life begins at the end of your comfort zone

“Never look back to the things, which broke you once.” At the beginning of this year, I was feeling insecure and felt like I have reached a plateau that prevented me from enjoying life like I once did. I couldn’t define the solution, but somehow I knew that with prayers and worshiping God and asking…… Continue reading life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Mysterious Crop Circles: is absolute Hoax?

Mysterious Crop Circles: is absolute  Hoax? Done by men and multiple artists and many others and it was proven , and no one Elian circle ever discovered at all. it is what the media want you to believe so they can sale magazines and books  The mysterious crop circles that have spread across the world…… Continue reading Mysterious Crop Circles: is absolute Hoax?

Racism and Ignorance

All being is shared being. To know that is peace. To live that is love.” ~ Caverly Steve Ramsey,PhD The Bible has a great deal to say about racism.  For one, we are told that all human beings are created in God’s image, and therefore have equal value and worth.  In Ephesians 2, Paul mentions that the…… Continue reading Racism and Ignorance

Hire for Attitude and passion.

Hire for Attitude and passion. By Steve Ramsey. Hiring for Character ; Organisations that hire new employees based on their character do so because of the idea that it’s easier to train someone’s skills than to change their character. While the experienced and the talented with a bad attitude are likely to fail at their…… Continue reading Hire for Attitude and passion.

Let the past make you better not bitter.

Let the past make you better not bitter. credit picture to /  slide picture When my country was destroyed by usa and Iran , and many civilians including children and girls was killed and raped by those thugs, I started hating them and lost trust in humanity and everybody come from those countries, without…… Continue reading Let the past make you better not bitter.

Scammers in the social media.

Scammers in the social media. Facebook Removes Bitcoin Scam Ads With Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Facebook has removed ads for a bitcoin scam that claimed to have the approval of the crown prince of Abu Dhabi. Facebook has removed ads for a bitcoin (BTC) scam that masqueraded as posts by the crown prince of Abu…… Continue reading Scammers in the social media.

Dubai Women Achievements

                          The women in UAE, and Dubia  Last year I was reading and checking the LinkedIn community when I was in one of the accounts that belongs to a person from UAE. There was that rude lady from Sweden. Yes Sweden from all…… Continue reading Dubai Women Achievements

Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum best leadership model

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Arabic: محمد بن راشد آل مكتوم‎; Muḥammad bin Rāshid ʾĀl Maktūm; is the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and ruler of the Emirate of Dubai ,who achieved the best leadership model.           Add alt text He is one of the…… Continue reading Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum best leadership model

Stress can affect your productivity

Stress can affect your productivity When separation is necessary, it’s important to do it properly, with respect and dignity. But often when you’re considering letting someone go, you may be missing out on an opportunity to modify problem behavior and salvage an otherwise good staffer, good person or good partner. Many get married and then…… Continue reading Stress can affect your productivity

Reach us to help you for free in this time of severe Anxiety

HELP LINE  HERE WITH US IS  for FREE, I can help you in this time of uncertainty , sadness, stress, anger issues, depression, and severe anxiety 

Dear Friends, and readers

For many people who have recently lost a loved one, the very sight of leaves falling from the trees in This winter with covid still in the Air and China virus killing millions and destroying lives and economy, fear sets in and the worse than that is increasing level of anxiety from fear of death, contracting china virus, and losing loved one over, the upcoming holiday season.

The closer we get to December, the greater the pain and loneliness which often creates the impression that the holidays may be impossible to survive.

To make matters worse, it seems that we are left alone with these feelings, because it is not appropriate to discuss a sad topic like grief, sadness, stress and anger and we left alone to deal with denial, shock, anger  and  depression ,mourning during the holidays when everyone around us is carefree and happy, or pretending to be happy.

The loss of life is worse but it can be devastated also when you lose your job, divorce your partner or lose your pet. Crying seems the only comfort you have at this moment. 

So how to “survive” those first holidays after the loss of a significant person or element in your life? You can email me , here in my blog  and I will do my best to help you guide you for free , you are not alone, and you need someone to listen to your pain and help you to navigate the difficulties 

If you are in a situation where you can’t cope you can email me for help. If I do not answer immediately or replies right away, please understand that we receive hundreds of emails a month.

I can also direct you to social worker or clinical psychologist and hope I can help you to realize that this life is a short trip and we must do our best to help each other, be kind to one another and point the facts and not fingers. Remember that in extreme stress, anxiety and depression you are weak and the paranormal senses can be very strong and you think you are losing your mind.

Steve Ramsey, PhD, Public Health, PgD-Natural Health ,

MSc medical ultrasound, BSc diagnostic imaging. Diploma in Radiology, Diploma in Sonography, SPI Physics teacher online, and MSK hands on instructor. Author

Paranormal researcher, expert and investigator, and Blogger


SORE LOSER, how to lose with grace

For some kids the pressure to win a game is just too big. When a competitive child loses a game they might throw a tantrum or they might gloat when they win. It must leave some parents wondering if their child should play sports at all!

Playing sports helps kids stay active, learn new skills and make friends. It teaches them about teamwork, responsibility and competition. Kids should be able to enjoy all aspects of sports – not just the final result.

