Asmodeus – Asmoday

I hate this falling angel as he destroyed families and marriages and almost dystory king solomon
 when he stole his ring and sat on his throne until God banished him , may God curse him here and thereafter
This is the first demon i usually cleanse and calling his name under god order, 
and by using the name of god and by the power angel raphael , then burn the 
heart and liver of a glanos fish incense to drive this demon away for good.

 and it is so difficult demon to get rid of but with time and patient , holy book reading and ask by the
power of god and archangel michael and the order of solomon under god permission to banish him.

Asmodeus - Asmoday - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

Asmodeus (Aeshma, Ashmedai, Ashmodai, Asmoday, Asmodius, Hasmoday, Sydonay) The Demon of lust, the third of the Seven Deadly Sins, and of jealousy, anger, and revenge, and the 32nd of the 72 Spirits of Solomon.
Asmodeus’ chief objectives are to prevent intercourse between husband and wife, wreck new marriages, and force husbands to commit adultery. He is also one of the chief Demons involved in cases of Possession. Throughout history, he has been regarded as one of the most evil of Satan’s infernal Demons. He is usually portrayed as having three heads, those of an ogre, a ram, and a bull, all sexually licentious creatures; having the feet of a cock, another sexually aggressive creature; and having wings and the tail of a Serpent.

He rides on a dragon and breathes fire. Asmodeus has his roots in ancient Persia. His name is derived from Aeshma, one of the seven archangels, or amarahspands, of Persian mythology. The Hebrews absorbed him into their mythology, where he attained the highest status and most power of all his legends.

According to the Hebrews, he is the son of Naamah and Shamdon. Prior to his fall from heaven, he was part of the seraphim, the highest order of Angels. In other Hebrew legends, he is either associated with or the husband of Lilith, the Demon queen of lust. Sometimes he is said to be the offspring of Lilith and Adam.

The book of Tobit tells how Asmodeus lusted after a young woman named Sarah and killed each of her seven husbands before the marriages could be consummated. With an eighth suitor, Tobias, in her life, Sarah prayed to God for help. God sent down the archangel Raphael, who instructed Tobias in how to make an incense of the heart and liver of a glanos fish, which would drive away Asmodeus. After Tobias and Sarah were married, Asmodeus appeared in their wedding chamber to kill Tobias, but the incense forced him to flee.

He went to Egypt, but Raphael tracked him down and bound him. According to the pseudepigraphical Testament of Solomon, Asmodeus lives in the constellation of the Great Bear (Ursa Major). He spreads the wickedness of men, plots against newlyweds, spreads madness about women through the stars, ruins the beauty of virgins, and commits murders. He is forever thwarted by Raphael and the smoking liver and gall of a fish, especially the sheatfish, which lives in Assyrian rivers. SO if you dont find the fish you can use Cod or white large fish get the gallbladder and the liver plus the heart try to pound them with sage and other incense and burn it in the place the oil in the liver will help to get the smoke going with some sage. and use salt water the best it to collect rainwater put some absent salt in it and some olive oil and use them both against this evil , with the QURAN ROQEYA READING.

He has some knowledge of the future. Asmodeus is taken into the presence of King Solomon by the Prince of Demons, Beelzebub. Sullen, arrogant, and defiant, he tells the king he was born of a human mother and an angel father like in time of noah  watchers . He also says that Solomon will have only a temporary hold over the Demons; his kingdom eventually will be divided, and Demons will go out again among men and will be worshipped as gods because humans will not know the names of the angels who thwart the Demons.

He admits that he is afraid of water. Solomon binds Asmodeus with care. He orders the Demon to be flogged and orders him to state his activities.

Asmodeus says, “I am the renowned Asmodeus; I cause the wickedness of men to spread throughout the world. I am always hatching plots against newlyweds; I mar the beauty of virgins and cause their hearts to grow cold. I spread madness about women through the stars and I have often committed a rash of murders.” Solomon puts him in Iron chains and surrounds him with 10 jars full of water, which make the Demon complain bitterly. Asmodeus is forced to make clay vessels for the temple. Solomon also burns the liver and gall of a fish and a branch of storax beneath the Demon, quelling his nasty tongue. Solomon uses his magic ring to force Asmodeus and other Demons to build his magnificent temple. After its completion, Solomon tells Asmodeus that he cannot understand why Demons are so powerful when he, their leader, could be so easily chained. Asmodeus says he will prove his greatness if Solomon will remove his chains and lend him the magical ring. Solomon does so, only to be hurled far away from Jerusalem.

