Residual haunting my true story

Residual haunting my true story

When I was young my parents rented a very nice large house and they did so because it was very cheap to rent.

No one in that area likes to rent it, buy it or come close to it . My parents didn’t know why. So my father decided to rent it first and see if there is a problem with the pipes or foundation and that’s why people are not renting the place . The neighbours never told my parents anything.

The child screamed over and over, Mom ,it is happening again….running for the food table. The dishes are flying off the table !………He ran and stood behind his mother who was moved toward him to find out what’s happening.

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The Iraq flag back in 1959.

The flying dishes in mid thin air then smashed to the wall like an invisible hand holding them and throwing them flying toward the walls of the kitchen,

That child was me.  It was terrifying and upsetting and it was happening over and over again each Friday afternoon. We told my father when he used to come back from work. He used to work with the royal family palace at that time with King Faisal 2nd, in Baghdad.

King faisal 2nd when he was a child.

I hated it because it always came in a specific day and time and when I was eating it took all the dishes and smashed them , sometimes when my mother was with me . She used to pray and my dad never saw it and he didn’t believe it. He thought my mom wanted to leave this house as it is too large to clean and maintain. 

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The Iraq flag at the kingdome time

My mother brought a religious man to cleanse and make roqya reading to the house as he said it has jinn haunting, and he knows it and feels it and that all the neighbors know but are afraid to tell us. After his reading and cleansing we had a cool period for a while and things started happening all over again.

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My father was in his room with his old tape recorder listening to an arabic song when suddenly something pulled the cord and smash his musics record to the floor and he felt that what we told him it was right, and he went to the kitchen after he heard voices and saw the flying dishes smashed to the kitchen wall. 

He took my mother , my brother Sam andI and he went outside the house and took us to one of his relatives’ houses that night. The second day he asked the landlord and told him about the situation and gave him the keys . Later he told my mother that the landlord knew the history of that house.

The house belonged to an older rich man with connection to the government, and he was married to a younger wife.

The younger woman was in love with another man close to her age.After a while , when the husband used to go out of town for business as he used to buy and sell expensive carpets and antiques , his wife used to invite her boy friend for lunch and they just talk.

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The husband got to know the story from one of the neighbors, and the husband knows that she dont have a young man relative or a brother, so he started to suspect something. He planned his next trip and told his wife that he is going for a few days to north Iraq for a good opportunity to buy something. 

He told her do not bother to wake up in the morning as he will leave in the early morning and he will close the door behind him . He have all she needs in the house , the house so large like a mansion, with fridge , black and wife TV, Radio, old microphone music player, best dishes and kitchen, many rooms, and good turkish furnitures.

He woke up and told her that he is going after taking a shower, she wanted to wake up and help him out , but he persisted that she stay sleep and he don’t want to bother her. He closed the bedroom door behind him, pretended to take a shower , changed his clothes and then , open and locked the house door. But he silently went upstairs and hide in on of the room , The house have many rooms, and one room upstairs where he used to keep his carpets and other expensive antiques ,so it was always locked for security 

After his wife woke up , took a shower and she went to the old cable landline rotary phone that they have and it was a gifted from one of the politician to the rich old man . She dialed a number to an office that receives calls and delivers messages as urgent to any person in that city , the lady will pay cash for this service and they usually collect the money later. It was like a telegram ,the message was delivered to her boyfriend, to his home address and asked him to join her asap. And that he should come late overnight . The reason for her was that no on can see him.  

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When the night came , her boyfriend showed up, and they sat at the kitchen table, having something to eat and drinking tea. They were talking about their child memories and how her mother wanted her to marry a rich man even if he was old and she wasn’t in love with him, they hugged each other and they knew there is nothing they can do to be together, they are not involved in any affair or dishonesty against her husband  . during all that time her husband was listening from the stairs.

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 Suddenly the husband came down the stairs with a pistol in his hand , and accusing them of cheating and plotting against him, and how he helped her parents with money and bought a house for them and that how she repay him……She shouted at him that she didn’t love him and he broke her life and her dreams with his money and that he bought her from her parents and they forced her to marry him. She asked him for divorce and bagged him to now hurt any one and let them go.

It is my honor that you took away , he replied pointing the gun at her boyfriend

Then the boyfriend with no weapons in his hand he started defending himself with everything he could find on the table and the kitchen, throwing the dishes and cutlery at him while the pullets were flying with each step he descended from the stairs. Pullets hitting the dish cabinet, and the dishes were thrown by the boyfriend at the stairs while he was starting to run toward the main door a bullet struck his back and he fell to the floor with his blood splashing all over the floor.

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 The wife was still throwing the dishes at her husband from the fear that she will be next. She was right ,her husband aimed the gun at her chest and shot her while she was telling him she was pregnant and carrying his child, The old man child. He then cried and sat beside her dying wife crying then shot and killed himself beside her and died along the side of her .

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To me that might represented some kind of extreme residual haunting that involved the dishes without the apparitions, and possibly an intelligent haunting who attacked my father music recorder to shut down the noise on friday ? 

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That was 15 years before my father decided to get this house. They all died on Friday back in 1942. in the Alfadhel area -Khanlawand, Baghdad.

Later my dad bought a nice renovated house with 3 rooms and an old turkish bath , and we found a gruesome old skeleton in it years later, with the story of a ghost she called herself Ahlam.

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