How can you deal with a bad day and learn from it.

 We’ve all had days that involve a cascade of things going wrong

But, we hardly notice the good ones. They make us smile and we enjoy them to their fullest. It’s the crummy days that need our attention, as it is a full of stress factors, unsolved problems that haunt us in our dreams and in our mind,.

Your car breaks down, you wait two hours at the doctor’s office, a nonsensical policy change is announced at work, you sit on your glasses, and you start making dinner and realize you’re missing an essential ingredient. Forgot you mask and then started to get worried about covid .forgot to feed your pet and you are in the middle of the road toward your work etc. what if we did this or that, makes tired and lose sleep and it can lead to depression

I woke up feeling tired, I blamed the cold and the snow, I did shovel and cleaned the snow from my front garage and the garden large patio .I was angry that winter here is too long almost 8 months. I lose my beautiful garden and song birds; the summer is too short in Calgary. Maybe I should move to BC. Your mind gives you so many scenarios and option but the reality is that I can’t move now until I sale my house and that will happen in 18 months, 3 weeks and 16 hours from now. Who’s counting anyway, LOL?

We all experience it every now and then. You are in the mood for absolutely nothing, and everyone is suddenly annoying. Or you are feeling so great but everyone around you is rude, unhappy and unpleasant, is it attraction? Is it something in you or them make this feeling come to the surface?

I knew I had to go to work and shake off this low-irrational feeling.

This doesn’t come easy, not even for me. The difference is that I know it’s something I can escape. Better yet, my biggest advantage knows that I shouldn’t fuel this condition further. Sometimes I am so happy from an email that someone so special sent but in other moment I feel sad because something inside me telling me to stop as my emails is making them nervous and they do not respond. Sp I dissolve myself in my reading, writing and blogging and hide this anger and feeling of guilt.

Having the strength to accept this mindset can transform your day, I start be acknowledge the problem, then find a solution t it, and teach myself control so it will become routine. Positive mood comes from a combination of pleasure and a sense of mastery (feeling you’re competent and can get things done). These both go out the window on bad days because having a run of bad luck usually feels frustrating, demoralizing, and out of control. 

Unfortunately, most people do nothing about it. Sometimes it follows them the next morning. It can even last for several days. These low vibration energies feed with your sorrow. You don’t care about fixing the issue. Absurdly, it feels ‘good’. But it’s misleading because it leads to complaining, anger, and disappointment.

The best thing is to confront your boss, ask the question , ask for meeting, resolve the issue and tell your part of the story even if they don’t like it and tell them that these are the facts and these are the solution and that you do not want anybody to cross these lines . Don’t allow those negative people and energies to set an inch in you. Keep them out. Don’t invite them in your place, self, workplace and dreams.

They influence you throughout the day and can affect you even more if left unattended.

These energies are strongly connected with your “shadow-self, a concept from parapsychology. The shadow contains all the unexpressed, repressed feelings and thoughts. That why the shadow people took place in this world, the shadow people are real and true energies mostly negative energies seeking revenge, watching people, try to learn, and trying to ask for help or they are part of people angry spirits I called them the Qareens.

Let’s see what you can do about it!

  • First off, shift your awareness towards yourself; FIND THE FACTS ,
  • Understand what’s going on; Find the truth and the reason
  • Become self-aware; focus on the question and the key factors
  • Mentally activate all the Reiki symbols you have access to on your crown chakra to open the universal connection; work on love, kindness, trust, compassion, forgiveness, and let go.
  • Then, activate them on all the other chakras and their projections;

I said mentally because you don’t always have privacy. Therefore, if you find yourself in a public space, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try to improve your day with Reiki. This process doesn’t take long and can have immediate effects.

So be prepared to change your mood.

If you are attuned only for Reiki first level, visualize the crown chakra opening to the universal source of energy. Do prayers and salat, tasbeeh and rosary .Ask God for help in every second or whenever you can.

The universal energy will enter through all your chakras and energetic fields. It will recalibrate them and bring them back to their original structure.

Within minutes, you should feel a healthy flow of energy. You will begin to “breathe” again. All the negative thoughts and residual energies will gradually fade. Just remember that God is light, mercy, kind ,can hear you and see you, can help you ,just ASK.

