It Is So Strange That. Quates by Steve Ramsey, PhD.

It Is So Strange That   Dr.Steve Ramsey, PhD -Public Health MSc-(hon) in Med Ultrasound. It is very strange that houses get bigger and bigger, and families go smaller and smaller, people living alone, and they can hear their own echoes. It is so stupid that medical and health technology are getting so advance while our health…… Continue reading It Is So Strange That. Quates by Steve Ramsey, PhD.

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The Big 5 personality Traits and the Paranormal

The Big 5 personality Traits & the Paranormal Published on August 7, 20222 Dr.Saad Ramzi Al- Hashimi, PhD -Health Sciences My Review of the Big five Traits and the Paranormal INTRODUCTION Paranormal is the field of the unknown. I describe it as P.A.R.A.N.O.R.M.A.L P= Personality Traits A=Awareness R=Resistant to believe in the unseen, unheard, unfelt,…… Continue reading The Big 5 personality Traits and the Paranormal

Family Fitness Ideas: Fun Workouts For All Ages

  Family Fitness Ideas: Fun Workouts For All Ages By Nicole Davis UPDATED JUNE 16, 2022 We test and review fitness products based on an independent, multi-point methodology. If you use our links to purchase something, we may earn a commission. Read our disclosures. Expert advice, plus three workouts to try for toddlers to teens   Being a…… Continue reading Family Fitness Ideas: Fun Workouts For All Ages

Don’t let your emotion overpower your intelligence.

Don’t let your emotion overpower your intelligence.   Steve Ramsey, PhD Your boss is demanding that you work on a document even though your workday is over. Suddenly, you find yourself bursting into tears or struggling to catch your breath. Or the kids are fighting again, and you lose it, yelling at them to stop,…… Continue reading Don’t let your emotion overpower your intelligence.

Improving your personality

Improving your personality Steve Ramsey, PhD -Public Health It’s tempting to think that we’re obliged to improve some areas of our personality, while other aspects of who we are are less malleable but more morally neutral. Maybe we should all try to become more compassionate , kind, trustworthy, honest , sincere, and forgiving, but there’s no…… Continue reading Improving your personality

life begins at the end of your comfort zone

“Never look back to the things, which broke you once.” At the beginning of this year, I was feeling insecure and felt like I have reached a plateau that prevented me from enjoying life like I once did. I couldn’t define the solution, but somehow I knew that with prayers and worshiping God and asking…… Continue reading life begins at the end of your comfort zone

The Nature, the Means, the Desire, and the Release from temptations

The body has its nature. If the body wants to sleep you have to provide it with rest. But, what do we do if the body wants to sleep? We put on the television because of an interesting movie, and then start eating without been hungry; we are working against the nature of our body. Don’t go against your nature, when your desire someone who don’t like you and don’t fit your nature, culture and emotional intelligence you don’t need to be hard on yourself, just let go and follow your true nature .Don’t go against your nature .

Suppose the body has a desire to eat and even though you have eaten, the desire has not vanished. Your stomach is full, but the mind wants you to eat, so the desire to eat still remains. Can you relate to this situation? This is where willpower comes in, the release from desire need a well power, training, just like when you fast from food for 30 days in Muslim culture , it is struggle between the nature of the body, the desire , to release . Follow your true nature .Don’t live in fake reality, be yourself and allow your nature to guide you with your spiritual growth.

When you drink lots of water and you are very tired, you go to sleep you will dream that you want to release your bladder in so many scenarios, some people do it in their sleep and most wake up in the last minute to go to the washroom to release. Our body have the ability even in sleep to work with our desire and release, to work with our stress and give us stress reduction ways ,and we can learn alot from our dreams

If there is no co-ordination between these faculties of nature, desire, willpower, and release, then life will be a total chaos. As we see in TV the nature of human is the need for respect, justice, fairness, good opportunities .Then the police and US legal system took that away from some people due to many reasons following human negativity of hate and discrimination and the desire to have only certain nations, certain color and culture, certain people you will have in your hand a negative and bad release of anger, violence, destruction, killing, and total ciaos

It will be a misery. When there is co-ordination between the four faculties, the desire and the nature are coordinated. The means and fulfillment are co-ordinated. Liberation can be taken to mean fulfillment. Suppose you have a desire to go to by a new and expensive car, or to b a doctor, or get the person you love. But, your desire is not co-ordinated with your means. You have no willpower, no money; you are not romantic enough to that person, and so on.

