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Oneness & Knowingness Oneness & Knowingness Dr.Steve Ramsey, PhD -Public Health MSc-(hon) in Med Ultrasound. “We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. It Is Kind of optical delusion of consciousness.” — Albert Einstein “In our quest for happiness and the avoidance of suffering, we are all fundamentally the same,…… Continue reading Oneness & Knowingness

  Follow Me!   Find a Society  |  Add a Society  |  Search  |  About Us  |  Articles  |  Haunting Assistance  |  Contact Us   VISIT THIS SITE; PARANORMALSOCITIES.COM  If you are looking for any paranormal society in your area, town, city. you can find all the info, emails and phone to contact including ours, USA and Canada alone have more than 5000 societies. We are among the…… Continue reading

Short Ghost Stories by our readers

We are celebrating the pass mark of more than 200,000READER IN OUR BLOG HERE , PLEASE READ, SEND US YOUR STORIES, AND SHARE IT WITH OTHERS.  Ghost Stories  1- I was driving across country with my mom and sister. I was 16, my sister 20, my mom in her 50s. It was late, but we…… Continue reading Short Ghost Stories by our readers

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Greeting from our paranormal zone blog . Why you should advertise with us? Our 180.000 and more readers are diverse from all walk of life , covering wide range of skills and professional backgrounds.  Our blog have wide range of varieties of topics and section that attract people to different interests and topics. We encourage…… Continue reading Advertise your products here with us

The world of the JINN, Hinn, Binn, khin, Rimm, Timm, Nephilim and Possession

Very few people knows that There were creatures in this earth way before the Jinn they were called HINN, BINN, Timm, Rimm, AND KHINN before the jinn and way before Adam. Also the Nephilim In Noah time The jinn, in all their shape-shifting varieties, are an integral part of Islamic culture, literature and poetry The…… Continue reading The world of the JINN, Hinn, Binn, khin, Rimm, Timm, Nephilim and Possession

Bhangarh Fort most haunted place in India

Our sincere thank you to the author and tourist guide Ratna Sehgal- from India, for sending this wondaful insight and  letting us know about India most haunted fort  You will never see Rajasthan the same way, once you visit Bhangarh Ka Kila. Rajasthan Tourism is known for its deserts, royalty and forts. But while you go gaga…… Continue reading Bhangarh Fort most haunted place in India


To my friends, Love once, family and relatives. The New Year is coming and I know that you have a lot of expectative and dreams to fulfill, I know that with your effort and dedication you will accomplish all. Thank you all because you always been by my side providing me your support, your compression…… Continue reading MY NEW YEAR WISH . HAPPY 2022 FREE OF AGRESSION, REPRESSION AND WAR

It’s a challenging time to be an optimist

CHINA VIRUS, CLIMATE CHANGE, POVERTY, NATURAL DISASTER AND HOPE Steve Ramsey, PhD It’s a challenging time to be an optimist. Canada and many part of the worlds are in deficit, recession and many business filed for bankruptcies, many workers lost their jobs, some committed suicide and some divorced due to the China virus problem. While the…… Continue reading It’s a challenging time to be an optimist


The evil persian empire destroyed IRAQ IN THE PAST AND INVADED TURKEY , PART OF GREECE, ISRAEL, THE ARABIAN GULF REGION AND PART OF EUROPE KILLING AND RAPING, STEALING AND LOOTING FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS . Iran still killing thousands of people in SYRIA, IRAQ, BAHRAIN, LEBANON, YEMEN, AND OTHER PART OF THE WORLD with terrorists attacks by hizboallah and hizboaldawa, qodos army , hotheen , mahdi army, and many other shia thugs killers groups. They sided with USA TO DESTROY IRAQ not because they love usa but  because they are evil have no honore, cowered and use them as tactics . AND HOPE TRUMP WILL FINISH THEM VERY SOON AFTER HE WIN THE ELECTION, USA, UK, FRANCE, ITALY AND EUROPE, WITH SAUDI, , UAE, TURKEY,AND THE GULF REGION WILL ATTACK iran .NOW WHAT IRAN DID TO INDIA IS BEYOND BELIEF  

Iranian king Nadir Shah returned back to Iran after looting and plundering the city of Delhi. He practically looted so much that he didn’t have the need to come back to Delhi again. He let the Mughal governor Zakaria Khan control Lahore for a 2 million rupees gift along with an agreement to pay annual tribute to Persian Empire.


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Kashmir ghost stories

  4Credit: Think Stock Photos We all must have read thousands of articles describing natural splendor of Kashmir and how it is the true symbol of ‘heaven on earth’. But how many of us are aware of the stories that haunt people who live there, of the haunted tales of Kashmir? The deep stunning valleys…… Continue reading Kashmir ghost stories

paranormal India

Gaurav Tiwari: Indian ghost buster’s mysterious death is magnet for paranormal theories First there was a sound of a thud, like something dropping on the floor. Those present in the home even heard someone lunging at the latch of the bathroom. But no one got worried, everyone ignored the rustling sound coming from the bathroom.…… Continue reading paranormal India

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