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Although our blog and paranormal zone do not endorse or involve in fortune telling, as it is sinful and eshrak , in the bible and Quran mentioned it as sin and work of the devil and only God knows the future . We are putting this page as the author said it is for fun.

Online Magic 8 Ball — The Ultimate Fortune-Teller

Think of your question or type it in the field, then click Ask and wait for the Magic 8-Ball to reveal your
Gives you answers to any questions you have.


Press CTRL+D to bookmark this page so you can easily access the online Magic 8-ball whenever you need answers to your most important questions.

How to Use the Magic 8-Ball?

  • Step 1 = Choose a Category
  • Step 2 = Think or type in question,
  • Step 3 = Click Ask and wait for answers to appear].

What Is the Magic 8-Ball & How Does It Work?

The Magic 8-Ball is a source of entertainment that provides cryptic and sometimes funny answers to the questions we have. Round in shape and black in color, the Magic 8-Ball is named as such because it resembles the ball used in billiards.

Magic 8-Balls contain a multi-sided die suspended in alcohol. Each face of the die has a printed response which gets pressed against the window whenever you shake it. To use the ball, you just ask a question and give it a good shake. From there, it’ll display the answer through a clear window on its side.

All of this is obviously intended to be a bit of harmless fun, as the answers leave plenty of room for hilarious interpretation and shouldn’t always be taken too seriously. 

Magic 8-Balls don’t judge or give comments, but provide you with an objective answer to your questions. And this is what makes the Magic 8-Ball such a great listener and companion. Which is why this simple toy has captivated the hearts and minds of people worldwide.

MysticMag’s online Magic 8-Ball works in a similar way to the original Magic 8-Ball. Our online Magic 8-Ball gives answers to the questions you have — you simply type your question, click Ask, and wait for the Magic 8-Ball to deliver your answer. You can also choose from a range of categories, meaning you can receive answers to general questions, as well as answers related to love and relationships, divination, and career and finance. 

The Original Magic 8-Ball Explained

From general questions like “Do I look good today?”, or “Will it rain later?”, our Original 8-ball answers the most general of life’s questions. 

Our Original Magic 8-Ball category has been updated with a diverse set of answers to help you gain a better understanding of your day-to-day life.

Love & Relationships Magic 8-Ball Explained

Our Love & Relationship 8-ball is your guide for matters of the heart. It gives you yes-or-no answers for all your personal relationship questions. Clear up all doubts by asking questions such as “Does he/she love me?” or “Is my partner cheating on me?”.

Divination Magic 8-Ball Explained

Gaze into the cosmos with our Divination Magic 8-Ball. Whether you’re looking for the meaning of life or trying to connect with your inner energy, this is the 8-Ball category for you. With handwritten answers provided by our expert psychics, you’ll get a more balanced set of answers that can sometimes be eerily accurate.

Career & Finance Magic 8-Ball Explained

Get answers to all your career and finance-related questions with this Magic 8-Ball category. All of our Career & Finance 8-ball answers are tailored for Try it out by asking questions like, “Will I receive a bonus soon?”, “Should I apply for a new job?”, or “Is now a good time to make an investment?”. 

Note: None of the Career & Finance answers are intended as financial advice, and should not be misconstrued as such. 

A Brief History of the Magic 8-Ball

The Magic 8-Ball was invented in 1940 by Alfred Carter who was inspired by his mother’s psychic tool, which could be used to secretly write fake spirit communications on a slate enclosed in a box.Alfred then took the idea and created the Syco Seer — a 7-inch tube divided in the middle with a 6-sided die in each half. The Syco Seer had viewing windows on both sides of the tube and allowed users to randomly pick a side to view an answer.

Recognizing the potential of the Syco Seer, a local merchant named Max Levinson was interested in working with Alfred to produce the Syco Seer. Levinson contacted his brother-in-law, engineer Abe Bookman, who agreed to help mass-produce the Syco Seer and bring it to the market. 

Carter, Levison, and Bookman went on to form Alabe Crafts, Inc., but unfortunately, Carter died before the first Syco Seer patent was approved, leaving Bookman and others to continue developing the Syco Seer. 

