How to train your subconscious mind for better life

How to train your subconscious mind for better life


Steve Ramsey,PhD -Public Health MSc(hon) in Med Ultrasound

Steve Ramsey,PhD -Public Health MSc(hon) in Med Ultrasound

BSc-DI .Rmsks,Ardms,Acmdtt,,CRGS,CRVS, PgD Natural Health, Teaching MSK hands on ,and spi ultrasound Physics,Blogger.

Your brain is built to reinforce and regulate your material and spiritual life.

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Your subconscious mind has something called a homeostatic impulse, which regulates functions like body temperature, heartbeat and breathing. “Through your autonomic nervous system, [your homeostatic impulse] maintains a balance among the hundreds of chemicals in your billions of cells so that your entire physical machine functions in complete harmony most of the time.”

But what many people don’t realize is that just as your brain is built to regulate your physical self, as does it try to regulate your mental self. Your mind is constantly filtering and bringing to your attention information and stimuli that affirms your preexisting beliefs (this is known in psychology as confirmation bias) as well as presenting you with repeated thoughts and impulses that mimic and mirror that which you’ve done in the past.

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There are other information and data God call it the soul , which no one yet knows and understand .This information is like the energy will never destroyed and not like the other energies that change forms , this data ( soul) is constant and never change as it is part of God living light .

It is also the realm in which you can either habituate yourself to expect, and routinely seek the actions that would build and reinforce, the greatest success, happiness, wholeness or healing of your life.

Here, a few ways to start retraining your mind to be your ally, not your enemy.

1. Be willing to see the change in you

First step in creating massive change in your life does not actually believe that it’s possible; it’s being willing to see if it is possible.

You are not going to be able to jump from being a complete skeptic to a wholehearted believer. The step between those is just being open to seeing what could be possible. You could maybe try sending a few dozen emails for a job and one of them possibly will respond and few might give you another idea.

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Change your comfort zone and never look back to those who abounded you, forgot you, ignored you, reject you , and exclude you from social events, inventions, relationship, jobs, promotion ,etc.

The point is that you’re willing to see if it’s possible. That’s what will change your life.

2. Self talk yourself and believe that you will be successful.

Instead of regurgitating the same old narrative of believing you’ll be happy once you’re 10 pounds, one promotion and two life events down-the-line, work on changing your inner monologue to: “I allow my life to be good.”

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Give yourself permission to be happy and successful, and not feel guilty about it. If you have a subconscious association between successes being amoral, or corrupt, of course you’re not going to do what you need to do to live the life you want to live. Instead, give yourself permission to step into a whole, happy, healthy, grounded and meaningful existence, with positive attitude, away from negative friends, and idiot boss or jealous coworker.

3. Don’t allow other people’s fears to cast shadows of doubt.

The way people respond to news of your success will tell you how they are really doing in their lives. When I passed my exams, most of those so called friends were so envy and jealous. Instead of going and pass the exam they just wish and hope and never even congratulate you, and I could tell from their voice and gesture. Some tried and failed multiple times. No one come and ask me how I pass the exam, what book I read ,how I did it , how can I help in this or that subject , as they see that as inferiority in the work place.

If you announce your engagement, people who are in happy marriages will be elated for you. People who are in unhappy marriages will warn you that it is difficult and that you should enjoy your remaining time as “single” individuals.

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If you get a promotion or moving to new place and changing your comport zone because your manager was ruing the place, those who can’t find a good place to work for will give you all the negative doom and gloom picture, without facts just because they want to be stuck with the same group so they can use your energy and speed for their benefits. Dont allow lazy people tell you what to do.

The point is that other people’s fears are projections of their own situations. They have nothing to do with what you are or aren’t capable of.

4. Surround yourself with positive reinforcement, positive friends and co workers, those who work smart, hard, humble and have less complain and if they do complain they are willing to change , move or listen to good ideas.

Change your morning alarm on your phone to read the message: “You done it, keep up, move forward, the time is yours and so on!!!” Make sure that the items that you see and touch most often bring you positivity and hopefulness. Keep an inspirational note on a post-it next to your computer.

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Unfollow people who make you feel bad about yourself ,make you feel sad and depressed, or those who stress you more ad never listen, and follow those who are constantly posting motivational messages and interesting ideas. Make your news feed a place that can catalyze your growth, instead of lessening your perception of your worth. If you like something show it, send a like and a nice comment, positive feedback and kind words so all around you are happy and they shine too.

5. Think, plan and act for now, the present.

Though you shouldn’t say things inst factual or true, if they are not in fact true, do start speaking about what it is you want out of life not in the context that you will one day pursue it, but that you are already living it. It is nice to keep hope and dreams but it is better to wake up to the reality of today.

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As Jesus once said A.S. K. ASK and you will get answer, SEEK and you will find, Knock and it will be opened. Ask the right question in the right time and don’t be afraid of rejection, seek the knowledge and wisdom, the information and the good friends, the advise and the job you want, then go and knock, knock the hell of the doors of opportunities, turn every stone and keep moving like a roiling stone as they say roiling stone don’t collect moth.

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Instead of saying: “I hope to do that one day,” say, “I am thinking how to start and do that now.” Instead of thinking: “I will be happy when I am in a different place in my life,” think, “I am completely capable of being happy right here and right now, nothing is holding me back.”

6. Create a vision of your place in life.

Being able to imagine what it is you want out of your life is absolutely essential for creating it, because if you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t know which way to turn first. In his life you need to be multitasking and have parallel thinking, multiple ideas, it is like plan A,B,C etc. Make sure that the entire plan lead to success and not make you less just because you want to move.

