Are we in control

Are we in control? And if so where is God in this picture?When a jury finds a defendant guilty of a crime or a tribunal disciplines a doctor for malpractice, we tacitly assume that the blameworthy party had a good awareness of their actions and the outcomes that ensued.  

We always assume things because there are many fake and false stories and many good actors who get away with crime because they have a good lawyer who can make you believe that his client is suffering from delusions caused by stress, depression and mental illness. Continue Reading →

Food that cure and Antioxidants

TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING? Food that cure and Antioxidants .
It’s hard to get too many antioxidants from the food you eat. That isn’t the case, however, for those in supplement form. Too much beta-carotene may raise your lung cancer risk if you smoke. Too much vitamin E could make you more likely to get prostate cancer or have a stroke. These products can also change the way certain medicines work. Tell your doctor about any you take to make sure they don’t get in the way of your medication. Continue Reading →

How your brain is handling the pandemic?

How your brain is handling the pandemic? In record numbers, Americans are anxious, worried, sleep-deprived, distracted, and depressed. The China virus pandemic’s triple whammy of an invisible and omnipresent threat (coronavirus infection), profound disruptions in daily life, and uncertainty for the future has thrust many people into a chronic, high-stress state that is, let’s just say, less than optimal for rational thinking or any other sort of higher-order cognitive functioning.

While the Covid-19 pandemic rages on worldwide, the immediate mental health impact of this collective trauma is coming into focus even as the outlook for long-term psychological effects remains considerably fuzzier. People are suffering with Covid stress, covid anxiety , covid depression and covid anger ,fighting each others , pointing fingers, reduce trust in the government and health authorities who changing their mind all the time making the people less trusted with what they say.

Are we experiencing a pandemic of mental illness? Much has been reported about the ill-termed “mental health pandemic” that seems to be surging through the U.S. and other countries in lockstep with lockdowns and the death, societal disruption, and economic devastation of the viral pandemic.

Many experts have sounded the alarm too late and in some areas too shallow, for an approaching tsunami of psychological maladies that could sink an already overburdened mental healthcare system. People are not used too seen their families less, not traveling, not gathering , not going to bars and movies , not going to the games, wedding and parties, this is the heart of American and Canadian way of living ,It is hard to adjust to new reality for them . They can’t find toilet papers in the store! What the F is going on as many says.

A growing cache of data seems to bear out those fears. One of the most recent, survey conducted in April and May, found a three-fold increase in depression since the pandemic began.

The researchers examined mental health problems relative to 13 pandemic-specific stressors, including loss of a job, death of someone close to you due to Covid-19, and financial problems (see box for full list). The more stressors people reported, the more likely they were to also report symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Other studies show similar rises. From April to June, the Census Bureau tracked anxiety and depression symptoms among Americans in weekly emergency surveys, finding a sharp rise in both.

In a Kaiser Family Foundation Health conducted in July, more than half of U.S. adults (53 percent) said worry and stress related to coronavirus has had a negative impact on their mental health, up from 39 percent in May.

A key question is whether, and to what degree, pandemic-related symptoms of anxiety and depression will progress into serious mental illness and increased rates of suicide and addiction, or if all this angst and gloom is more accurately seen as a normal adaptive response to the amped-up stress that many people are experiencing during Covid.

The evolving field of disaster mental health requires that practitioners (clinicians and indigenous helpers) work with individuals and whole communities in the field rather than in an office. 

Among the lessons it has taught us is that large-scale traumatic events such as 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina trigger immediate and persistent psychological symptoms in large swaths of the affected population. Continue Reading →

What is Stromme syndrome?

What is Stromme syndrome? Stromme syndrome is a very rare genetic condition. It affects multiple bodily systems and causes anomalies in the intestines, eyes, and skull.

It can also affect other areas of the body, such as the renal and cardiac systems.

Genetic mutations in the CENPF gene cause Stromme syndrome to occur. The CENPF gene is involved in DNA regulation and synthesis, so mutations to it can affect skeletal development.