Focus on how your child improves with each game. They will learn that you can have a good game despite the score.

Some kids will refuse to play if they don’t think they’re very good. It takes time and effort to improve skills and build confidence. So encourage them to keep playing.

Most Common Car Warning Lights You Need to Know

The Most Common Car Warning Lights You Need to Know

car warning lights

People call us all the time trying to describe the warning lights in their car. We hear things like: “It looks like a stopwatch with an exclamation point in it.” Or, “it looks like a sideways taco with a squiggly line beside it.” 

car warning lights

1. Steering Lock
Steering lock is an essential theft-prevention feature in a vehicle. It activates whenever the wheel, or the tires are turned while the key is not in the ignition. That means no one will be cruising away with your vehicle. If you get in your car and see that your steering lock light is on, there’s a chance that someone attempted to turn the wheels in your vehicle.

2. The Battery Light Car warning lights
The battery light is an indication that your charging system isn’t working properly. It’s normal for cars to display this light upon start-up, but if it persists or if your car won’t start, you definitely have a problem. Typically, it’s an issue with the battery, but it could also be a problem with the battery, voltage regulator, or wiring in your car, or the alternator. Electrical problems can be tough, so if you’re having trouble come pay us a visit.

3. Adaptive Headlight System
An adaptive headlight system adjusts the direction of your headlights as you turn. That means that as you round a corner, the headlights start to turn in the direction you’re going. If this light is on in your car, it probably means this system is no longer turning – your actual headlights should be fine.

Airbag light 

4-Airbag and Seat Belt System
This light is important to get checked out. You want malfunctioning safety equipment in your vehicle about as much as you want fire ants in your vehicle.

5. Windshield Washer Fluid
Oddly enough, this indication light kind of looks like a happy monster with a savage underbite. Which is ironic, because a happy monster with an underbite really isn’t all that consequential, and neither is being low on windshield washer fluid. Just go to an AutoZone and buy some more, open up your hood, and refill it.

6. Anti-Lock Brake System
Anti-lock brakes keep your car from skidding whenever you hit the brake pedal – skidding is not an effective method of braking. If this light is on, there’s a problem with your braking system so don’t delay on this one.

 7. Automatic Gearbox
This light means that you have a problem with your automatic transmission. If this light comes on, you probably already know your transmission is messed up.

 8. Brake Lights
You’ve got a burned out brake light. Go get that replaced before you get pulled over for no reason.

9. Bulb Monitoring
You’ve got a burned out headlight. Replace it for obvious reasons.

 10. Electronic Stability
If this light is on, your car’s computer is no longer helping to keep the car stable when you turn. It’s still drivable, but we’d recommend you drive it straight to the shop. But before you do, make sure you didn’t accidentally turn off the traction control.

 11. Emissions Control
Also known as the check engine light, this could light could indicate a lot of different problems. You may have a bad oxygen sensor, a problem with your engine compression, or your gas cap may not be screwed on tight enough. The best thing to do is to go to the shop and get the issue diagnosed. There’s just no telling with this light.

12. Engine Oil Level
This light indicates that your oil levels are low. Either your vehicle is leaking oil, or you’re long overdue for an oil change.

People describe the warning lights in their car. We hear things like: “It looks like a stopwatch with an exclamation point in it.” Or, “it looks like a sideways taco with a squiggly line beside it.” So, to help out all our wonderful customers, we decided to write about the 13 most common car warning lights.

tire pressure monitor

13. Tire Pressure Monitoring
Last but not least, here’s a light many of us will be seeing as the winter months start to roll in. When the temperature drops, the air contracts and the pressure decreases. So, if you filled your tires up in the summer, you might be seeing this light before Christmas.

IF YOU you have N neutral light N flashing along with D drive , your transmission need service as soon as possible . problem with gearbox electronic system  

How to choose between two jobs

Then, ask yourself the following questions:

·Which job still lines up with my career goals?

·What really matters, Write down everything that matters most when it comes to your job or career. This list might include promotion opportunities, salary, commission structure, company culture, type of work, control over the projects on which you will work, bonus eligibility, benefits such as medical coverage, hours of work per week, or the amount of business travel.

·Does one job have more opportunities than the other?

·Which job will challenge me?

·Which job offers me the chance to learn new skills or sharpen my skill?

·Prioritize. After brainstorming, read through the list and prioritize the items from most important to least. Analyze. Make two columns next to your prioritized list, one for each job opportunity. Think through each item and how well each job will provide for/satisfy each priority, writing notes in both columns

If you’re having trouble deciding between two jobs, consider both through the lens of your long-term goals. Consider which position holds the most promise, and choose the one that will get you where you want to go. Don’t get stuck just because you are in a comfort zone.

2. Weigh salary with personal satisfaction

When choosing between two jobs, an easy question comes to mind: Which one pays more? But remember that Salary is not everything as long as you don’t lose so much, select the one that gives you less stress, make you happier, with a team that respects you and celebrates you than a team who always puts you down and points fingers and not the facts.

Make sure that you focus on the Personal satisfaction, as it is also paramount. So what happens if the job you don’t really want pays a lot more than the one you do?

