credit.

All the faithful forces in the world who believe in God, God of Abraham should help each other and join hands against the evil forces in Russia, China and Iran now before it’s too late. We are sick and tired seen our life destroyed, loved one dies , jobs disappear, economy destroyed , families separated because we trusted our governments who trust in China and W.H.O those put us in this situation.

We demand the resignation of W.H.O now, do not donate one cent to them until all are gone and replaced with smart, intelligent, trusted team. We must trust in our inelegance and smart scientists here instead we listen to the communists and extreme socialist who want to control our lives.  

The ethnic stock to which the Han Chinese originally traces their ancestry from were confederations of late Neolithic and early bronze-age agricultural tribes known as the Huaxia that lived along the Guanzhong and Yellow River basins in Northern China., and that is what the history book teaches you. But the Bible and many other Islamic books telling us that they came from Noah son Ham (Han) ,he had other son called Canaan and he have son called SSIEN – SYAEEN – Sin with upper voice of S in Arabic SAD.

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SSIEN took his family and travel to that area now called China. Ham descended the Canaanites branches out and went to Africa, There were many visits and relationship between the African in Egypt and China at that time before the Chinese empire took many different directions and roots.

Surely these shall come from afar; Look! Those from the north and the west, and these from the land of Sinim” (ISAIAH 49:12)

All people today came out of Babel (Genesis-10:32), including the Chinese people. Babel was called the great gate of humanity and it was extended from Armenia all the way to Syria, part of Persia, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq all the way to Oman and UAE.

The history told us that when Noah was preaching his people were sinners, killers, thugs, committed great sin against God and against one another and they were in area now called Armenia not too far from China and Turkey.

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Noah ship moved south as the flood pushed it from north until it settled on Jodi Mountain and Ararat-South West if Turkey ,close to north Iraq.

When Noah descended one of his 3 sons name Sam had many other sons later, one called Arak he stay and IRAQ was born, other named ARAN, and Iran was born. Other son from Javith( yafith) descended was Andolos he went to settle in what now we call it Spain, and so on. Many of Sam descended Semites did the same and went all over the middleast. So we had the Semites and the Hemities (among them Sinmites = Sinites= China)

The Chinese came from the line of Noah’s son Ham and grandson Canaan. Some of these descendants were called Canaanites. One group of Canaanites was called the Sinites (Genesis 10:15-17). Like the Sinai Peninsula, the names in the area reflect the names of Sineus or the Sinites, who also traveled to that area such as Mt. Sinai where Moses received the Ten Commandments (Exodus 34:29) when leaving Egypt.

Other part of Sineus= Sinites called sinanyts settled also on area called Sana in present Yemen close to south of the red sea and they used to have great empire of trades including Somalia, Eritrea, jeboti, and Ethiopia (Habasha), many great leaders were in this trade area among them the infamous queen of shiba, Shaba= Siba=Saba .Every time they move to new area, they get adopted, acclimatized and of course evolution of their skin and color changes.

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Not all people in China are Sinites though. There are several people groups that made it to China. One group, the Maio people, has their ancestry through Noah’s son Japheth (yafeth) which is the majority of turkey and Europe, and his son Gomer. Some of the Gomer descended also went to land of Israel and among them those who committed the sin of luttisim in Sodom and Gomorrah, where God destroyed them with stones called the Sejjil (grim fire stones).

 But let’s remember that all people in the world are descendants of Adam and later from Noah 3 sons. Noah had 4 children, one of them called Aam he was the oldest and very jealous from Sam his brother, Aam did not join Noah ship as he didn’t believed in him, and when the flood started. Noah cried and asked him to come in despite God told Noah that he is not from you and he will be drowned, but as a father Noah was sad and asked his son Aam to come to the ship , of course he didn’t and swam to nearby mountain and told his father Noah that the mountain will save him.

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No saviors today , only God and his mercy will save you come with us, Noah shouted to his son from the ship window , but no answer, he saw his son drowned in the flood.Because he deviated from the true faith just like the Chinese did and went to trust in earthly leaders as Gods, and then communists ideology . Forcing their cult and unjust on the faithful.

