I remember  when i was in IRAQ I WENT TO BABELON with a friend in a school trip and I found a sign that indicates something inside this rock when I flapped the rock I found another slap garnet or marble  large tile, then I found a small room after digging of about one foot , the small underground room was filled with old  mud plates and mud cylinders. I kept the secret with me for 30 years until I told my teacher about it, I dont know what happened as my teacher was killed and the Iraqi Shia government later stole it and not to be found !

Majority of hidden treasures particularly those that consists of large deposits usually have clues left behind by the individuals responsible in hiding them. THs (treasure hunters) refer to these clues … Continue Reading →

I NEVER BIELIVED IN UFO until I saw and encounter one in my own eyes in south Alaska.

I kept my encounter secret for so many years so no one accused of been Waco, unscientific,  but after while it is what I had seen and experience, I don’t … Continue Reading →

Most Common Car Warning Lights You Need to Know

The Most Common Car Warning Lights You Need to Know

car warning lights

People call us all the time trying to describe the warning lights in their car. We hear things like: “It looks like a stopwatch with an exclamation point in it.” Or, “it looks like a sideways taco with a squiggly line beside it.” 

car warning lights

1. Steering Lock
Steering lock is an essential theft-prevention feature in a vehicle. It activates whenever the wheel, or the tires are turned while the key is not in the ignition. That means no one will be cruising away with your vehicle. If you get in your car and see that your steering lock light is on, there’s a chance that someone attempted to turn the wheels in your vehicle.

2. The Battery Light Car warning lights
The battery light is an indication that your charging system isn’t working properly. It’s normal for cars to display this light upon start-up, but if it persists or if your car won’t start, you definitely have a problem. Typically, it’s an issue with the battery, but it could also be a problem with the battery, voltage regulator, or wiring in your car, or the alternator. Electrical problems can be tough, so if you’re having trouble come pay us a visit.

3. Adaptive Headlight System
An adaptive headlight system adjusts the direction of your headlights as you turn. That means that as you round a corner, the headlights start to turn in the direction you’re going. If this light is on in your car, it probably means this system is no longer turning – your actual headlights should be fine.

Airbag light 

4-Airbag and Seat Belt System
This light is important to get checked out. You want malfunctioning safety equipment in your vehicle about as much as you want fire ants in your vehicle.

5. Windshield Washer Fluid
Oddly enough, this indication light kind of looks like a happy monster with a savage underbite. Which is ironic, because a happy monster with an underbite really isn’t all that consequential, and neither is being low on windshield washer fluid. Just go to an AutoZone and buy some more, open up your hood, and refill it.

6. Anti-Lock Brake System
Anti-lock brakes keep your car from skidding whenever you hit the brake pedal – skidding is not an effective method of braking. If this light is on, there’s a problem with your braking system so don’t delay on this one.

 7. Automatic Gearbox
This light means that you have a problem with your automatic transmission. If this light comes on, you probably already know your transmission is messed up.

 8. Brake Lights
You’ve got a burned out brake light. Go get that replaced before you get pulled over for no reason.

9. Bulb Monitoring
You’ve got a burned out headlight. Replace it for obvious reasons.

 10. Electronic Stability
If this light is on, your car’s computer is no longer helping to keep the car stable when you turn. It’s still drivable, but we’d recommend you drive it straight to the shop. But before you do, make sure you didn’t accidentally turn off the traction control.

 11. Emissions Control
Also known as the check engine light, this could light could indicate a lot of different problems. You may have a bad oxygen sensor, a problem with your engine compression, or your gas cap may not be screwed on tight enough. The best thing to do is to go to the shop and get the issue diagnosed. There’s just no telling with this light.

12. Engine Oil Level
This light indicates that your oil levels are low. Either your vehicle is leaking oil, or you’re long overdue for an oil change.

People describe the warning lights in their car. We hear things like: “It looks like a stopwatch with an exclamation point in it.” Or, “it looks like a sideways taco with a squiggly line beside it.” So, to help out all our wonderful customers, we decided to write about the 13 most common car warning lights.

tire pressure monitor

13. Tire Pressure Monitoring
Last but not least, here’s a light many of us will be seeing as the winter months start to roll in. When the temperature drops, the air contracts and the pressure decreases. So, if you filled your tires up in the summer, you might be seeing this light before Christmas.

IF YOU you have N neutral light N flashing along with D drive , your transmission need service as soon as possible . problem with gearbox electronic system   Continue Reading →


We call our Earth as mother Earth, now our mother Earth is becoming a mummy. Destroying humans, as we destroyed earth daily in senseless act from polluting the ocean floors and seas, tot eh fracking and looking for oil and minerals, to air and water pollution, killing the animals in the name of sport and hunting, fish and wheal are dying by the thousands due to sound and noise pollution, China and other countries paying cash for African poachers to kill elephants rhino and many endanger animal to use them for food and aphrodisiac , while the sick corrupt government in Africa is turning a blind eye and sitting taken out tax money our hard earn cash in the name of humanitarian donation everyday ,with nothing to show in return . 

Earth is like a human body. It has 70% of water, 30% of mass. It’s very well organized, structured and balanced, just like us as we all creation of one GOD. God created everything from water and water with sand ( mud/ clay). so we are part earth and part water .

100,000’s of years back human had very good health, people were very stable in physical and mental health. People consumed food that was familiar and compatible to the body. All the organs in human body functioned normally. People were very happy, healthy and peaceful. No can food, No genetic engineered food ,no hormones pumped animal meet.

Now people have lost the stability in physical and mental health. Reason people consuming unhealthy physical and mental food, Creating lot of indigestion in the body and mind. All the organs in the body function in random and unpredictable way. With this instability people are losing health, peace and happiness.

How about our Mother Earth?

Earth was very well organized, structured, and balanced with right amounts of organisms, nature, river, mountains and oceans. It was having all the seasons as expected and things were moving smoothly and softly. Nature was giving timely rain, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and food chain was working in a fantastic way.

Now with our technological advancement we have destroyed mountains, constructed mega structures, built reservoirs, destroyed forest, deeply digger mines, mega cities, and many more. Millions of fish  like salmon are dead and took with them lots of bear populations and other animal, the amazon forest have been burning and destroyed to build houses . We  have disturbed the balance of Earth, destroyed food chain, moved mass from one place to other. With these unscientific operations, we  have imbalanced natural process. So, effect is; Earthquake, Tsunami, Storms, Tornado, higher temperatures, freezing temperatures, and so on is an effect of rebalancing of Earth, Earth don’t know who is human, who is animal, who is insect, and so on. Earth work on Charles Darwin formula “struggle for existence” to keep herself alive, it can kill millions in one shot. Continue Reading →

EVP in the perceptual research lab is pareidolia and pseudoscience

68% of Americans believe in the paranormal .These beliefs have spawned thousands of groups dedicated to investigating paranormal phenomena and a proliferation of ghost hunting entries  in the reality television market. Anecdotal evidence even suggests that ghost-hunting reality shows have increased public openness  to paranormal research, which usually entails a small group traipsing through reportedly haunted locales at night with various ghost-hunting technologies.

Audio recorders figure prominently in paranormal researchers’ toolkits . Microphones capture ambient sounds during the investigation. Later, the audio recordings are scoured in search of messages from spirits. The premise is that audio recording devices can register otherwise inaudible communications from discarnate entities. Continue Reading →