Fear & light

Fear & light

Steve Ramsey,PhD -Public Health MSc-(hon) in Med Ultrasound.RMSKS.

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Steve Ramsey, PhD -Public Health

Fear has taken on a new role for many people in the past year – suddenly, a routine grocery run is a vector for a terrifying Covid Virus , and we’ve adapted to a ‘new normal’ in which we can’t connect with others like usual without risking either of our lives. Eventually, of course, we’ll reintegrate to another new normal, and we’ll have to struggle through a new set of fears. Fear and light is like fire and healing light, the devil who bring us trouble and who was made by God from fire, and the God healing power by his light.

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This is was created by the Chinese communist party and they know how to hide the facts , and fight anyone who appose them. they operates in the shadows and don’t care about your life or other people as long as thier economy is growing that’s all matter for them.

This reoxidation into humanity will shine a light on the responses of panic and fear that are all too familiar to autistic individuals. Now, even the most extroverted of us are embodying anxiety when walking down seldom-occupied streets.

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How are we going to cope with the sudden influx of traffic, crowds and sensory overloads that lifting lockdowns will entail? Isolation has given us a renewed sensitivity to the world, much like the fresh ears of a child, where every new stimulus can invoke a fear. I know people who filed for bankruptcy, some got divorced including my best friend, other lost jobs and forced to leave his home and give the keys to the bank, other closed thier stores and laidoff thier employee.

Covid effected me on a personnel level and I am leaving Calgary away from this unfriendly city to a better job and better place north of Alberta.

For all of us, fear of re-entry is compounded by fears of climate collapse, political uncertainty, war in the Middle East, Israel attacking Palestinians people, Iran preparing for war, and our own personal anxieties. Sometimes, there’s too much information to process, and guilt at the lack of opportunity to act. This leaves many of us sitting at home with our thoughts, like being in a pressure cooker.

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Fear is something we all have, and it’s essential to our survival as a species. Without fear, we’d have no skepticism, no caution, no checks and balances on our impulses. But the opposite is also true. When all we can feel is fear, it becomes paralyzing, leaving us unable to think clearly or make decisions at all. We risk being controlled by the things that make us afraid, rather than taking control of them. We get stuck.

Some of my friends got back to thier old jobs because the fear factor was so great they decided to stick with thier comfort zone with the bad place , bad management that give them no incentive ,no salary increase and no benefits but good lazy place to work with no challenges and no progress all in the name of the comfort zone and the fear factor.

The bittersweet gem of being paranormal investigator and sensitive is that I have had (and still have) my fair share of meltdowns – thanks to weird smells, sounds, sensory pressures and other feeling from intuition to gut feelings . I have plenty of experience with the obvious anxiety triggers such war and bombs as i Raised with a country that went throw so many wars and government changed more than 10 times killing each other and bombing the cities .

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Fear could be broken apart in the same way that a beam of light can be refracted, revealing its many different colors and frequencies, some fear natural disasters , some fear wild animal, for me is the snake….Gosh I hate snakes . I freeze.

I had to create my own fear filter as I call it, one that would allow me to cope with fear and function alongside it. Raising in Baghdad city between killers and thief’s, in the mid of wars and terrorists I had to learn how to survive and avoid danger.

And, even though fear felt like a blinding light, just like the photonics (photons being the quantum particles that make up light) helped me to realize that fear could be broken apart in the same way that a beam of light can be refracted, revealing its many different colors and frequencies. Our fears are never as singular or overwhelming as they sometimes feel, can be treated in exactly the same way.

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Has anyone ever told you in moments of fear to slow down, or pause for breath? Well, that’s exactly what refraction achieves. When light passes from one substance to another, it will change speed. Because light travels less quickly through glass or water than through air (both having a higher refractive index), the wave of light will slow down. In the classic prism example, the light then disperses into its seven visible wavelengths in all their vivid splendor: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet (plus the invisible: infrared and ultraviolet). I still remember my physics of light and refraction.

