Honest living

Do not be ashamed of your job

No matter how small your job is , as long as it is an honest living, kosher and it makes you happy, support yourself and your family it is a great job in God’ eyes. As long as you work and keep your hope for a better future ,moving forward and learning new skills you are on the right track and don’t let others who look down on your job discourage you at all.

Before I got my certificates, diploma, BSc , MSc and PhD degrees I never imagined that one day I will get those degrees, but I always dreamt about a good future and I worked hard for it, despite all the negative remarks from friends and discouragements from others, including family members who told me that I should focus on work and leave my schooling . I kept going and moving forward with work and schooling.

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I started working when I was 5 years old, I sold dessert in front of our house, lemonade stand , then started making kites and sold so much each day, then I started washing cars , sold ice-creams. After that I started sailing wooden toys that I used to make . Then I started learning calligraphy and painting and I sold so many of my art work, to support my schooling.

I worked in bricklaying, cement company, a car- spare parts company . Laundry mat and ironing clothes, and worked in a factory that made army beds.

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I was a dishwasher, assistant cook, made and sold pizza, a building guard, garage cleaner, tomato and cotton picker, meat processor and made the best sausages ever. I was never afraid to start all over again, it was hard to move to different countries and learn the languages , but I had to do it to live ,and support my schooling. When I get extra money I sent it all to my sisters, and brothers 11 of them, to make them support their schooling and get rid of the poverty cycle and they did.

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I did an X-Ray for the president of Iraq back in 1976 .Ahmad Hasan AL baker

Each job taught me alot , new skill ,new ideas ,how to improve and find way to do better ,how to communicate with others, how to respect others who do these jobs, and never look down on people with these jobs no matter how small the job is ,they are al contributing to our life hood, to their families and to the society.

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I did an X=Ray to the great poet Nazar Qabani 1976.

I used to wake up at 4 am when I was young to make bread and sell bread . The in time I managed to work and travel to many Middle East countries , Singapore, Brunei, Australia, South Korea, Japan, UK, Nederland,Greece, West and East Germany, Australia , Malaysia ,U.S.A, many provinces and cities in Canada and worked in different jobs and fields .

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I did an ultrasound of Carotid to HH. King Fahad of Saudi Arabia back in 1993

My worse day was when I was working in a restaurant as a busboy and dishwasher when one of my friend came to the restaurant she was from a rich family and she thought I was working in a car factory, as I told her so, then she saw me cleaning the tables , she smiled and told me never be ashamed of your job Steve, she gave me 50 dollars tips back in 1981 that was like one week salary. She left after that she married a rich man .That’s life.

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I did an ultrasound for the great comedian Bob Hope back in 1987 in California .

I miss those kinds of jobs because I learned so many new skills , how to deal with people and communicate , learned new languages , surviving skills , and helped me to support my schooling and my sisters . When I used to go to sleep ,I pray to God with tears in my eyes and ask him for a better tomorrow, a better job and good health.

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It was an honor to meet Betty white in palm spring California back in 1988. My boss God bless him Dr BAKEST called me to take the portable ultrasound machine and go with him, he didn’t tell me where are we going until we arrived to her winter house , when she opened the door my jaw dropped, and when I was silent and amazed that it was betty white she looked at me and said ‘ I have this affects on men” and we all laughed.

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I was honored to do an ultrasound on the Japan emperor’ wife back in 1997.

Once I used to work on weekends to clean the race track horses, I used to like one of the horse and clean him and talk to him and ask him would you please win this week please so i can win , I played his number and I was so surprised when he won , he came first ,it was in Windsor Ontario and all the 3 horses that I used to clean they all won 3 of them ,I won about 3600 dollars and that was enough to pay my college tuition and my basement apartment for 2 years .

I worked as a sonographer in so many countries and I managed to ultrasound one of the Saudi Arabia king , King Fahad god bless him , King of Brunei and most of his Royal family as I was the senior sonographers for the royal family from 1994 to 1999, Family member of the emperor of Japan.

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I was honored to work as a senior sonographers for the royal family of Brunei from 1994 to 1999. It was the greatest time in my life and that’s where I want to retired beside uae, if God permits , I dont know how but I will do my best.

My best memories is when I ultrasound Bob Hope , and one of the family member of Betty white in California, Sonny Bono and many others. I never ever thought that one day I will meet all those people and actors ,kings and royal family members . So keep your faith in God strong and keep your trust in him and never lose hope .

God will provide and you will have an amazing life. After all these years I am still looking for jobs and the next step anywhere in the world .

Thank you for reading and God bless you . Visit my blog at www.moleopedia.com

Steve Ramsey, PhD-Public Health, MSc in medical ultrasound, BSc diagnostic imaging,

Diploma in radiology and sonography. diploma in Pharmacy science, diploma in natural health.

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