How good at math was Albert Einstein?

The following example represents Einstein’s difficulties in mathematics:

In 1917 Willem de Sitter suggested a solution to Einstein’s field equations with the cosmological constant, an empty world. In the static form of the de Sitter solution, there is a singularity at the equator. Hence, At de Sitter’s world’s equator, it takes an infinite time for anything to happen.

Einstein, however, found it hard to give up Mach’s principles and he suggested instead that de Sitter’s model was actually not-matter free. In March 1918 Einstein was quite sure that something in de Sitter’s line element might be badly mistaken. He thus searched for matter in de Sitter’s universe! Continue Reading →

Mysteries of the Strange Universe

Mysteries of the Strange Universe   ” href=”–4CDB-B7433EC36F135934.jpg”> ” href=””> (Image from Pixabay) Think spooky phenomena and you might think of ghosts, ghouls and other things that go bump in … Continue Reading →