Keep reading to learn more about Stromme syndrome, including its causes, symptoms, and outlook.


Stromme syndrome is a genetic condition.

Infants with Stromme syndrome are born with an incomplete intestine, ocular anomalies, and, in most cases, a smaller-than-average skull.

Norwegian pediatrician Petter Strømme and his associates first identified the syndrome. They did so based on two sisters born with:

jejunal, or intestinal, atresia, which refers to a partial or complete absence of the membrane connecting the small intestines to the abdominal wall
ocular anomalies, which are problems with the eyes
cranial anomalies, which are problems with how the skull forms or fuses together

In 2007, clinical geneticist Yolanda van Bever and associates proposed the name “Stromme syndrome” for the condition affecting infants born with similar clinical symptoms.


Genetic mutation to the CENPF gene cause Stromme syndrome.

This gene codes for centromere protein F. The position of this protein suggests that it plays a role in chromosome segregation.

Chromosome segregation occurs when two sister chromatids migrate to opposite poles of the cell nucleus after separating from each other.


3 symptoms  characterize Stromme syndrome. These are intestinal atresia, ocular anomalies, and cranial anomalies.

The following sections will look at these in more detail.

Intestinal atresia

One of the main symptoms of Stromme syndrome is jejunal, or intestinal, atresia. Infants with Stromme syndrome are born with intestinal atresia, which refers to the incomplete formation of part of the small intestine.

Intestinal atresia, also known as apple peel syndrome, causes a section of the small intestine to twist around the main artery that sends blood to the colon. This can cause blockages to the intestine.

Ocular anomalies

Infants born with Stromme syndrome tend to have underdeveloped eyes and a variety of eye anomalies. These may include:

Sclerocornea: This is an eye abnormality wherein the cornea blends with the white outer layer of the eyeball, causing there to be no clear-cut boundary between them.
Microphthalmia: This is a condition wherein one or both of the eyes are unusually small.
Microcornea: This is a condition wherein one or both of the corneas are unusually small.
Ptosis: This refers to the drooping or falling of the upper eyelid.
Epicanthus: This refers to a fold of skin on the upper eyelid that covers the inner corner of the eye.

Cranial anomalies

Another common symptom of Stromme syndrome is the presence of cranial anomalies. Infants with Stromme syndrome are likely to have microcephaly .This is a condition that causes an infant to have a much smaller head than usual.

However, not all infants with Stromme syndrome have microcephaly. Some infants with this condition have a typical head circumference.

Other complications

One report states that some infants born with Stromme syndrome have accompanying issues with their renal and cardiac systems.


Healthcare professionals may diagnose Stromme syndrome by observing the infant’s symptoms. However, performing genetic testing can provide full confirmation of the presence of Stromme syndrome.

Sometimes, it is possible to diagnose intestinal atresia before birth. Healthcare professionals can do this during a prenatal ultrasound or fetal MRI scan.

They can also make a diagnosis after birth if the common symptoms of intestinal atresia are present. These symptoms include:

abdominal swelling
absence of bowel movements
failure to thrive
feeding difficulties
vomiting bile

Healthcare professionals can also observe any cranial and ocular anomalies via an ultrasound or MRI scan before birth. Continue Reading →

Vital Reds Review – 14 Things You Need to Know

Vital Reds Review – 14 Things You Need to Know
By Summer Banks FNS, SPT, Danielle Omar, RDN, MS
(expert review)
 Fact Checked | Overview | Claims | Ingredients | Effectiveness | Side Effects | Bottom Line | Vital Reds Alternatives | Q&A

Vital Reds is a concentrated drink powder that promises “higher energy levels, better digestion, and healthier-looking skin.” Vital Reds has a formula that is largely proprietary, which means exact amounts are unknown. Plus, with over fifty ingredients in this powdered supplement, are you getting that much of anything in it with the recommended one scoop per day?