Asmodeus steals the ring, forces Solomon into exile, and becomes king himself. He throws the ring into the sea. But Solomon’s lover, the Ammonite Namah, finds the ring in a fish belly, and the king regains his power. He is immediately transported to Jerusalem when he puts on the ring. As punishment, he puts Asmodeus in a jar. Asmodeus was absorbed into Christian lore, becoming one of the Devil’s leading agents of provocation. Witches were said to worship him, and magicians and sorcerers attempted to conjure him to strike out at enemies MAY GOD CURSE THEM ALL.

Grimoires of magical instruction sternly admonish anyone seeking an audience with Asmodeus to summon him bareheaded out of respect. Johann Weyer said Asmodeus rules gambling houses. According to the Lemegeton, a major grimoire, Asmodeus is the “first and chiefest” under Amaymon and goes before all other Demons. He gives the ring of virtues and teaches arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and all handicrafts. When properly summoned, he gives full and true answers to all questions. He can make a person invisible and will reveal all treasures under the guard of Amaymon. He was one of the infernal agents blamed for the obscene sexual possession of the Louviers nuns in 17th century France (see Louviers possessions).

Spirit of Solomon

From “The Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon the King” (1904) Written by S.L. MacGregor Mathers

The Thirty-second Spirit is Asmoday, or Asmodai. He is a Great King, Strong, and Powerful. He appeareth with Three Heads, whereof the first is like a Bull, the second like a Man, and the third like a Ram; he hath also the tail of a Serpent, and from his mouth issue Flames of Fire. His Feet are webbed like those of a Goose. He sitteth upon an Infernal Dragon, and beareth in his hand a Lance with a Banner. He is first and choicest under the Power of AMAYMON, he goeth before all other. When the Exorcist hath a mind to call him, let it be abroad, and let him stand on his feet all the time of action, with his Cap or Headdress off; for if it be on, AMAYMON will deceive him and call all his actions to be betrayed. But as soon as the Exorcist seeth Asmoday in the shape aforesaid, he shall call him by his Name, saying: “Art thou Asmoday?” and he will not deny it, and by-and-by he will bow down unto the ground. He giveth the Ring of Virtues; he teacheth the Arts of Arithmetic, Astronomy, Geometry, and all handicrafts absolutely. He giveth true and full answers unto thy demands. He maketh one Invincible. He showeth the place where Treasures lie, and guardeth it. He, amongst the Legions of AMAYMON governeth 72 Legions of Spirits Inferior. His Seal is this which thou must wear as a Lamen upon thy breast, etc.

The Seal of Asmodeus – Asmoday

Asmodeus – Asmoday

From the “Pseudomonarchia Daemonum” ( 1583 ) Written by Johann Weyer (Johann Wier)

Sidonay, alias Asmoday, a great king, strong and mightie, he is seene with three heads, whereof the first is like a bull, the second like a man, the third like a ram, he hath a serpents tail, he belched flames out of his mouth, he hath feet like a goose, he sitteth on an infernal dragon, he carrieth a lance and a flag in his hand, he goeth before others, which are under the power of Amaymon. When the conjuror exercise this office, let him be abroad, let him be wary and standing on his feet; if his cap be on his head, he will cause all his doings to be be worried, which if he doo not, the exorcist shalbe deceived by Amaymon in everything. But so soon as he seeth him in the forme aforesaid, he shall call him by his name, saying; Thou art Asmoday; he will not deny it, and by and by he bowed down to the ground; he giveth the ring of venues, he absolutely teacheth geometrie, arithmetic, astronomie, and handicrafts. To all demands he answered fully and truly, he maketh a man invisible, he sheweth the places where treasure lieth, and gardeth it, if it be among the legions of Amaymon, he hath under his power seventie two legions.

Original Text : Sydonay, alias Asmoday, Rex magnus, fortis and potens: Visitur tribus capitibus, quorum primum assimilatur capital tauri, alterum hominis, tertium arietis. Cauda ejus serpentina, ex ore flammam eructat, pedes anserini. Super dracone infernali sedet, in manu lanceam and vexillum portans. Præcedit alios qui sub potestate Amaymonis sunt. Cum hujus officia exercet exorcista, fit fortis, cautus and in pedibus stans: si vero coopertus fuerit, ut in omnibus detegatur, efficient: Quod si non fecerit exorcista, ab Amaymone in cunctis decipietur: Sed mox cum ipsum in prædicta forma conspicit, appellabit illum nomine suo, inquiens: Tu vero es Asmoday. Ipse non negabit: Et mox ad terram. Dat annulum virtutum: Docet absolute Geometriam, Arithmetic, Astronomiam, Mechanical: Ad interrogata plene and vere respondet: Hominem reddit invisibilem: Loca thesaurorum ostendit and custodit, si fuerit de legionibus Amaymonis. In sua potestate legiones septuaginta duas habet.



