Fresno Nightcrawler

Fresno  California has a lesser-known claim to supernatural fame: the Fresno Nightcrawler.

The mysterious being, or puppet, has reemerged in the imaginations of many this spooky season as Halloween approaches.

First spotted on video surveillance footage more than a decade ago by a Fresno resident, the Fresno Nightcrawler roughly resembles a pair of long white pants with a small head. Some consider it an alien. Others, a fun urban legend and endearing addition to pop culture.

Now I am very familiar with this type of entity and this video to me again that my analysis, to me it is fake. The so called Nightcrawler is true entity belong to the Jinn family as I said before the Jinn come in different forms and varieties of shape that exceed 10,000 different form and this type is one of them that room around cities and suburbs many other forms can be found in the desert, forest, seas and ocean, caves and underground, mountains and valleys, and some fly in the sky and at the clouds.  the Best video i saw it was aired on the paranormal caught on camera  march 20 2020 I examined that video and can tell you it was absolutely genuine Jinn called the Nightcrawler it is very rare to see and you see them at night and some times few of them hurd together .Those are jinn walkers they cant fly but sometimes they can vanish . 


Steve Ramsey.

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