Our research team went straight into the ingredients and tried to find evidence to support their claims. We then researched the side effects – this supplement claims to have none- and we needed to make sure. Finally, we got into the scientific research behind this product. Does it actually work? You’re going to want to read what we found. Continue Reading →

Wellness 101: A Teacher’s Guide To Surviving COVID-19

Wellness 101: A Teacher’s Guide To Surviving COVID-19 “I am constantly communicating and definitely out of school hours—serving as the parents’ therapist, kids’ teacher, and full support system,” says the 25-year-old elementary teacher working remotely for a middle school.

“Work takes up about 95% of my life,” adds a 45-year-old elementary school teacher who is teaching both in-school and remotely while also juggling the responsibilities of being a wife and a mother. “The other 5% is making dinner, doing laundry, and staying in touch with friends and family.”

“My husband is a daily reminder that I am neglecting my family due to long work hours,” says another teacher. “Also, I had to take my own child to daycare—knowing that the pandemic is still out there and real—just to be able to work at home without noise.

I think it is unfair because my child is not immune to the disease, yet the district expects teachers to be online and virtual, putting our own family at risk daily to complete their online priorities all day long. It has taken a mental toll on me. I stress over my child daily, and these work hours have made me tired. At times I just want to quit my job. I’m so stressed out daily.”

Most of the teachers who responded to our survey say they are either married or living with a significant other. But even single teachers are having a difficult time managing their jobs and their personal lives.

“During the week, I don’t really have a personal life because there is a lot to do once I am home,” says a 25-year-old single middle school teacher. “I try to keep Saturday as a day of rest, but Sunday afternoons and evenings are dedicated to preparing for the upcoming week.”
Improving Their Work/Life Balance

Suddenly changing from a traditional in-person school to one that is entirely or partly virtual can be more time consuming because you’re learning an entirely new way of teaching. Add in family responsibilities, and it can be exhausting. Here are some tips on how to make time for both work and yourself. 

Separate “work” and “play” spaces. Assigning a space within your home dedicated entirely to work can help you stay focused when working remotely. And, it’s a space you can walk out of at the end of your workday to help you literally walk away from the stress of your job.
Believe in the value of what you’re doing. It’s more difficult to reap the benefits of your work when your students are virtual. But teachers change students’ lives every day even if you don’t realize it. In fact, you may never know the full impact of your good work. You just have to have faith in what you are doing.
The same thing goes with family. You may never hear your child thank you for the meal you whipped up in your limited spare time or the dinner you ordered to be delivered.
But your child will remember how you cared for them even during the most challenging times, and so will your students. Don’t lose sight of the important role you play in their lives each and every day.
Learn to say no. You can try, but you can’t do everything. Say you’ve always been a stickler for assigning homework every night of the week, but now you’re too overwhelmed to check it regularly.
Or, you have always made time at night to cook for the family, but now you feel too rushed. Perhaps it’s time to scale back on one or the other. It doesn’t make you a bad teacher or a bad parent. It makes you human. So learn to say no to things that make you feel like you have bitten off more than you can chew and remember for every “no” you say, you give back time to yourself.  
Job Satisfaction & COVID-19 

 There are times teaching can feel like a thankless job. Teaching during the coronavirus pandemic is no different and, in some cases, maybe worse. Many teachers have that their concerns about returning to in-person school aren’t being heard. This has taken a toll on teachers’ overall job satisfaction. 

Our survey found that 68% of teachers feel less satisfied with their jobs than they did before the pandemic. At least a third of them report feeling “significantly less satisfied.” 

“I’m always drained. I feel like I’m failing like a teacher. I just feel blah all the time,” says one teacher. “I’ve thought about changing my career more than I ever have.”

“I feel more stressed and anxious about everything—the state of the world, exposure to the virus, and my work. I feel added stress teaching under a microscope, parents who are not understanding, administrators that are not supportive or understanding, students that are falling between the cracks. It all weighs too heavy on my heart and mind.”