Andrealphus - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

Andrealphus is a Fallen Angel and 65th of the 72 Spirits of Solomon. Andrealphus is a mighty marquis, who rules 30 Legions. He first appears as a noisy peacock and then as a human. He can transform people into birds and make them very cunning. He teaches perfect geometry and everything pertaining to measurements, as well as astronomy.

Andrealphus - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

From Demonologia

“Andrealphus is a great marquess, appearing as a peacocke, he raiseth great noises,and in humane shape perfectly teacheth geometrie, and all things belonging toad measurements, he maketh a man to be a subtill disputer, and cunning in astronomie, and transformed a man into the likeness of a bird, and there are under him thirty legions.”
(Scot, Discoverie of Witchcraft, page 224).

We know that this Demon is very vain and proud, since he comes in the form of a peacock. The animal forms assumed by the Demons express their true natures and personalities in a symbolic way. “Admeasurement” is an old word for practical mathematics. It was also known as mensuration. By astronomy the Demon means practical astrology, the actual casting and interpretation of astrological charts. It’s Unlikely that this Demon could physically change a human being into the shape of a bird, but more probable that he merely cast a glamour over the victim so that he thought himself to be a bird, and saw himself as a bird.

Andrealphus - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

From “The Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon the King” (1904) Written by Samuel MacGregor Liddel Mathers

ANDREALPHUS. – The Sixty-fifth Spirit is Andrealphus. He is a Mighty Marquis, appearing at first in the form of a Peacock, with great Noises.
But after a time he putteth on Human shape. He can teach Geometry perfectly. He maketh Men very subtle therein; and in all Things pertaining unto Mensuration or Astronomy. He can transform a Man into the Likeness of a Bird. He governeth 30 Legions of Infernal Spirits, and his Seal is this, etc.

The Seal of Andrealphus
The Seal of Andrealphus

Andrealphus - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

From the Luciferian Goetia ( 2007 ) – Written by Michael Ford
“Andrealphus is the Sixty-fifth Spirit who is a mighty Marquis, who comes forth as a beast or jester spirit who is like a Peacock, who speaks in tongues with two voices (high and low) at the same instance. He is a Spirit of the Infernal Sabbat, who shall carry thee forth in Astral and Dreaming Flesh in the form of a Bird. Andrealphus teaches astronomy and such sciences.”

Andrealphus - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

From the “Pseudomonarchia Daemonum” ( 1583 ) Written by Johann Weyer (Johann Wier)

Andrealphus [Andrealphus] is a great marquess, appearing as a peacock, he raiseth great noises, and in humane shape perfectly teacheth geometrie, and all things belonging to add measurements, he maketh a man to be a subtill disputer, and cunning in astronomie, and transformed a man into the likeness of a bird, and there are under him thirty legions.

Original Text: Andrealphus Marchio magnus, apparens ut pavo: graves edit sonitus: Et in humana forma docet perfecte geometriam and mensuram spectantia: reddit hominem in argumentando argutum, and in astronomia prudentem, eundemque in avis specimen transmutate. Triginta huic subsunt legiones.



Astaroth - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

A male Demon who evolved from the ancient Phoenician mother goddess of fertility,Astarte or Ashtoreth. Astaroth is also a Fallen Angel and 29th of 72 Spirits of Solomon. According to Judaic lore, he was a high-ranking Angel, either one of the seraphim or a prince of thrones, prior to his fall.
Astaroth is a grand duke and treasurer of Hell and commands 40 Legions of Demons. He is one of the three supreme evil Demons, with Beelzebub and Lucifer, in the Grimoire Verum and Grand Grimoire, which date from about the 18th century.

In the Lemegeton, he appears as either a beautiful or an ugly angel, riding a dragon and holding a viper. He possesses a powerful stench and stinking breath. Magicians who desire to conjure him must hold a magical ring in front of their faces to protect themselves against his smell.

Astaroth teaches all the sciences and is keeper of the secrets of the past, present, and future. He is invoked in necromantic rituals of divination. When conjured in magical rites, which must be performed on Wednesday nights between 10:00 and 11:00, he will give true answers to questions about the past, present, and future. He discovers secrets and is skilled in liberal sciences. He encourages slothfulness and laziness.

The Demon is said to instigate cases of Demonic Possession,most notablythat of the Loudun nuns in France in the 16th century. The nuns accused a priest, Father Urbain Grandier, of causing their possession. At Grandier’s trial, a handwritten“confession” of his was produced detailing his Pact with the Devil, witnessed and signed by Astaroth and several other Demons.