Be confident about your intention. Allow the universal life force energy to enter and heal you.

Before you know it, a new, positive vibration will guide you throughout your day. Some call them angels; some call them holy spirits and some call them the good Qareens.

This bad mood is connected to our shadow-self. The process described above won’t heal it forever. But, it will help you dissipate those unwanted energies and make you more aware of yourself. It’s a great way to save a bad day.

You can also search for this article; the concept of Reiki and Shadow-Self . It is a great material to read.

“The best morning routine is the one that’s perfectly tailored to you.” Here’s a list to choose from. I’m sure there is something here that will suit your style. It doesn’t matter what it is. The lesson is to prioritize your morning and give it the attention it deserves.

Discover how walking meditation can work as a layer of protection, a path to awakening and calm. Walking has been practiced since ancient times for attentiveness and tranquility and now you can adapt it to our modern lives. Walk in your back yard or the park, around the street or to the store , make sure to notice and watch people, birds, other animal ,listen to the sound and remember how God creates all this web of humanity and living creatures in it how he feed them and shelter them. Enjoy the deep breath of fresh air.

​Try to eat a balanced food and do moderate stretching. Get a positive feedback from your social network and get rid of nagging and negative people.

Before you sleep make sure that you resolved the problem of the day or at least put plan points for the next day.

Set an intention to be gentle with yourself.

When you’re feeling battered around by the winds of luck, you’re going to need some self-nurturing. Set an intention that you’re going to be kind to yourself while you’re waiting for the universe to start dishing out some kindness again. 

Treat yourself. 

Not with a bucket of a chocolate ice cream but with a dose of positive emotion will increase your resilience during stressful days. Know yourself well enough that you have a short mental (or written) list of simple things you enjoy that reliably boost your mood. Examples:

  • Buying a food you like but that you don’t buy often. This could involve anything from a trip to your favorite food truck to buying yourself a bag of cherries at the store.
  • Getting a foot massage on the way home from work.
  • Buying a nice bath product, or just using something you already own.
  • Dropping into the library on the way home from work, or downloading a new novel for your Kindle. Call friend and email someone you didn’t email for long time.

 Get something small done that’s on your own agenda.

Find something you can get done that will ensure the day isn’t totally unproductive. It’s a skill to be able to identify quick mastery tasks that feel achievable no matter what else you have going on. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at it.  Examples:

  • Putting a hook on your wall so that you don’t keep losing your keys.
  • Dividing a big bag of junk food into single-serving bags so you don’t overeat.
  • Finally backing up the precious photos or videos that are on your phone.
  • Testing/changing the batteries on your smoke detectors.
  • Anything else that gives you a sense of basic competence and helps you regains a feeling of control. 

 Recognize the impact of stressful events.



Researching this topic was a real eye-opener for me. I feel as though I’ve learned so much about emotions in general, and more than that, it’s opened up a new level of acceptance for myself and the way negative emotions present in my life. DONT LOOK BACK, DONT WORRY ABOUT THOSE WHO DONT CARE FOR YOU, you pray for them and wish them all the best , but karma will get them one day and show them how they were wrong about you and how they made a bad choice . This is their lives and not yours so keep focus and keep going .

I’ve definitely fallen victim to thinking that negative emotions need to be banished from my emotional repertoire and felt that they lessened my emotional intelligence through how I react to them. Learning that not only are they completely normal, but with a little bit of work, openness and curiosity from me, I could learn to develop better compassion and control.

If there is one thing I want you to take away from reading this article, it’s the compassion piece for your full capacity to experience emotions as a human being. Negative emotions are an extremely important part of our existence. Be open to them, embrace their part in your life and learn to incorporate them in proactive ways. Remember to respond rather than react, and I’m confident you’ll find new ways of approaching these emotions with authenticity and positivity. LOVE THOSE WHO HATES YOU, CARE FOR THOSE WHO ARE UNGRATEFUL, TEACH THOSE WHO DIDN’T TEACH YOU, help those who didn’t help you in moderation, and always show the genuine compassion of your soul 

Please e mail me here in this blog and tell me your story your solution and your methods .

Thank you

Steve Ramsey 


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By Dr.Steve Ramsey,PhD

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