But there are some silver linings to the COVID-19 cloud. “I’m talking to parents all hours of the day and on weekends,” says a 28-year-old elementary school teacher working remotely for a Title I school that serves mostly low-income families. “I actually feel more connected to my parents this year than ever before.”

The pandemic has also been a wake-up call to parents, giving them a much better perspective of the challenges teachers face teaching the younger generation. “I’m glad more and more people are recognizing what teachers do in terms of instruction and learning,” wrote Gretchen Weber, Vice President of Policy, Practice, and Systems Change for the American Institutes for Research, one of the world’s largest behavioral and social science research and evaluation organizations. “If ever there was a year to make Teacher Appreciation Week the biggest celebration ever, this is the year.”

The Takeaway 

Finally, we asked teachers to tell us what is weighing most on their minds during this stressful time. Many express concern and compassion for their students. 

“My students balance more responsibilities than any fifth graders I know. Because [my students] are at home, grownups are asking them to be babysitters, caregivers, parents, money makers, and students all at once,” one teacher says.
“When they come off mute to share, I can hear how distracting the workspace they are in is. Many of my students have babies bouncing on their laps during class or have to make food for siblings.”

Another teacher says, “I am definitely more worried about my students now. I go above and beyond for them in the virtual setting. I know this is part of the reason I work so much and I am stressed. But I feel obligated to make sure they are OK more often now because their mental health is important, too. I definitely have the mindset that their mental health is more important than my own.”

And, they feel frustrated with the lack of support on many levels.

“The political climate is a huge factor with the constant miscommunication, misdirection, lack of national leadership. These have had a huge impact on the school and therefore on my teaching,” one teacher says.
“The lack of a unified approach that is science-based and the fact that funding that was promised and not delivered has made providing for the students a major issue. I find myself spending much more of my personal funds to provide basic supplies and needs for myself and my students at the school.”

But beyond it all, there is a guiding light that gives them strength. As one teacher says, “We’re all in this together.”  

COVID-19 has rewritten the syllabus of our lives. It has changed up our routines and upended our expectations. Whether educating students behind a mask, in person at a social distance or virtually from a computer screen, teachers have stepped up to the challenge. We know some of you have done so tepidly, concerned for your health and the health of your family. We see you, and we applaud you for stepping into the unknown. 

If there is a positive spin in all of this, it’s that COVID-19 has changed perspectives. Parents now see and appreciate the extraordinary efforts educators make to reach our children and the passion that drives them every day. Even students have come to appreciate the educational and social importance of school. 

We hope that teachers see that we care, take time to care for themselves, and reach out to other teachers going through the same challenges. As one teacher in our survey says—and we couldn’t agree more: “We’re all in this together.” 

Printout: Teacher Survey Data
Teacher Survey Infographi
Sleep and Stress

Learn why stress is keeping you up at night and how to reclaim your sleep.

Sleep and Anxiety

We’ve all spent nights staring at the ceiling, wishing we could cast off into a deep sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, it’s a good chance that anxiety has something to do with it.

Benefits of Weighted Blankets

If you’ve ever wondered whether a weighted blanket could help you mitigate anxiety symptoms or encourage a deeper snooze, this comprehensive guide is just what you need

Dr. Sabrina Romanoff

Dr. Sabrina Romanoff specializes in issues related to relationships, work/academic stress, and life transitions. She finalized her clinical psychology doctoral training at Harvard Medical School/Cambridge Health Alliance and completed her post-doctoral fellowship at Northwell Health/Lenox Hill Hospital. Continue Reading →

