How to do basic house cleansing from paranormal entity.

Spirits and various entities can be lurking everywhere and anywhere. The vast majority do not have enough power to harm human beings, and many don’t even want to harm you— more often, they’re just attached to a location or object, or they’re wandering because they’re unable or unwilling to move on. They can be unpleasant, annoying or their presence may simply frighten you. Others are more malevolent, filled with anger or fear, or may have a wicked disposition. They might try to intentionally scare you and the people in your house, or even want to hurt you.

They can come into your life in many ways. Perhaps they’ve always been in your home, but you never noticed. Perhaps you disturbed them by touching something they used to own or renovating a room. A visitor or new purchase can catch their attention. Perhaps they came in with an object you bought at an antique store, or they were just wandering by and took interest in you.

Salt has long been used as a protection from unwanted spirits and entities. Bless a bowl of salt and throw handfuls around the room, charging the entities to be gone.

When you suspect unwanted visitors are acting up in your home, take charge to try and get rid of them before things get out of hand.


Fuming is a process of burning dried herbs to banish unwanted entities. Clouds of fragrant smoke ward them the same way bug repellant can ward mosquitos.

To fume, place a heat-proof pot on a heat-proof surface. Light an incense charcoal briquette (never use barbecue charcoal, which is toxic when burned indoors) and put it in the pot. Then open all the windows and sprinkle a spoonful of herbs on it every few minutes to build up billows of smoke.

Certain herbs repel entities and make them slink back from where they came. Use sage ,sweet gars and  thyme if it’s a minor problem. If you feel the entity is mischievous or maligning and might not want to leave, use something stronger such as garlic powder, juniper berries, cinnamon or cloves. Leave the room if using these stronger herbs and come back when the smoke clears. you can use Arabic harmal you can ask about it in Arabic stores it is the most powerful herb against evil spirit.   

As you begin sprinkling the herbs on the hot coal, tell the entities very clearly that you want them to leave, you are not welcome here, leave in the name of God.


Blessed water or oils banish entities, particularly those with more evil intent. Many churches sell holy water, but you can have your clergy bless it or bless it yourself with a prayer. You can also say prayers to bless a vial of olive oil, clove oil or cooking oil mixed with chopped, raw garlic. read yasen verse , kursey fateha , alfalq and al nas on them the most powerful Arabian prayers ask some one who speak Arabic to do this for you.

Sprinkle holy water, or dip your finger in oil to draw a THE WORD in the name of God  on every door, wall and window in the house.
As you go from room to room, utter blessings and prayer in the name of God  and as I taught  you in earlier article about the house cleansing with ruqeya. ask God  to assist you and ask him to send the angels to protect you , and firmly tell the entities they’re not wanted and must leave.


Salt has long been used as a protection from unwanted spirits and entities. Bless a bowl of salt and throw handfuls around the room, charging the entities to be gone. Protect your home further, place a line of salt across every door that leads into your house and across every windowsill to create a barrier that will repel spirits. What I do is to be more creative , clean and do not make mess of the house is to get small plastic tubes and salt bless them and put the salt in these fine plastic tubes , make many of them and then you can put these tubes front of the doors windows etc.every month take them and bless them again and read more on them and them put them back again you can put also some of the mentioned herbs after you bless them in the name of God only and not other person.


Some spirits and entities are stronger than others, or their intentions are so evil that they are not easily deterred. If you have a very nasty intruder, things may not improve—or may get even worse! While these cases are rare, it is the time to call in a professional paranormal investigator or  clergy person to help you. You can reach me at  I can coach you and tell you what you can do until help arrive.

Thank you for reading

Steve Ramsey, PhD.   Calgary, Alberta.

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