Ghosts, spirits, demons and Jinn

The term “ghost” is typically used for all paranormal instances by many people. However, it is important to understand the different types of paranormal activities out there, especially if  your place is haunted.


A spirit is the soul of a person , animal  or elementary which has remained in this side of the world behind the Barzakh (  curtain ), after the death of the body. There are two types of spirits: trapped and free.

Trapped spirits are the most common type of haunting, and is considered an “intelligent” haunting because the spirit is aware of its surrounding, aware of you and will try to contact the living.

Trapped spirits stay in this world for a few reasons:

  • Unfinished business – There really is no convenient time to die, therefore a spirit may stay behind if they pass with unfulfilled goals or a need to stay with a loved one. A spirit will forever stay in our realm while the business is unfinished. These spirits may try to communicate with you and the paranormal activity may increase if it is unheard.


  • Confusion – The spirit typically does not realize they are dead, especially if they experienced a quick or tragic death like in war or murders, . Once the spirit realizes they are dead, they typically move on.


  • Saying goodbye – This is a quick and most common occurrence when the spirit attempts to say goodbye to loved ones. This activity typically happens while the receiver is asleep, but can also occur during full consciousness. Some discredit this phenomenon as a dream; however, most occurrences happen when the receiver did not know that the visitor spirit has died. This is a visitation, forerunner, and crisis spirit communication can happen before death and soon after death 


  • Help a loved one – these spirits will typically visit while the receiver is asleep. The main purpose of this visitation is to consul or helps a loved one in need. Many times a scent is present with this visitation which is strong enough to wake you up and the smell will linger for a few minutes.


  • Fear of judgment – If a spirit feels that they do not deserve or afraid of being rejected into Heaven, they are less likely to be convinced to move on. Especially of those who committed crimes ,killing and atrocities. 


  • Fear – This spirit might be afraid of the light or afraid that their existences will end once they do move on.

While trapped spirits may need help moving on, some just want to stay right where they are and may not be convinced to move on. Unlike trapped spirits, free spirits have already moved on, but come back to this world for a particular reason.

Free spirits can return to visit for a few reasons:

  • Acceptance – Spirits can visit to help us accept and get over their passing. They often let us know that they are fine so we can move on with our lives. I cried for my cat Smokey who die with heart complications on Dec 26 2019 and we heard his voice as we were crying and very sad for him , I was so happy to know that he is around and I am praying for him daily he is still in a special box in empty freezer in my basement as it is winter time here in Calgary and I cant dig in the garden yet , I will berry him in hist favorite spot at the back yard by the roses corner. 
  • Support – Spirits also visit to help us during a time of crisis and often offer their support to get us through tough times.
  • Assist Trapped Spirits – Sometimes free spirits can return to help other trapped spirits into the light.
  • Celebrate – some spirits like to be present during special events such as weddings, family reunions, birthdays, holidays, etc.
  • Comfort – These spirits will typically come back to assist and comfort a dying loved one to help them enter the light.


Poltergeists are centered on one person known as the epicenter. The epicenter is typically an adolescent going through puberty (usually girls) or teens going throw lots of emotional distress, depression, aggression, anger issue, and bad thoughts. Once an epicenter releases a vast amount of negative emotions, a poltergeist can form from the epicenter’s kinetic energy. Some say that we do have what they call the protector entity within us who can help us and protect us in God permission and even can revenge for us .

Another instance can occur if a spirit feeds on to this negative energy and becomes poltergeist-like entities. There have been instances of older adults as epicenters where poltergeists form out of repressed memories, financial problems, marital problems or other instances.

A poltergeist’s activity can range from subtle knocking to, on rare occasions, throwing objects at the epicenter or anyone else.

The most common occurrences from poltergeists are moving objects on their own, whether it is moving your keys to the fridge or opening closing doors, windows , cupboards, breaking dishes and glasses, moving other furniture and appliances.  This activity only occurs when the epicenter is present, or just after they leave but not for long.

Entity (Angelic or Demonic)Demonic can be demons and falling angels and Jinn as some of the jinn are good and some bad it can be either sides and they are from fire  ,elementary spirits.

Entities were never a human form and can project an overwhelming sense of good or evil. Angelic entities are messengers or protectors. Only those who are meant to encounter this entity will see or hear it. People who experience this entity will have a strong feeling of well-being and peace, usually during near-death experiences or times of severe distress. People who experience this phenomenon often undergo a massive lifestyle change and/or become deeply religious.

Demonic entities are often encountered when they are intentionally or unintentionally “invited” in. This invitation occurs during the practice of divinity – which includes séances and Ouija board, digital spirit boxes etc. 

Demonic entities will target someone with a weak psyche and slowly gain the trust of the individual. The individual will typically use the Ouija board or any other modern spirit boxes to get answers to questions and the more that the board is used the likelihood of allowing the entity inside increases. Just throw the Ouija board away!

Jinn  have special sector, please read many of my articles here in this blog about jinn as they can be good and bad working with the demons or helping humans , they can be in your house , garden, trees, river , cloud, fire, caves , desert and mountains, 

Steve Ramsey, PhD – Okotoks – Alberta



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