Gods knows your feeling and sense your sadness

God has the final say. He has not brought you this far to leave you, alone it was your choice and selections for previous men based on love , romance and chemistry and part lust and recognition and sense of belonging. But it wasn’t God selection at all

He’s shown you His goodness, His favor, and His mercy in the past, and He’ll do it again in the future and hopefully you will choice and elect more wisely based on faith in him. As our best teacher is our last mistake.
You may be at an empty place, sad, stressed out, feeling that those you loved passed away and passed on, moved on and you stay behind. You don’t see how you could ever be happy again, but that’s not how your story ends, Your lost trust and gain experience from the past mistakes as we all do.

 God has things in your future, our future, better than you and I’ve ever imagined. You may not understand it right now; it’s not fair, but trusts Him. It’s all a part of His plan. He’s going to bring you to a blessed place, where you’re more fulfilled, more rewarded than you’ve ever been, as long as you show him good faith ,lift your hand and ask him in prayers , he is listening and seen every move you do and knowing your inner thoughts .

 God sees the small things you’re doing. They aren’t small to Him. Your kindness, compassion, love, treating others with respect, don’t make them inferior or useless, don make them a big problem that not wealthy, because everyone come into our life are here for a reason , to teach us a lesson.

Those are the things God blesses and multiplies, not lust and chemistry, You have to keep going so you can see what comes after the storm of trouble, the unkind men, the untrusty men, those who leave you and banded you in the name of drifting apart or losing the love and compassion or losing chemistry , because they never ever loved you truly in the first place.

What do you do when you’re empty, when life throws you a curveball, when the scales are out of balance? Thoughts will tell you, “You’ve seen your best days.” But God says, “When you’re empty, come to me. I’m still in control. I’m still ordering your steps. I’m not going to leave you out of balance. You may be empty now, but fullness is coming.

And now here’s the good news about that principal: if he’s attacking you and if he only attacks what’s valuable, guess what that means about you? You must be important. He is testing your faith and endurance; he is preparing you for something greater. There must be something about you that the demons know that you don’t even know about you yet. They must know that if you ever get free and forgiven and full of the Spirit of God, you’re about to do some damage to the negative part of the world that demons control. You have to keep going so you can see what comes after the dark season you’re in — the good part.

We’d rather God make it easy just float through life with all good breaks but that’s not how it works. You can’t become who you were created to be without opposition, things you don’t understand, people that turn on you, times it looks like you’re done. The way to endure is to keep reminding yourself that what God has in your future is not just going to make up for what you’ve been through, not just going to bring you back to even, but God is going to bring you out better: increased, healthier, stronger, wiser, to a new level of your destiny. He’s designed your life so that the good things in your future will outweigh the negative things in your past.

What you’re telling yourself in difficult times will make you or break you. You may feel empty, but don’t go around announcing it. Telling everyone you’re broke, defeated, lonely, is not helping you. Those words are going out of your mouth and right back into your spirit. Every time you say it, it becomes more of a reality. That’s why God says, “Let the weak say I’m strong. Let the poor say I’m well off. Let the addicted say I’m free. Let those that have gone through bad breaks say good things are in my future.” When you have the right perspective, you can stay in faith even when life is not fair. You can move forward even when you should be stuck.

Your need for control, and looking for chemistry is the enemy of your spiritual growth so let go and see what God will do

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