Imagine a group of scientists who were hiding in 6 separate countries  and doing  their work in a low profile away from those terrorists .The scientists are trying to built a dooms day city, 6 parts flying city that can connect later on in space around earth each city can hold 24000 people,  that is fueled  by nuclear reactor to fly in the sky with all necessities of life . Those scientists were doing their work in Alaska, to get usa ,Canada and Mexican scientist’s, and in Russia, china, south Africa, Europe and Australia.

These 6 parts flying machines will randevu and connect in space , to create the city of hope. It has a defend mechanism against rockets , renewable supplies of energy from the sun , that keep the city going. They descend to earth to refile for Oxygen when they need more supplies. They have green garden and trees, flowing water and the best 144000 scientists with there families from all around the world who will travel and cross the sea and lands to come to this hidden city to be part of the group .Many drama will take place to cross the boarders that the terrorists put as a check points .

They all pretend that they are looking for jobs,  until all of them arrive and get in this city of hope .The dream city of the future mankind , The hanging garden in the sky. The city of rapture.  Then they took off,  flying high in the sky,  away from the trouble earth , as the terrorists in this earth are now fighting each other over the control of the spoil and the control of the masses .

People killing each other to survive , wars and famine start to kill more and more people . Many people look at the sky to see the city of Hope turning peacefully around the earth, Like a bright star of hope. Those in earth wishing they were part of the city in the sky, the city of hope .

The terrorists in earth will try to shoot down the city of hope and fail . By now  many nuclear reactor start to milt down in earth , causing massive disaster , death and immigration around the world . Many people  in earth wish if they took the journey and migrated to this city of hope , the city in the sky. It is not too late for some and many great minds collectively start to work , to build a smaller machine that can take them to this city of hope, hoping that they will be accepted. Who knows? will you be one of them?

Have a nice dream and thank you for reading.

Steve Ramsey

Canada the city of dream (Calgary)