Isaiah 49-:12   

Behold, these shall come from afar, and behold, these from the north and from the west, and these from the land of Syene.”

Among the army that arrive to fight the true faithful are the communist China and Russia they will help Syria, Iran, Iraq and Lebanon and we can see that Russia is doing that for Iran so Iran can take over and they did to these areas , while USA watching and playing chicken with Russia advances. The ultimate goal that all the force evil will arrive at a distention called Armageddon

In the New Testament Armageddon is the last battle between good and evil before the Day of Judgment. A biblical hill of Megiddo, an archaeological site on the plain of Esdraelon, south of present-day Haifa in Israel, The place where the last battle between good and evil will be fought.

Let us read what Isaiah said about justice, and to me Isaiah is the prophet of justice who was preaching all his life about justice and kindness. But how you except justice if the enemy is your judge, in China , Russia, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Iraqi shia government, Hezbollah in Lebanon, The hotheeen in Yemen, the Qodes army, The Iranians backed forces in Gaza ,The Iranians puppets and spies in Qatar, the communist parties in India and Africa.

Millions of people who are stuck in the middle of this situation will have to make their minds to join or not, because the Antichrist will offer them food, money and jobs, as long as they join him, and if they don’t join they will be marked, and they will not allow to buy or sale anything. They also be hunted down and be killed because they believe in God.

 Those are the faithful who trust in God running and hiding from those evil forces.. It is like nowadays you are forced to stay home, no jobs, less money and only go for essential. Imagine when China, Russia and all those evil forces will control you life totally, appoint evil leaders to control why you can buy and sale, where to go and what to worship .They worship stones, cows, idols and some do not worship and they are pure evil unbelievers with weapons .They will control the masses, world organization such and the stupid and incompetent world health organization who put us in this mess due to lack of information, lack of inelegance .

We must not allowed communists, extreme socialists, and pathetic liberal tell us what to do they are pure hypocrites. How we can change the course of history? Well let us start with voting, vote them out from your life and your country system .Point the facts to them and what evil they done and stand strong as God will be with you .It is a game of survival now, we must unite the faithful against the force of evil who are among us and in our countries trying to pave the way to the evil communists agenda.

Isaiah 59:9-11 

So justice is far from us,   and righteousness does not reach us.We look for light, but all is darkness;     for brightness, but we walk in deep shadows.  like the blind we grope along the wall, feeling our way like people without eyes. At midday we stumble as if it were twilight;    among the strong, we are like the dead. We all growl like bears; we moan mournfully like doves. We look for justice, but find none;    for deliverance, but it is far away.

China’s crackdown on the booming house church movement continued this fall, with government officials raiding worship services and even telling Christians they could no longer read the Bible. By law, churches in China must register with the government and join either the Three-Self Patriotic Movement (if they’re Protestant) or the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association.

But because such In China churches face severe restrictions, millions of Christians have joined illegal, “From now on, you are not allowed to meet here, nor are you allowed to read the Bible,” a local Chinese communist government official told the church members. “According to orders from the central government, the Bible is banned.

You’re designated as a target of the campaign to ‘clean up gang crime and eliminate evil.’’ House churches “all over Shandong province are to be shut down,” the church members were told. The evil Chinese government also shutdown Muslim mosques, and arrested millions of Muslims and put them in consecration camps to be brainwashed or killed.

Those evil communist will make the bulk of the Armageddon army. History told us that the Anti Christ will appear and rise from the city of Asfhan Iran and he will move toward Iraq crossing the Euphrates Rivers along with the Chinese forces.

For justice to start ,Israel must work with the Palestinians to make sure that they are well taken care of and feel true justice, the world must help the moderate Muslims as they are from the tree of Abraham and with the Christians, Jewish and moderate Sunni Muslims should rise as one strong power against evil, against Communists and terrorists ,against extreme liberal who repressed the truth and silence those who point the truth ,as Jonathan the baptists once did ,but he was killed by the evil roman Emperor ,because the faithful were powerless ,weak and have no army . Well this is have to stop and we must turn the table.

Steve Ramsey, PhD. Alberta – Canada.

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