Wildlife Need Your Help

 Wildlife Need Your Help; You can donate to your wildlife in Alberta ,or at your city and province to help all kind of animal, birds, land and sea creatures . Try to make bird houses study about birds and how to help them in winter time , what to do etc. I help more than 300 common sparrows, dozen of blue jays , wood pickers , robins and more than 25 different bird species a day. I also help to keep the bees safe until next spring it is fun ,kind to do and you feel great.    Continue Reading →

Aliens looking animals

Everything about ANGLERFISH  is bizarre. There are more than 200 species—including BLACK DEVILS, DEEP SEAS black devils , and humpback and some have only been recently documented . The females attract prey Alfalfa -style, via a lure sticking out of their heads that contains bioluminescent bacteria   Continue Reading →

Steve Ramsey, PhD. A scientific Paranormal Expert & Investigator

Steve Ramsey, PhD. paranormal EXPERT AND INVESTIGATOR  My service is free. Covering Calgary ,Okotoks and south Alberta. WWW.MOLEOPEDIA.COM  drsteveramsey@gmail.com scientific method used for the investigation  including the EVP, EMF, checking … Continue Reading →