This is a short explanation to a friend who ask about Exorcism and what we can do and how we can justify it , as it is very hard and sometimes against the law.

Remember the movie , true story of a priest who end up in Jail because he was trying to save a girl from  a demonic attack, and after the failure of the doctors and psychologist to heal her he took over but she ended up dead so the court charged him for her death!!! I use the muslim Roqeya similar to the jewish prayer it is very specific prayers 

and cleansing with prayer for hours each day. But the people always remember the catholic movies where they see women vomiting and turning their heads etc, LOL. Most times foul language will come, change of voice vomiting etc  that happen and I see it.

 It also all depends on the kind of the sin they committed and the kind of demon, jin , spirit they took control over her/ him. And of course the level of faith of the individual, the stress and anxiety level, as depression is the door for demonic possession. Do they use alcohol and drugs and after clearing all the psychological reasons we can step toward the possession with permission from the family , guardian, church if possible, and all must be documented and signed so no legal issues will follow .

when you are ready to engage yourself in the path of spiritual liberation, It is advisable to make fasting hours or half day , pray and worship and ask God for strength and support as he knows what are you going to do so the permission must come from asking God , and not any church or person ask him as you believe he will deliver it after personnel cleaning and worship ( make sure you have no period ) when you do all that. Prepare a holy water, a rain water with reading from the holy book in it also great. I do not use cross as it is dangerous and demonic entities can get stronger with hate. So use  a rosary or the holy book instead.

Using kosher salt, crystal for balance are ok, fresh water and incense in the room , reading from the holy books . 

Make sure the person is in a secure place , the windows must be opened. Do not keep children or pregnant ladies in the house. 

If you can do the procedure in a holy ground like a church. a sengouge or a mosque will be more powerful. If you have a first degree relic like a book , and items belong to a holy man, a priest, etc it will be powerful .

I use 350 years old icon from the greek orthodox church. rosary, and the Quran with roqya prayer and reading from the torah. The difficulty is to know the demon, the name of the demon, who he is , how he enters and when.

Usually they are more than one. That’s why you must learn demonology, history , and names, the shortest and fastest way at least is to remember the 72 demons of king Suleiman from the Torah. I have them on my blog. and then ask if the demon named this or that , one by one. When you reach the name of the demon you will see the person’s voice and reaction changed badly, then you ask and keep asking about this name .YOU ARE THIS DEMON. 

Before the cleansing of the person , you must cleanse the house and the place. I had great success with the Roqya prayers as my brother munir taught me. Each person uses a different protocol , it must be done with multiple people ,DO NOT DO IT ALONE , RESTRAIN THE PERSON BY HIS FAMILY/ NOT CHILDREN .

The prayers and the command must be focused on casting the demon out in the name of GOD, there will be a period of peace in the house and you must ask the family to keep any drugs , alcohol,.ponography materials away from the house . They must also seek the help of clinical psychologist to make sure to treat any issue of  anxiety , stress, anger issues, aggression, depression, addiction, rape issue , post trauma etc.

Making sure to use a recording device such as a phone, video recorder, or camera, could be a helpful way to capture and preserve information about conversations and interactions between you and the family and make sure to copy the consent form. It is also a good way to document what takes place in a private meeting at your home/place whether for personal reference or just memory record. 

You must inform them that all this activity will stay  confidential and you will not disclose it to the public without their permission.

Some people use the name of God by using holy water and write it on the arms, forehead etc. Some uses holy water glass full of holy water on a flat plastic  plate then put the plate on the person head and scream at the demon to casted in God name and tap your hand

over the glass and at the same time pull the plastic dish so the holy water can splash over the face , this practice is famous in mexico. I can go on and on as I deal with the Ruqya method , demons hate it as it burns them. There are so many other methods taken from Hinduism, Buddhism, devil worshipers, Voodoo practice,  stones and cows worshipers. idol worshipers, Chinese and japanese shamon, and all those cult and others who have nothing to do with ABRAHAM FAITH . DO NOT USE THOSE METHOD, It is too dangerous, and it can fireback at you .It is black magic and it is not Godley. You must not use those sinful methods from those countries at all, as they do not pray to the same God of Abraham.

You must read of the person head , his/ her ears. over and over again. and if you get tired use the recording, the computer with the recorded prayers.

So they usually leave in one hour. Sometimes they stay in the house, that’s why cleaning the house is very important. The cleansing if done by a woman she must be clean with no period , and if the possessed was young girl the procedure must be done when she is out of her monthly period.

Steve Ramsey. Demonologist.

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