The Ghost In Tibet’s Hill True story

My Friend ( let me use a nick name rose for her) told me this story in Singapore when I was visiting the town from Brunei .I used to go to Singapore once a while and connect with people who seen ghosts and have paranormal stories to tell in one of the meeting for ghost sharing stories that visited by writers and those who like to understand the paranormal .

 She told me that when she was barely twenty years old she was travelling with a small group of people through China, and they  were spending few weeks in Qinghai province, which used to be part of Tibet. their destinations was a specific town to teach English, but they used to stop often in towns and small cities along the way.

 One day they arrived in a rural town, very small, nothing unusual. They spent only a couple of days there, shopping for food at the markets and walking around to see the sights, although there weren’t many. This was in the dead of winter, in February, and all the grass on the hills and plains around the town was dead and brown. The overall feeling was that of the normal kind of bleakness that any rural place has in the winter.

Those friends were very happy and  ecstatic to be in Tibet.

On their second day staying in this small town they woke up feeling a little odd. Not bad, just odd, dizzy and tired. they all decided to go for a walk on the hills right behind the town, where there was a small summit with a pile of rocks and some prayer flags there were little “altars” like

these on every other hill, but it gave them something to do.

As they hiked up the hills behind the town she started feeling stranger and stranger. She wasn’t scared, and she didn’t feel angry or any strong emotion. She was getting blanker and blanker, emptier and emptier.

Her mind started feeling a little hazy and more and more she felt like she simply didn’t care about anything. A small and rapidly dwindling part of herself started to panic, knew that something bad was happening, but it was like her own inner voice was slowly getting quieter and quieter. She wasn’t on any drugs or pills, the hill was within normal height and she  can breathe Easily.

She remembered that they reached the little summit and she simply sank to the ground next to the pile of rocks. Without meaning to, she started tuning out the voices around her and fixed all her attention on the little pebbles in the dirt.


She began tapping one against the other, repeatedly. Do you know the kind of horror that is opposite of feeling scared or feeling anything at all? The kind of vacuous hideousness of a fly buzzing against a closed window for hours on end in an empty room? That’s what was filling her mind. It was demonic in its meaninglessness. She saw a young girl touching her face and asking her to jump from the cliff and die.

Right then, her group was worried about here and started to walk down from the hill, and asking her to wake up and don’t fool around , and she followed them. The further they walked from that shrine area at the summit, the more normal she felt, until they left the hill that afternoon and she was totally freaked out.

When another girl, Hanna, mentioned in an odd off-hand way that she had felt very strange and depressed while staying there, she told her that she’d felt the same. and she saw a young girl image asking for help.

When the group leader mentioned that a local had told him that the town had been plagued with a rash of young women under 25 committing suicide, some killed their self along with their unborn child. Some found strapped to death and some committed suicide by poison or jumping from the cliff.  

At that night at the motel where they stayed ,one girl went for a walk it was an evening and not dark yet.  She never came back , after few hours their group leader called the local police and they all went to track her down but they couldn’t find any trace of her. Next morning the police and local men took the dogs and went to the hill. They found her dead at the same spot where Rose fall down on the stones and saw the young girl. She had a heart attack as the local doctor said!

The group managed to call her family and arrange for the body to be flown back to her home town. The rest of the friends decided to go back to the top of the hill in the afternoon with a local Buddhist priest to put a prayer flag for their lost friend . Rose she was terrified and she followed the group and let them go first. She was tired again and felt something pulling her down until she sat down. She saw her friend who passed away , she told her that they will be safe now as she was chosen for sacrifice .

When the group came down the hill  they saw rose laying down sleeping and  they all rush down to help and see what is happening to rose, they thought she had a seizure or something until she woke up after few seconds and told them that she saw her dead friend .They all thought that rose was in shock and she had bad dream while she was in comma. They took her down and they all left the town without looking back, full with sadness and sorrow of losing one of their friends.

     Thank you for reading. Steve Ramsey, PhD. Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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