Astaroth loves to talk about the Creation and the Fall,and the faults of angels. He believes he was punished unjustly by God, and that someday he will be restored to his rightful place in heaven.

Astaroth can be thwarted by calling upon Saint michael the angel  and ,  Bartholomew for help.

Astaroth - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

From “The Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon the King” (1904) Written by Samuel MacGregor Liddell Mathers

ASTarotH. – The Twenty-ninth Spirit is Astaroth. He is a Mighty, Strong Duke, and appeareth in the Form of an hurtful Angel riding on an Infernal Beast like a Dragon, and carrying in his right hand a Viper. Thou must in no wise let him approach too near unto thee, lest he do thee damage by his Noisome Breath. Wherefore the Magician must hold the Magical Ring near his face, and that will defend him. He giveth true answers of things Past, Present, and to Come, and can discover all Secrets. He will declare wittingly how the Spirits fell, if desired, and the reason of his own fall. He can make men wonderfully knowing in all Liberal Sciences. He ruleth 40 Legions of Spirits. His Seal is this, which wear thou as a Lamen before thee, or else he will not appear nor yet obey thee, etc.

The Seal of Astaroth

From the “Pseudomonarchia Daemonum” ( 1583 )written by Johann Weyer (Johann Wier)

Astaroth is a great and a strong duke, coming forth in the shape of a fowle angell, sitting upon an infernal dragon, and carrying on his right hand a viper: he answereth trulie to matters present, past, and to come, and also of all secrets. He talked willingly of the creator of spirits, and of their fall, and how they sinned and fell: he saith he fell not of his owne accord. He maketh a man wonderful learned in the liberal sciences, he ruleth fourtie legions. Let everie exorcist take heed, that he admit him not too neere him, because of his stinking breath [lit. “because of the intolerable stench which he exhales”]. And therefore let the conjuror hold neere to his face a magical [silver] ring, and that shall defend him.


Astaroth as depicted in Collin de Plancy's Dictionnaire Infernal, 1863 edition.
Astaroth as depicted in Collin de Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal, 1863 edition.


Bael - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

The Demon Baal (Bael, Baell) is an agricultural and fertility deity of Canaan turned into a Fallen Angel and a Demon. Many minor deities of ancient Syria and Persia carried the name Baal, which means “the lord.”

The greatest Baal was the son of El, the High God of Canaan. He was the lord of life and ruled the death-rebirth cycle. He engaged in a battle with Mot (death) and was slain and sent to the underworld. The crops withered, until Baal’s sister, Anath, the maiden goddess of love, found his body and gave it proper burial. The Canaanites worshipped Baal by sacrificing children by burning.

According to the Zohar, Baal is equal in rank to the archangel Raphael.

Baal is the first of the 72 Spirits of Solomon. He is a king ruling in the east and governs 66 legions of Demons.

He is triple-headed, with a cat’s head and a toad’s head on each side of his human head.


From “The Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon the King” (1904) Written by Mathers, Samuel MacGregor Liddell :

The First Principal Spirit is a King ruling in the East, called Bael. He maketh thee to go Invisible. He ruleth over 66 Legions of Infernal Spirits. He appeareth in divers shapes, sometimes like a Cat, sometimes like a Toad, and sometimes like a Man, and sometimes all these forms at once. He speaketh hoarsely. This is his character which is used to be worn as a Lamen before him who calleth him forth, or else he will not do thee homage.

The Seal of Bael

Baal - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

From the Luciferian Goetia ( 2007 ) – Written by Michael Ford

“Bael is a spirit of shape shifting – by the cat (stealth and instinct), by toad (the form of Ahriman, the gateway of self-initiation of the Devil or Anglican Witchcraft Lore). When one summons Bael it should be done so in the evocation circle – absorb the essence within this circle – focus the mind to be aligned and shadowed with the spirits anthropomorphic identification, until “he” becomes you. You will then work on your ability to shape shift in dreams. The 66 legions of spirit familiars may be commanded by will to produce some results of what you seek in the obtainment of knowledge. Bael is a powerful familiar spirit who may bring one much instinctual impulses in relation to animals and dream shape shifting.”

Baal - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

From the “Pseudomonarchia Daemonum” ( 1583 ) Written by Johann Weyer ( Johann Wier )

Their first king (which is of the power of the east) is called Baëll who when he is conjured up, appeareth with three heads; the first, like a tode; the second, like a man; the third, like a cat. He speaketh with a hoarse voice, he maketh a man go invisible [and wise], he hath under his obedience and rule sixty and six legions of devils.

