True Ghost story The Forerunner in the Army hospital

By Steve Ramsey ( Saad Ramzi Ismail )- Calgary – Alberta.

It was back in 1976 when I was serving in the Army Hospital in Mousel- Northern Iraq

As part of the Iraqi government order, all graduates must serve and drafted for service from 6 months to 19 months. I was relocated in the army hospital in Baghdad first and then moved to north Iraq to a Nineveh province, the city of Mousel army hospital in the radiology department. I was working in the x-ray department. Many of other friends weren’t lucky and relocated to the dangerous zone way up north close to the Kurdish separatists up north.

One evening, I was sitting in the garden in front of the radiology department, as I was on duty on that night. I saw my friend Ali, he was walking so softly so quietly and he looks pale from far an away, Ali….Ali, I called to get his attention, but he never answered me and he never turns his head toward me !!!

I called him, Ali please come here and break your fast with me, as I am about to have dinner and he was a Muslim and it was a Ramadhan time. But he didn’t answer me at all,  and he kept walking and went to the morgue that was close to the radiology department  !!! He went from the back door that I couldn’t see from my place.

I thought maybe he was playing a prank jock or was trying to scare me, then I remembered that Ali was stationed up in north Iraq more than 6 hours drive from this place. I wondered and asked my self – why was he back from the north so soon and why he went to the morgue?

Many army recruits and visitors came to our hospital for treatments and to see the doctor before leaving south to their family during their vacation.

I called the guard in the front gate to see if Ali was registered with them, as everybody who gets into the camp/ army hospital must be registered at the front guard office. The guard told me that there was no one registered under that name, I asked him please to recheck the book, after a few minutes he said No, Ali is not registered in my book.

I got worried, Not again please God why me?  I asked God looking at the sky.

I called a friend of mine who was working the same shift in another department his name was Edward and told him what I had seen. After we had food and took our break, we went to the morgue and open the door and start looking around, no fresh body was in the morgue, and no one at was inside, the doors and windows all were closed. The back door was locked. We left the morgue and I was surprised and was thinking that this is a practical jock. My friend told me that If I was hungry I can imagine things or get a mild hallucination. Or Ali and the front desk guard were trying to scare me.

I know what I saw, I told Edward.

The second night of my duty I was sitting in the garden again, as I used to do 3 nights shift each week. The Doctor officer called me from the emergency department and asked me to accommodate one of the soldiers who was driving from the north and bringing a casket with a dead soldier in it. He told me to help the Driver to carry the casket to the morgue close to my radiology department, and let him take a shower in our department, and have some food. He also told me that the driver will stay in the guest room until the next day so he can take the dead body to his family after the doctor writes the certificate of death.

The army van drove close to my department and we both carried the casket to the morgue. The driver went and took his shower and came to have some food, while we were eating and talking, I asked him who was that dead person inside?

The driver told me that he was a new graduate,  and he gave me his id papers.

I look at the id and the picture of the dead person it was my friend Ali. The same friend I saw the night before walking quietly and entering the morgue!

My Gosh, I scream and I got so sad and upset. I was so shocked as I use to like this friend so much and I knew his family. I said to the driver I just saw him last night!

The driver asked? In a dream.

No, I saw him like I see you now, I answered him back

I ran to the morgue and opened the door,  and then opened the casket and I saw my friend Ali laying in it.

With a fresh bullet wound in his left chest and a beautiful soft smile on his lips, I can still remember that smile. He was like a life. I hugged him and was praying for him and the tears filled my eyes. Other friends came to see what’s going on, and then the officer in charge told me to take the night off after he saw me very upset and screaming, cursing the wars and cursing all politician who sends those graduates to their death.

, The officer releases me from my shift and he put someone else in my shift as I was in shock.

The rebels Shot him at his heart from a long range, while he was at the gate of the clinic up north Iraq.

Why did I saw him the night before? I kept asking my self.

Why his ghost came to the morgue?

The officer asked me that I can a company the driver to take the body to his family as I was his friend and I knew his family. Ali was 23 years old physician assistant when he was killed. God bless him. His mother fainted when she saw the body.

Thank you for reading

Steve Ramsey, Ph.D.

Calgary, Alberta- Canad

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