Bookman eventually redesigned the Syco Seer due to lackluster sales. The redesigned version was named the Syco Slate, which only had one viewing window and 20-sided dice but maintained a similar tube-like shape. The Syco Slate was marketed as a “Pocket Fortune-Teller”, but it also proved to be a commercial failure and didn’t make much of an impact. 

Bookman, again, redesigned the fortune-teller, encasing the tube in a sphere with the idea of making the product resemble a crystal ball. While the spherical Crystal Ball Fortune-Teller didn’t significantly improve sales, success would come many years later when the Brunswick Billiards Company contacted Alabe Crafts, Inc. to commission a custom version which resembles a black and white billiards 8-ball.

The commissioned custom-design fortune-teller would look like a large billiards 8-ball, and would be used as a promotional item. However, Alabe Crafts, Inc. went on to produce the 8-ball fortune teller and marketed it to the public. The Magic 8-Ball was originally marketed as a combination of a fortune-teller and a paperweight but then went on to be marketed as a toy. Sales took off and the toy would find its way into toy boxes across the United States. 

Nearly a century later, the Magic 8-Ball (now produced by US-based manufacturing firm, Mattel) is still one of the most popular toys available with more than a million units sold annually. 

Frequently Asked Questions — Magic 8-Ball

Does the magic 8-ball give truthful & accurate answers?

It depends. Fortune telling is heavily dependent on the individual’s own beliefs. If you’re heading in with a closed mind, then it probably won’t ever feel relevant to you. But if you’re ready to expand your horizons and are willing to give things a try, then the answers you get can be surprisingly accurate.

You should also keep in mind that the Magic 8-Ball is designed to give you more positive answers. So, for the best possible results, I recommend you keep a positive attitude when using the Magic 8-Ball. If not, you’re going to find that it doesn’t really do much for you.

Also, it’s best that you carefully think through what kind of question you’re going to ask, and ask it only once. Remember: the first answer is free from any type of confirmation bias, so it’s always going to be the most accurate. Anything else after that is going to be coloured by previous answers and your own bias.

How does the online Magic 8-Ball work?

MysticMag’s online Magic 8-Ball uses a random number generator (RNG) to select a response from a pool of prepared answers. This ensures that any answer you get is totally free of bias and is 100% determined by chance. 

Our online Magic 8-Ball tool has a huge range of answers, including answers tailored to specific topics like love and relationships, divination, and career and finance.

A physical Magic 8-Ball is based on the came concept, but the difference is that the answers come from a multi-sided die inside the ball, which can be limited to only a few answers. 

What does a Magic 8-Ball symbolize?

Magic 8-Balls are commonly seen as symbols for divination and chance. That’s because some believe that it can be used to read fortunes and provide answers to important questions. It is also a common choice of tattoo for billiards players. For this reason, the Magic 8-Ball is regarded by many to be a symbol of either good or bad luck.  

What answers are included in our magic 8-Ball

Our website lets you choose from 4 different Magic 8-Balls with each having 20 answers. All of which have been created to match your choice. This ensures you get answers which are relevant to your needs. Some answers you can find include, “Keep your secrets well”, “Create a plan first”, or “Give it a shot”.

Is the Magic 8 Ball haram?

No, the Magic 8-Ball is not haram. According to Islamic teachings, an act is only haram if real money is involved or your intentions (niyyat) involve gambling or betting. As long as you do not use the Magic 8-Ball to gamble, then you are not committing a sin.

Magic 8-Balls are toys that provide you with a way to get answers in a fun way. The key here is to not take things too seriously and don’t hold it above Allah’s teachings.


MysticMag bears no responsibility for any actions that you may take and as a result of answers provided by our tool. We are also not responsible for any consequences i.e. physical or financial consequences caused by the answers displayed by our tool. MysticMag’s online Magic 8-Ball is meant to be treated as a fun, light-hearted tool used predominantly for entertainment purposes and should in no way be used as a medium for receiving professional advice. 

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