Many mentally challenged and dangerous immigrants

Many mentally challenged and dangerous immigrants brought to Canada, we ask why? Canadians should sue the immigration minister and Canada officials who bring those people with so many mental issues from bipolarism, psychosis , schizophrenia, to many other problems here to Canada and we the taxpayers pay the bills under humanity and human rights .  Many of those people come specifically from India, punjab,Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Jordan, Eastern Europe and China. Then they have anxiety and depression in this cold country with long winter and kill people , beheaded them in greyhound bus , rape children , paedophile behaviour , so called honour killing, killing people with cars and drive overtime then the court release them due to mental issues back to the street. Or some go to spend time in 5 star hotel called canada prison with everything paid from schooling to food to finishing a degree ! enough is enough and stop bringing those  people here  without screening , we are sick and tired and it is not fair for the rest of indians, punjabis, and middleastren people who are good and work hard and have great personality but people here look at the bad apple, and the retarded person and then judge all the same.

said a person from the community. Zaineddin Al Aalak (inset) was charged with second-degree murder and committing an indignity to a body in connection with the death of his father, whose body was discovered at a construction site in Okotoks. AL CHAREST/POSTMEDIA

A Calgary man accused of killing his father and dumping his remains at an Okotoks construction site made a brief appearance in a Calgary courtroom Thursday morning.

Zaineddin Al Aalak is charged with second-degree murder and committing an indignity to a body in connection with the death of his father, whose body was discovered Monday.

Hiking dinosaur goes to great heights for Calgary Food Bank

Thursday morning, the 21-year-old appeared briefly in a Calgary courtroom via CCTV from the remand centre. The matter was put over for another month.

Police believe an altercation that occurred at Al Aalak’s Acadia home ultimately led to the death of his father, whose body was discovered at the construction site on the D’Arcy Ranch golf course.

Officers were first called to the accused’s home late Monday afternoon for a check on welfare call. 

Police returned the next day “to ask more questions and to connect some dots,” said Calgary police acting Insp. Paul Wozney, and Al Aalak was eventually arrested and charged.

The name of the accused’s 53-year-old father has not officially been confirmed by authorities.

A former high school classmate and friend of Al Aalak from Hamilton, Ont., said he was “shocked” when he learned about the charges.

“He never came across as violent whatsoever,” said the friend, who asked not to be identified. 

Social media accounts appearing to belong to the accused clearly indicated his passion for martial arts.

Al Aalak followed several mixed martial arts fighters on social media and appeared to maintain his own Facebook page promoting himself as an MMA athlete.

Zaineddin Al Aalak on trial for 2nd-degree murder in 2017 death of his father Mohamed Continue Reading →

My mother Holy book and the black stone

My mother Holy book and the black stone; Without light, you slowly rotten from the inside, without God you allow the dark energy to seep into your body and it will reflect on your behaviour as a human. You do not notice it at first because the evil one work silently and relentlessly to coarse your spirit by getting you in his darkness.

Your brain and mind knows the truth and you have a choice to decide but you always follow the temptation and ignore the obvious and the danger, you let it go until it is too late. Then you will be noticing the change in your personality with increasing temperament, anger, fear, lack of patience, greed, lies, negative disrespectful personality, driven to lust and self destructive behaviors.

Leaving those who truly love you and care for you because you think that there is no romance and sparks, there is no chemistry and common interests between you and it is all the work of the devil to distant you away from the good people toward lust and self destruction.

The created universe is made of 68 % of dark energy, and 27% of dark matters their power lies in their ability to go unnoticed, like the black halls. The stars, suns, moons and all other planets make about 5% of the seen universe and the human been make  about 0.03% and that is a scientific fact.

Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%.

Males of average height have about 4 grams of iron in their body, females about 3.5 grams.

Heavier elements were mostly produced much later, inside of stars. Hydrogen and helium are estimated to make up roughly 74% and 24% of all baryonic matter in the universe respectively.

Considering that this is a nuclear physics discussion, you might have guessed that the answer comes from the nuclear properties of iron. It happens that iron, and its closest neighbors, have the largest “binding energy” out of the 7000 different Isotopes.

Binding energy is simply the amount of energy we need to give to the atomic nucleus to break it apart into the protons and neutrons it’s made of. High binding energy means it’s harder to break this nucleus; it simply prefers to stay the way it is. On the other hand, a nucleus with low binding energy will be easily transformed into a different nuclear species, a different isotope or even a different element. In nature, this translates into having more of a particular type of element (high binding energy) and less of another (low binding energy).