If this is the case, you’ll need to weigh whether a higher salary will make up for a job you don’t like. Sure, you’ll have more money to spend outside of work. But if you’re bored 40 or more hours per week, a higher salary might not boost your happiness much.

If the job teaches you new skills and challenges you, make you happy and make you feel that you are with the winning team then go for it.

I strongly recommend that you decide on your job not necessarily for the money, but for how closely the offer aligns with your values, less stress, and happy work environment.

If one position’s pay is so low you won’t be able to support yourself, you should probably go with the other one. But if both salaries meet your needs, you might be better off choosing a more fulfilling job in terms of respect, low stress level, place that promotes you and there is a room for your progress.

3. Assess the culture of each workplace

Many hiring managers assess cultural fit, so you also should focus on issues such as compassion, trust, meaningful workplace, places with less bullying and rude people.But cultural fit isn’t a one-way street. You also need to decide whether each company is a good fit for you not just for the managers.

If you’ve ever been in a toxic work environment, you know how tiring it can get day after day. Even if you’re passionate about the company’s mission, you’ll lose steam in an uncomfortable workplace, because your managers are stupid, unprofessional, point fingers and not the facts, bullying, they are always right and you are always wrong, they always find a problem and not a solution, and the list goes on and on.

 On the flip side, you might develop a passion for a company if its culture makes you feel valued and challenged. Respect and honesty are the key factors and if they don’t respect you and honor you just leave them and don’t look back. Managers and supervisors are a dime a dozen and it is very rare to find a good leader with leadership quality that you will be honored to follow.

The Nature, the Means, the Desire, and the Release from temptations

The body has its nature. If the body wants to sleep you have to provide it with rest. But, what do we do if the body wants to sleep? We put on the television because of an interesting movie, and then start eating without been hungry; we are working against the nature of our body. Don’t go against your nature, when your desire someone who don’t like you and don’t fit your nature, culture and emotional intelligence you don’t need to be hard on yourself, just let go and follow your true nature .Don’t go against your nature .

Suppose the body has a desire to eat and even though you have eaten, the desire has not vanished. Your stomach is full, but the mind wants you to eat, so the desire to eat still remains. Can you relate to this situation? This is where willpower comes in, the release from desire need a well power, training, just like when you fast from food for 30 days in Muslim culture , it is struggle between the nature of the body, the desire , to release . Follow your true nature .Don’t live in fake reality, be yourself and allow your nature to guide you with your spiritual growth.

When you drink lots of water and you are very tired, you go to sleep you will dream that you want to release your bladder in so many scenarios, some people do it in their sleep and most wake up in the last minute to go to the washroom to release. Our body have the ability even in sleep to work with our desire and release, to work with our stress and give us stress reduction ways ,and we can learn alot from our dreams

If there is no co-ordination between these faculties of nature, desire, willpower, and release, then life will be a total chaos. As we see in TV the nature of human is the need for respect, justice, fairness, good opportunities .Then the police and US legal system took that away from some people due to many reasons following human negativity of hate and discrimination and the desire to have only certain nations, certain color and culture, certain people you will have in your hand a negative and bad release of anger, violence, destruction, killing, and total ciaos

It will be a misery. When there is co-ordination between the four faculties, the desire and the nature are coordinated. The means and fulfillment are co-ordinated. Liberation can be taken to mean fulfillment. Suppose you have a desire to go to by a new and expensive car, or to b a doctor, or get the person you love. But, your desire is not co-ordinated with your means. You have no willpower, no money; you are not romantic enough to that person, and so on.

A farmer who raises chicken and then they hatched, he took the eggs to the market so he can sale them. He put them all in a basket to take to the market. It was quite some distance to the market. Usually the mind does not keep quiet. The farmer started daydreaming as he was walking along. He began to make various plans what he would do with the money that he would earn by selling the eggs. He imagined that he would become so rich if he can do that daily.

He daydream more and he thought that his friends would respect him a lot when he will get richer.  He would give his family more money and improve their lives. And he would be able to just relax and lean on a chair doing nothing and let others sale his eggs. While dreaming he dropped both his hands and all the eggs fell down and were cracked open on the street. He did not even reach the marketplace. He was so sad and upset.

Quality sonographer and speed

A sonographer asked the question about how to be fast in her job ? and she said

“It is the scanning part itself; it takes me too long to produce an image of good diagnostic quality (in my opinion)”.

This also can be true about many other technologists. Well it is have everything to do with all the points that you mentioned, the machine, the color and the scale you use, the cine lobe and the zoom, the annotation and the physics itself , that why I hate the word sonographer , we are not sono GRAPHER , WE ARE NOT PICTURE TAKER , like radiographer , mamographer, etc The word TECHNOLOGIST is more fit like MRI,CT technologist. Or we must use the word IST, like PHYSIOTHERAPIST, pharmacist, so we are SONOIST.

Forget the word SONOLOGIST as this is taken by the radiologists who have half of our skills as we are the true sonologists .So it is all about the machine and the speed of your critical thinking, don’t be panic sonographer. Do the best by doing the basic.

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