By slowing down the speed of the light wave, we’re able to see it differently: in its full glory and many colors. The prism effect gives us a new perspective, turning something that was singular and dazzling into a spectrum that’s much clearer, and even more wondrous.

If we want to understand our fears properly, we need to do the exact same thing: look at them through a new lens, so we can see them differently, and change how we respond accordingly. My mother once walked passing the street which been heavily bombarded , she walked in that street to get us some bread. people screaming at her loudly ….get away, get away from the street you are going to die…..I am tired of fear and only God can take my soul all of us will die, that was her answer , and she kept going to get us the bread and we were crying for her ,we thought she will never come back.

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Refraction through a prism happens because light doesn’t travel in straight lines, but in waves that oscillate and undulate, dependent on their energetic differences at any given time. This applies to light waves, sound waves, radio waves, X-rays and microwaves. And that is exactly how God can feel you , know you , see you and listen to you as he is the ultimate living light .

God is the creator and his light have endless number of frequencies and color attached to each particle in the universe to you and me and every ingle thing and he is always with you and in the same time with everybody else.

Every wave, whether it’s the one that allows a fishing boat to tune its long-wave radio, or the one you use to cook a ready meal, has its own frequency. A high-frequency wave has tall peaks that occur close together, like a particularly spiky Toblerone bar. Its low-frequency cousin unwinds more gently, similar in form to a loosely coiled snake. Did I tell you that I hate snake.

The higher the frequency, the more energy is carried, but the less distance it can travel in a prism since it interacts with the atoms contained within, dissipating energy. When light refracts through a prism, we see the different colors because the glass has slowed down the waves to a speed that falls on the visible spectrum (waves that can be seen by the human eye).

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The transparency of the spectrum expands its meaning to metaphor here, since, to deal with fear, we must let in the ‘light’, or stimuli, which can feel as painful as staring straight into the Sun. Thats why God sent different prophets and religions each carried his message to different people in different places with different tone and book , and all lead to one God ,one faith but in a different color and flavors of the culture in the land attended to it.

For both light and fear, an understanding of wavelengths is critical. That initial sense of fear, that blinding white light, is not singular but actually contains many different emotions, triggers and root causes. And these elements aren’t all equal: like the different colors in light, our fears and anxieties have their own wavelengths, with varying intensity.

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The same thing happen when we pray and worship God we experience different feeling in different time and in different places , it all depends on our feeling and our strong faith that transform us from the noisy life to the original light away from the hustle and bustle of daily hectic life.

The most powerful, insistent emotions are like high-frequency violets – intense and choppy – while the nagging feelings are more laid-back, low-frequency and long-lasting reds. And, just as happens at sea, different waves combine to create a tsunami of fear that you’re powerless to prevent from crashing over you. That is what happen in our feeling too, when we angry or stressed, depressed our alert we reacts according to the level of threat.

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Anxiety is not a single, solid state resting in our heads, but a fluid entity that contains a multitude of different components. The concept of refraction can help us separate these, untangling the different things that make us afraid, distinguishing between the high- and low-frequency triggers, and ultimately finding ways to manage them. We can use this to help our anxiety and par onia or any panic attack.

have people have fears about the future, getting ill or die without having life insurance to help his/her family, how they will pay this and that and how they can find a job?

Start by knowing which fears strike which chord of your mind is one of the greatest steps in processing what affects you, helping you make your next move. I always make plan B,C,D or more when I go travel, go in a war zone, go camping, or in wilderness, I have to prepare and be extra careful. Remember that anxiety sometimes for some people lead them to sense the paranormal and that is scientifically proven.

When it comes to fear, we all have our own particular anxieties. I’m not afraid of the things that you probably are, but I can be terrified by things you wouldn’t even notice. Lacking the typical filters, we also reacts differently, for me I can forget and so difficult to forgive , I will do it eventually because we have to forgive but it will take me a long long time.

I know there’ll never be a day of my life when I don’t feel afraid. But I also know that it’s thanks to fear that I really feel alive. Fear isn’t something we need to ‘shine a light on’. It is the light, one that we can all learn better how to live with, and even benefit from.

Steve Ramsey.

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