Hearing voices between the paranormal and the parapsychology

Hearing voices between the paranormal and the parapsychology


Dr.Saad Ramzi Al- Hashimi, PhD -Health Sciences MSc-(hon) in Med Ultrasound.RMSKS.

Dr.Saad Ramzi Al- Hashimi, PhD

This is my answer to one of my blog reader who is hearing cellular phone ring while his phone was off. He sent his question by email and throw my blog at www.moleopedia.com

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From: Tony Moreno . Date: Sun, Feb 20, 2022 at 7:04 AM

Subject: Hear a bell numerous times every night/

Hello Mr Steve Ramsey, my name is Anthony 

Every night I have been hearing a bell or a ding in my bedroom. It sounds exactly like the sound of a phone notifying You that you have received a Message. There are no phones in my room that are on. I have taken everything electronic out of my room and I still get this ding. It comes from different sides of my bedroom. I first noticed it 10 days ago. I figured my wife left her phone on and found out her phone was not even in the room. The ding has gotten louder and louder and I even hear it in the daylight in the morning.

 I recorded it on my phone a week ago when I got suspicious About it. Please let me know what you think? What it could be and why. I have tried to talk to it in English and Thai, my wife is Thai. I ask it what do you want and tell it to leave and go home in both languages. It persists and this is the only thing I hear or see. My dog sleeps in my room and is not fazed by this.

She doesn’t even seem to notice anything. I have woken her up and walked her around the room to see if she would  look or pause but as far as she is concerned there is nothing.

Thank you Steve.


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Greetings from Alberta- Canada;

Hi Tony how are you ?

This is my answer and please let me know more about it and how and when you started hearing this ring. The best method to get rid of this problem to make sure that you and everybody in your house change the phone ring tone change them to different tones each of you have driftnet tone and do that once a month , and you will be surprised that this ringing will stop. When you changed the ringtone, the phantom ringing usually stopped after few days until your brain have adjusted to the new tone..

Phantom vibrations are very common

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There are two types of receptors in the skin that detect vibrations: Meissner’s corpuscles, which specialize in slow vibrations, and Pacinian corpuscles, which specialize in higher-frequency vibrations. That’s why those who are sensitive to the spirit worlds can feel that the hair in their skin rises up or tingles with electricity.

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Most cell phones vibrate at between 130 and 180 hertz, which fall in between the sweet spots of the two types of receptors. Those vibrations probably activate both types of receptors, but probably activate the Pacinian corpuscles more.

1-It might well be your being anxious not to miss a call at work, that makes you imagine you hear a phone when none is ringing, maybe mistaking other noises for a ringing phone, alternately you might have auditory hallucinations.

2- Also a syndrome called Auto phony refers to an enhanced perception of bodily sounds, typically the patient’s own voice and breathing, or auditory memory, in some cases inflammation of the middle ear can do that.

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3- Common descriptions of tinnitus symptoms include hearing cicadas, wind, crickets, fluorescent lights, and squeals, running engines, grinding steel or dripping tap water. Some people even say it sounds like a motorboat or car engine in their ears, phone ring and ding, different in volume.

An occasional bout of brief noise that lasts a few seconds is considered “transient” and something most people experience from time to time. A diagnosis of chronic tinnitus usually means a person reports episodes of tinnitus that last for at least five minutes and occur at least twice a week

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It’s possible to have tinnitus in just one or both ears, and it can come and go. Tinnitus can get loud enough to interfere with concentration, and sometimes, it can mask natural sounds. Tinnitus is most commonly experienced by adults, especially those who have hearing loss.  

If your dog didn’t hear it is less likely the sound is caused by mechanical issues in the house. Dogs also can hear infra and ultrasound range better than humans, even if it was a demonic or spirits dogs and cats can sense them.

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A tinnitus evaluation from a hearing healthcare practitioner will begin with a series of questions designed to get a clear description of your symptoms such as:

  • How long has this been going on? 
  • Is it regular or constant?
  • Are the symptoms worse at certain points of the day?
  • Which ear is causing the issue? Both?
  • How loud is the noise?
  • Is the pitch high or low?
  • Is the issue extremely bothersome or just a little irritating?
  • Are there certain conditions that make the symptoms worse, such as exposure to noise or caffeine intake?
  • Does the sound ever change?
  • Do you also suspect you might have hearing loss? 
  • In most cases, no. Most tinnitus sounds like a ringing, hissing or buzzing sound. If you do hear a persistent clicking sound, it’s worth investigating, though. 
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Seen things in nature , clouds and food is called pareidolia.

