Haunted Maggie’s Bridge Delaware’s most haunted road

Stay Away From Delaware’s Most Haunted Road After Dark Or You May Be Sorry

Seaford or Woodland residents know all about Delaware’s most haunted road – a short bridge on Route that’s known locally as Maggie’s Bridge. According to local legend, a young woman named Maggie Bloxom was decapitated in an accident on this bridge in the late 19th century. To convince you further, a local cemetery has Maggie Bloxom’s grave, and she did die young. Maggie, pregnant at the time of her death, continues to linger at the spot, searching for her lost baby – and perhaps her head. When you get to the bridge, you’re supposed to get out of your car and yell into the night “Maggie, Maggie  I have your baby!” THREE TIMES. with open arms as a posture to invite her and close to the bridge . Some people recorder that they are locked in their cars , heard sound that  order them to leave 

Steve Ramsey, Okotoks , Alberta 


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