A farmer who raises chicken and then they hatched, he took the eggs to the market so he can sale them. He put them all in a basket to take to the market. It was quite some distance to the market. Usually the mind does not keep quiet. The farmer started daydreaming as he was walking along. He began to make various plans what he would do with the money that he would earn by selling the eggs. He imagined that he would become so rich if he can do that daily.

He daydream more and he thought that his friends would respect him a lot when he will get richer.  He would give his family more money and improve their lives. And he would be able to just relax and lean on a chair doing nothing and let others sale his eggs. While dreaming he dropped both his hands and all the eggs fell down and were cracked open on the street. He did not even reach the marketplace. He was so sad and upset.

psychology test for your paranormal level and superstitious

you can answer YES OR NO IF NOT SURE as you sometimes do it and some times not just put not sure . score 3 points for yes, 2 points for unsure and 1 point for NO. and keep the total. 

Do you believe that everyone has a destiny? Are you convinced that breaking a mirror will give you seven years of bad luck? Are you one of those people who have to “see it to believe it”? Paranormal beliefs, whether secular or supernatural in origin, stem back to the time of our ancestors, when the first and enduring medium of exchange was oral storytelling. Events that could not be explained logically became the source of superstitions, many of which have prevailed into modern times. Even today, the mysterious world of the paranormal is still a source of fear and wonder.

This paranormal beliefs test is made up of self-assessment questions, in which you will be asked to indicate the degree to which you believe in the given statements. In order to receive the most accurate results, please answer each question as honestly as possible.

Too many Demons too few true experts & MICHELLE DESROCHERS is the best

How can you have an expert in a field that isn’t explained?

That’s the question Burlington-based researcher of unknown phenomenon Michelle Desrochers posits during a December phone call.

She’s been privy to the preternatural for the last 15 years, spending her time investigating malevolent hauntings and demonic infestations.

Desrochers has appeared as a resource on many paranormal shows, including Paranormal Survivor and A Haunting. She’ll be filming both in the New Year.

Exorcism is been done everyday with lots of side effects

Question was asked about my idea regarding Exorcism ? Regarding Exorcism we all doing it all the time without knowing it, By been good to our family, kind, helpful Respectful truthful, give to charity and the poor, the hunger and orphans, by praying, worshiping God and make rosary Or bless those who hurt us all…… Continue reading Exorcism is been done everyday with lots of side effects


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A sonographer said that; I have been consistently performing sonography for roughly 30 years.  I scan hearts, vessels, babies, peds, breast and mostly anything in between.  Lately, my body is telling me my days are numbered (lower back especially, but also right shoulder and arm).  What I am curious about is this.  Can we advocate…… Continue reading ULTRASOUND INJURY- enough is enough I CANT BREATH

Motivate your self to get rid of anxiety

Life, work, history and the holy books taught me that to Stay away from negative and nagging people. Stay away from anger ,it only hurts you , it doesn’t solve anything ,it build nothing ,but it can destroy everything. If you are right then there is no need to get angry, and if you are…… Continue reading Motivate your self to get rid of anxiety

The effect of isolation on our Anxiety related to paranormal activities

The effect of isolation on our Anxiety, stress, anger, and that might lead to paranoia, depression, and psychosis aseptically on those who do have some degree of Schizophrenia My answer to one of the best clairvoyant ,psychic medium and natural healing friend in Edmonton ,She is one of the best in her field and she was…… Continue reading The effect of isolation on our Anxiety related to paranormal activities