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4- It could be a ring from another house that channels your house, throws tubes or metals etc. But again the dog will and should react to it.

5- IT COULD BE WHAT WE CALL MUSICAL EAR SYNDROME; If this is happening to you, you may be worried that MES could be an early sign of dementia if you are over the age of 60, and stress related issues if you are younger. Simply knowing that you have MES, rather than a more serious condition, can make this experience much less annoying. Let’s take a closer look at the causes of MES, how it’s treated, and if there’s anything you can do to lower the volume.

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MES is a condition that causes musical auditory hallucinations, usually related to hearing impairment. It’s not uncommon. It appears to stem from hearing loss, but the exact mechanism behind MES is a mystery.

The brain collects information from the senses to help you comprehend the world. When your sense of hearing is impaired, the brain isn’t prepared to simply ignore this sense. So, the brain continues to seek input.

Getting little or nothing in return, the brain starts to fill in the blanks using what it already knows about the world. This can produce a variety of sounds. In the case of MES, the brain chooses to fill in the blanks with music.

MES can produce ringing, buzzing, or hissing sounds and is also related to hearing loss. MES is sometimes referred to as musical tinnitus.

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6- Medications used; certain medications can cause hallucinations, including auditory hallucinations. This is more likely to involve hearing voices or noises.

If you believe your medication is causing hallucinations of any kind, talk to your healthcare provider right away about adjusting your dosage or changing treatments.

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7- Phantom cell phone vibrations are surprisingly common. What causes this strange phenomenon?

IT HAPPENS TO my friends maybe once a month. He said that he felt a vibration in my pocket and reached for his phone. It wasn’t there. It was in his car

“Phantom vibrations are this unusual curiosity that speaks to our connection with our phones

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8- Pareidolia. “That’s the phenomenon where you see a face in the clouds or hear ‘Paul is dead’ when you listen to the Beatles backwards.” (Or see the Virgin Mary face on food products or objects or a cloud. Essentially, it’s your brain getting a little bit carried away with its normally very useful talent for finding patterns in the world around you.

The best method to get rid of this problem to make sure that you and everybody in your house change the phone ringtone change them to different tones each of you have driftnet tone and do that once a month , and you will be surprised that this ringing will stop.

 When he changed his ringtone, the phantom ringing stopped.

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The phantom vibrations are a result of the brain’s penchant for filling in the gaps to find patterns. A visual equivalent is seeing the outlines of furniture when you walk through your house in near-total darkness, or seeing the Image of a Dalmatian in a field of black and white dots. (It’s hard to see at first, but once you detect the pattern it’s almost impossible not to see it).

Your clothes are rubbing against your skin, you cause activity in the same receptors, and that activity is just similar enough to the activity caused by a vibrating phone that it triggers the learned association and the perception of a vibrating phone.

Now, if you happen to be one of the 5 to 10 percent of people who find phantom vibrations bothersome, it should be easy to reduce or eliminate them. If you stop using vibration mode or keep your phone in another place, your brain should soon learn to stop monitoring your thigh for vibrations. And whatever you do, don’t wear cords.

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9- The other explanation is the paranormal view , after you clear all the ear infection, hallucination, psychosis etc., you left with the spirit world, demonic or angelic .Your guardian angel may send you a message sound you can hear audibly while you’re contacting him through prayer From beautiful music to a voice that speaks a special message, the sounds that your guardian angel sends you are often meant to catch your attention.

Here are some of the different types of audible messages your guardian angel may send you: Remember that so many prophets hear the sound of bells when the angel Gabriel descends to deliver a message from God.

It’s a high-pitched sound because angelic energy vibrates on a high frequency. The information that angels send is contained in energy that must be slowed down for humans to understand its message.

So if your guardian angel is sending a lot of information through these electrical impulses from the spiritual realm to you in the physical realm, you may hear a ringing noise until the frequency slows down enough for you to make sense of what the message is saying.

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When your guardian angel wants to emphasize the importance of a message, he or she may speak that message out loud to you, inspire people you know to tell you something you need to hear, or direct your attention to media that’s broadcasting a message that’s especially relevant to you. Spoken messages contain some keywords or phrases that your angel wants you to understand and apply to your life.

