Haunting Matters: Demonic Infestation in Northern Europe, 1400-1600

Haunting Matters: Demonic Infestation in Northern Europe, 1400-1600
Rex Delno Barnes III
A profound concern with demonic spirits was central to a large body of literature from the Latin
Middle Ages and early modern period. This dissertation will show the ways in which learned
writings about demons reveal insights into the cultural and intellectual history of fifteenth- and
sixteenth-century western Europe. In particular, an interest in how and in what (visible or invisible)
form demonic beings afflicted humanity emerged as larger issues of theological debate from
approximately 1400-1600 CE. As I will demonstrate, orthodox theologians maintained that
demons existed solely as fallen angels, and that they were the primary culprits of myriad haunting
phenomena (e.g., visible apparitions, unsettling movements, and wayward sounds and feelings).
In rebellion against the Christian divinity, these wicked spirits were consistently associated with
sinful behavior, temptation, and illusory tricks. At the same time, vernacular and folk storytelling
suggest that fallen angels were but one of many possible spiritual creatures inhabiting the cosmos.
Rather than a strict binary between good and evil spirits, many instantiations of spiritual creatures
resisted and survived alongside ecclesiastical teachings on the subject. Informed by multiple
overlapping traditions, the premodern Christian imaginary perceived a world filled with invisible
agents of both benevolent and malevolent intentions, as well as other ethereal forces with moral
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These Occult Exorcists Say the Catholic Church Makes Demons Worse

Before you seek a demonologist please ask a clinical psychologist as 99% of the time it is mental issues,
behavior and personnel disorders, and when you check the physical part then we can go step 2 to the spiritual attack. I investigated more than 1200 cases and I can tell you that most of them 99% was not demonic entities but psychological
problem ,so please seek a psychologist first ,cail worker, ask your doctor first to refer you to one so the government pay for it.
These Occult Exorcists Say the Catholic Church Makes Demons Worse
If the person in need of an exorcism isn’t a Christian, then why do you have to call a Catholic priest? You dont have to be ordained , the devil do not give a damn about your qualifications and registrations, degrees and your knowledge he fear your faith the real faith in true one God , the God of abraham and no one else. 

If you are hindus or buddhists, unbeliever or pray to stones and cows etc  nothing will help you as it has no logic until

you change your way and come back to abraham faith and believe in one God. for  the muslims and jwish they do have

their own method to get rid of demons they call it the Roqeya beside other names and it work for them.

The muslim roqeya actually work so perfect it will burn the bad demon s and get rid of them for good if the followers keep on the path and follow the guidelines. The demon want you to trust that there are 3 gods or trinity and he lies to you so when he scare you then force you to use the trinity and other Gods then he make himself leaves to make you believe in the trinity so you commit the greatest sin by making other Gods beside him to worship , he knows that jesus is not God and that he is not his son but he mislead you to do that and then think that what you done it work and then it must be true. Continue Reading →

Nothing in this life is by accident or coincidence

Nothing in this life is by accident or coincidence, everything is related and calculated to be in the exact place in the exact time .Seen things ,items, pets, animal, feathers, color , clouds for the non sensitive they are a normal biological, geological, and meaningless everyday science facts that they see and if someone tell them about the inner meaning they will tell them that you are crazy or this is just a chance. So what it is the meaning if you see white entity and feathers .    Continue Reading →


بدءت الحكاية قبل 360 عام قبل الميلاد عندما قام تلميذ سقراط اللامع ارستوكليس بن ارستون والمعرف باسم افلاطون بوصف مدينة اقرب ماتكون الى الخيال تتمتع بتقنية عالية وحكومة متطورة وشعب … Continue Reading →