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Sometimes you might take step back like less vacation time and less hourly rate in your new job as long as you leave your bad manager and the culture of negativity behind .Make sure to move where they celebrate your skill and talent where the work is smart and efficient so you can have less stress ,yet an effective and happy environment . Remember stress can kill you.

Once you have a crystal clear image in your mind for what it is you want and how it is you want to live, you are then capable of beginning to enact and create it. If you are still hazy or torn between what you want, you will be rendered incapable of taking real, meaningful action toward anything.

Whether you use a journal, blog, notebook or board, put together words and images that represent what you want and how you want to live.

7. Know yourself and your values

When our subconscious minds hold us back from pursuing something that we love, it is because we are holding a conflicting belief about it.

To identify your resistance, question yourself. Ask yourself why you feel better when you procrastinate, or why getting what you really want could actually put you in a place that makes you feel more vulnerable than ever. Find a way to meet those needs before you proceed. Make sure that the benefits of changing your comfort zone exceed the negative elements .But no matter what the problem is make sure that the key issue is to be with Good managements who encouraging you and don’t stress you.

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Remember what Jesus said about A.S.K, so before you leave make sure to ask and seek the information and feed back about the new place. Remember that JESUS stand for J= Joyful work place , E= excellence , S= Smart ,U= Uplifting, S= Success . So you are trying to find a job where you have less stress, friendly place, place of excellence with workers that work smart than hard to be efficient first then effective by using the time management successfully with a smart management that celebrate you and that is the true leadership.

8. Set a realistic plan with master key for each step of your life

Forget five or even 10 year plans; so much changes over time it’s nearly impossible to set goals that you’ll be able to keep. Most likely, new or even better opportunities will surface, and though your life won’t look like you thought it would, you’re better off for that. Technology is changing, life is changing now days with the Virus that destroyed our life and economy and the politics around it. Everything seems unstable now and unpredictable.

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Instead, have a master plan. Identify your core values and motivations. Ask yourself what is the ultimate goal of what you want to accomplish while you are alive; imagine the kind of legacy you want to leave. Once you have your Big Picture values identified, you can make decisions for the long-term that align with your true self.

You can do that as I said as a parallel thinking, you think and act at the present and do your best at the moment, and the second line plan by visualizing and acting upon future plan from now ,by saving money, focus on the points that speed your value now because when you are older your job market will be slow and your energy will be slower .

9. Having a positive diary.

The best way to start putting yourself in a head space of “having” rather than “wanting” is to begin a gratitude practice. By expressing thanks for all that you do have, ask yourself do I need this and why not if you like it and you want it, you shift your mindset from being hungry for change to feeling satisfied with where you are at.

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Remember that Gratitude and good attitude is the great’s gift of abundance. There’s a saying that once you believe you have enough, you are open to receiving more and more and more. That is undoubtedly true; it is the law of satisfaction and attraction.

10. Do not be afraid to bargain with your new manager for your new job.

Try your best and don’t be greedy, you have to show them what you will bring to the table and how you will improve their work not just by your skill but by your energy and work enthusiasm. Dont tell them you left your work because it was bad management even if you know it is true , as people don’t leave good company but they do leave bad management .

The new managers will think that you will do the same and talk bad about them when you leave them too. Point out your needs of change, and progress to learn and give more, and that your previous work have not much room for progress and learning.

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If someone asks you to do a consulting project, ask for the amount of money you truly want to earn for it. If your goal is to get a promotion in your organization, sit down with your higher up and make your intentions known. Reach out to brands you want to work with. You have to start asking for what you want, even if you have no reason to believe that anyone will actually give you any of those things. They might.

11. Be a visionary and focus on where, when and what you can do to improve your situation and not “how.”

Your job is to identify the what, and then to work in tandem with other people for the how. If your goal is to work remotely and run your own business, instead of giving up if your first attempt fails, try reimagining how else you could achieve your ultimate vision in a new way that is more financially lucrative. Talk to those who tried before you, to your bank advisor, seek and learn, as we said before ask and seek for all the information.

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The point is that life will always surprise you with how things come to fruition. Instead of being obsessively attached to every little detail working out the way you think it should, be open to potential and possibility, even if it’s something you never imagined before.

12. Dont make too many enmities and don’t burnout the bridges

Make sure to keep your enemy closer to you so you know what they are doing and sometimes some of so called friends can be your worst nightmare ,as they know you and your secrets ,your trades more than your enemy.

I know w said we have to stay away from negative people , but is good to be smart , you don’t have to invite people you don’t like to your place. But sometimes talking nice and be kind to your enemy can change them to be a good Allie.It is all depend on how you communicate with them , deal with them and nicely argue with them. Of course there are those idiots who never will listen so leave them because if you argue with them they will pull you to their level.

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If you’re hanging out every weekend with people who are likewise as unhappy with their lives, you aren’t going to receive an abundance of support if you try to break free and do your own thing. Remember that you will truly become who you spend the most time with, and choose who that is very carefully.

13. Be affirmative and motivated person

When you’re on your commute each morning, listen to a motivational speech or podcast. From psychology or a holy book, a social worker or a great leader, while you’re doing the dishes or driving, tune into a talk show that relates to the type of business you’re trying to do. Infuse your life with as much affirmation and motivation as possible.

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You may need to hear the lessons more than once, but they will seep into your brain over time, and eventually, you will find yourself acting on wisdom received from those who are where you want to be. Always watch for opportunity.

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From the back yard a fox watching for an  opportunity ( taken by steve ramsey).

14-Have a healthy life style , a good night sleep, moderate exercise, balanced food, fresh water and sunlight, be like a plant and not a carnivorous. Remember that whatever you do in this word it will echo to the next and the universe is listening and watching you careful. 

Steve Ramsey,PhD. Okotoks – Alberta

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