You may hear your angel’s voice directly. For example, if you’re facing a situation that’s dangerous and you don’t realize it, your angel may warn you audibly about it to get your attention in an effort to protect you from danger.

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You may hear a disembodied voice call your name or speak an urgent message aloud. Or, if you’re worried or depressed  about something, your angel may give you much-needed encouragement by speaking loving words that you can hear audibly.

If the sounds are supernatural, they will be more stirring than anything you’ve ever heard before on Earth. The music will fill the air around you, even though there’s no natural source of it (such as a radio) nearby.

You will likely feel the music, as well as hear it. The sounds will resonate throughout your body so that you feel as if your soul is harmoniously connected to the music. Also, the music will stir powerful emotions within you.

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Your guardian angel may also choose to switch on an electronic device such as a computer, mobile phone, or radio to play human music if there’s a particular song playing that triggers memories of someone or something about which you’ve been praying, sometimes turn to a specific channel with news to let you listen the warning and see the disasters about to happen.

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If you have any questions regarding a dream, parapsychology, paranormal, supernatural or psychological please ask and if i cant answer you i direct you to the right professional help.

By Dr.Saad Al-Hashimi, PhD

Greeting from Calgary, Alberta - Canada. My name is Saad Ramzi Al-Hashimi . I am the founder and the director of the Paranormal zone- Haunting Dimensions. That deals with an investigation, debunking, and healing/cleansing. Having had many unexplainable experiences from a young age at a possible "haunted" house where plenty of things seemed to happen that I couldn’t explain, Since that time and I am looking and searching for an answer. After continuing to have many experiences that I just cannot explain, I have since become a firm believer that GHOSTS do exist. I continued for a short while as a member of a few other paranormal groups until I was very fortunate to become involved with a local fast growing organization where I felt very comfortable to start my own paranormal investigation. My best experience has been Indio California, Okotoks Alberta, Baghdad city , and many other places in Greece and North Canada. (yes I do believe spirits can hurt you so you have to be careful not to provoke or challenge a spirit ). I won’t tell you the whole story now but you are more than welcome to ask me on a ghost hunt. I am now looking forward to meeting many more people, all looking for that ‘experience’ that could possibly convince them that there is something more to life than we first thought. So please feel free to email me drsteveramsey@gmail.com I have been involved in several paranormal groups over the years. Paranormal Adventures is different and exciting in ways I couldn’t possibly get before. When people ask if I believe in ghosts, I say I am a skeptical believer. I have had many encounters with spirit forms and believe what I have seen to be real and unexplainable. I always look for a normal mundane reason why at the same time. My area of expertise in the field of science. I have Ph.D. in Public Health from the USA, Master degree in Medical Ultrasound and BSc Degree in Diagnostic Imaging from Charles Sturt University Australia, BSc in Physics, and Radiology diploma from Iraq, Pharmacy diploma. Radiography diploma from London Ontario, Diploma in Natural Health from Quebec, Canada. Radiation physics from Australia, I studied the infra and ultrasound in the animal kingdom.P resented more than 20 lectures in Iraq, Greece, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Canada and I am the peer reviewer for the radiographer journal in UK, Netherlands, and South Africa. Earned the 3rd award for excellence in ultrasound - Canada 2005. I am also armature archaeologist, painter, calligrapher, and used to run acting theater play in Iraq- Baghdad, wrote, directed and acted in more than 27 plays. So debunking come naturally in my science and technology back round, and not like other debunking people around you who use Google for their search and call them self-debunkers, It doesn't work that way. In the near future, I will run live internet ghost hunts with night vision cameras giving users at home the chance to watch the spooky footage on, in my nights out. I look forward to seeing you all soon on one of our many events! I loved reading ghost stories and sitting on my own in the dark watching horror films. However. I Can decode dreams, and I see spirits in my dreams. I like to look at things from a scientific point of view and try to rule out all rational possibilities before concluding that events are paranormal. However, I do try to keep an open mind on all investigations. I started taking part in investigations since 1986; my first investigation usually any house, apartment that I move in or my friend's places. For many of my true paranormal stories you can read them at www.linkedin.com I will try to copy and move all my articles here in this site in near future. Thank you for reading and God Bless you all. Saad Ramzi Al- Hashimi, PhD. Alberta

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