Original Text: Primus Rex, qui est de potestate Orientis, dicitur Baël, apparens tribus capitibus, quorum unum assimilatur bufoni alterum homini, tertium feli. Rauca loquitur você, formator morum and insignis certator, reddit hominem invisibilem and sapientem. Huic obediunt sexagintasex legiones.

Baal - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

From the “Dictionnaire Infernal” (edition of 1863 ) Written by Jacques Auguste Simon Collin de Plancy

According to the “le Grand Grimoire”, Bael is the head of the infernal powers. He is also the first Demon listed in Wierus’ Pseudomonarchia daemonum. According to Wierus, Bael is first king of hell with estates in the East. He has three heads: a toad, a man, and a cat. He also speaks in a raucous, but well formed voice, and commands 66 legions. Bael teaches the art of invisibility, and may be the equivalent of Baal.

Baal as depicted in Collin de Plancy's Dictionnaire Infernal, 1863 edition.
Baal as depicted in Collin de Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal, 1863 edition.

Baal - Demon and Spirit of Solomon


Also known as: Bael; Bel; Baël

Origin: Medieval Europe

Classification: Demon

The Demonologists’ Ba’al is no longer a spirit of fertility and rain. He is a King of Hell, attended by seventy legions of Demons (alternatively he only has sixty-six). He has the power to bestow wisdom and invisibility.

Manifestations: As a creature with three heads: cat, man, and toad. His portrait in Collin De Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal depicts him with what may be spider’s legs.


By Dr.Saad Al-Hashimi, PhD

Greeting from Calgary, Alberta - Canada. My name is Saad Ramzi Al-Hashimi . I am the founder and the director of the Paranormal zone- Haunting Dimensions. That deals with an investigation, debunking, and healing/cleansing. Having had many unexplainable experiences from a young age at a possible "haunted" house where plenty of things seemed to happen that I couldn’t explain, Since that time and I am looking and searching for an answer. After continuing to have many experiences that I just cannot explain, I have since become a firm believer that GHOSTS do exist. I continued for a short while as a member of a few other paranormal groups until I was very fortunate to become involved with a local fast growing organization where I felt very comfortable to start my own paranormal investigation. My best experience has been Indio California, Okotoks Alberta, Baghdad city , and many other places in Greece and North Canada. (yes I do believe spirits can hurt you so you have to be careful not to provoke or challenge a spirit ). I won’t tell you the whole story now but you are more than welcome to ask me on a ghost hunt. I am now looking forward to meeting many more people, all looking for that ‘experience’ that could possibly convince them that there is something more to life than we first thought. So please feel free to email me drsteveramsey@gmail.com I have been involved in several paranormal groups over the years. Paranormal Adventures is different and exciting in ways I couldn’t possibly get before. When people ask if I believe in ghosts, I say I am a skeptical believer. I have had many encounters with spirit forms and believe what I have seen to be real and unexplainable. I always look for a normal mundane reason why at the same time. My area of expertise in the field of science. I have Ph.D. in Public Health from the USA, Master degree in Medical Ultrasound and BSc Degree in Diagnostic Imaging from Charles Sturt University Australia, BSc in Physics, and Radiology diploma from Iraq, Pharmacy diploma. Radiography diploma from London Ontario, Diploma in Natural Health from Quebec, Canada. Radiation physics from Australia, I studied the infra and ultrasound in the animal kingdom.P resented more than 20 lectures in Iraq, Greece, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Canada and I am the peer reviewer for the radiographer journal in UK, Netherlands, and South Africa. Earned the 3rd award for excellence in ultrasound - Canada 2005. I am also armature archaeologist, painter, calligrapher, and used to run acting theater play in Iraq- Baghdad, wrote, directed and acted in more than 27 plays. So debunking come naturally in my science and technology back round, and not like other debunking people around you who use Google for their search and call them self-debunkers, It doesn't work that way. In the near future, I will run live internet ghost hunts with night vision cameras giving users at home the chance to watch the spooky footage on, in my nights out. I look forward to seeing you all soon on one of our many events! I loved reading ghost stories and sitting on my own in the dark watching horror films. However. I Can decode dreams, and I see spirits in my dreams. I like to look at things from a scientific point of view and try to rule out all rational possibilities before concluding that events are paranormal. However, I do try to keep an open mind on all investigations. I started taking part in investigations since 1986; my first investigation usually any house, apartment that I move in or my friend's places. For many of my true paranormal stories you can read them at www.linkedin.com I will try to copy and move all my articles here in this site in near future. Thank you for reading and God Bless you all. Saad Ramzi Al- Hashimi, PhD. Alberta

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