Iron and its neighbors (elements between 22-30) occupy the top 38 places in the binding-energy ranking  . And this basic nuclear property affects the stellar processes that create elements in the Universe. As a result, the heaviest stars will create an iron core in their centers, but never go beyond that. A lot of the stellar processes will end around iron, and therefore matter accumulates in the form of iron or its neighbors.

I think that the dark energy and dark matters in the universe are a small mini / microscopic sub particles I called (VACUUM PARTICLES) smaller than helium.

When you turn on the light in your room the darkness disappears at once, the darkness do not stay and go slowly but it will go away. That’s why in the presence of God and his angels the darkness and the devil will be gone; otherwise they will be dead and destroyed.

When the light switched off the source of that energy is gone but the light photons and the energy of that light still linger on, it loses energy and they become invisible light I called it dark energy.

This dark energy almost 2 third of the universe is telling me that once the 2 third of the angels who are light fought and defeated ,those who followed the devil which was third of the angels ( falling angels) and that the dark matters was a result of the defeated negative energy.

I believe that one day human will discover that most of the dark energy is positive energy and dark light, darkened photons. And that the most of dark matter are in fact a negative energy sub particles. Some of those particles can turn on and off from positive to negative and vise versa. ( Steve Ramsey)

I had a dream once back in 1973 ,I dreamt that 2 angels came to me holding my hands one from each hand pulling me nicely and telling me that God want to talk to you . I was so afraid I told them please leave me but they took me and I saw a large cloud in the sky came and stood over us and then God spoke from behind the clouds and told me WHY I LEFT MY PRAYERS AND MY WORSHIP TO HIM? The sound was an amazing power with light and thunder coming from the cloud.

How you know God that I left my prayers? (I did stopped and quiet my worship and prayers to him for a while at that time).

I know everything, I see and hear everything, and the voice answered me.

Then they asked me to go back, so I ran so fast and jumped a fence and hide under a tree. When I look up at the tree I saw golden apples so I took one and put it in my pocket and kept going in this new garden.

My dad told me that it is my guilt and subconscious mind trying to tell you that I did something wrong and that I must go back to the prayers. My mother told me God truly can speak to us in a dream or other ways and she believe that it is God who said that. So went back to my prayers and worship until this day.

I asked my Mom how about the fence and the golden apple, she said jumping a fence means that I will travel and leave my country which I did and immigrated to Canada.

The golden apple she said it indicates success, and bountiful rewards are, apple also is a test of our faith, as Adam and Eve was tempted by it. Gold is glitter of life, and the jumping fence also means that I will pass my test and overcome all obstacles, my mother said. She was great dreams analyzer and she helps me to become one too.

In time I did overcome my Anxiety, fear, and self-doubt when I moved to Canada and started from scratch, learned the language and gained the experience and all the degrees I wanted to get and accomplished my dreams. Every time I feel sad and lonely I remember my mother and her advice, her protection and guidance and it made feel better and push back the dark forces as hope ,love and kindness is part of the positive light that push all the dark energy that overwhelm our thoughts and cloud our thinking .

I remembered my mother room and her small side table where she used to put her Holy book on the top and small dark stone in the second shelf. She used to say that the holy book is God light, God words, and the dark stone is represent our bad deeds ,our heart of stone ,and she reminded me that we must always go with the light ,and avoid the devil so we don’t be like him . In time about few years the dark stone became little white in color!

I asked my mother where is the dark stone. She said still in the same place!

No mom, this is white stone! I am looking for the dark one. My mother said after many days of prayers and worshipping God I hold the stone and send blessing to it, as the stone is part of God creation too.

In time when God accept your worship his blessings spells over everything and change it, that when you know you are increased in faith and you are in God side when you start changing yourself to be good things around you change too. Continue Reading →