Can I Be a Psychic Medium Too?

By our senior  team member- psychic expert Katherien Lundin

Intuition is an instinct – a natural innate skill of knowing and understanding that one has no
conscious reasoning. Everyone has intuition, however the ability, awareness and
responsiveness is different. Intuition is a dimmer switch of varied levels of brightness not a light
switch – we can not turn this off and we can not make the light shiner brighter.
We can learn to tune our own dimmer switch- trusting and embracing the light within ones
Yes, we can learn to trust our guts so to speak and to be open to the signs and
synchronicities that are available to us all; we can not make what is not there appear. There are
many within the spiritual industry that will tell you differently and the fee as well as the levels of
disappointment can and do vary when one can not tap into their intuition at the level of their
Many who have psychic and or medium abilities have had them since childhood and these
gifts have been passed through their lineage.
One sign of an intuitive or psychic child is the childhood invisible friends and or those that
feel there is something or someone there, perhaps talking with their late grandma Eva and or
even being afraid of the witch under their bed.
Through time, new peers and conscious awareness a gifted child can begin to close
themselves to this world and than later in life their dimmer switch appears to be out of control
causing a so called spiritual awakening.
Learning to trust your own specific signs and synchronicities as well as instincts, intuition
and the way messages are received is very important in one’s pursuit of spiritual awareness and
We can learn to trust and tap into our abilities by committing to a practice of self love,
mediation, embrace of nature and gratitude.
Learning about your individual lineage and ancestral gifts, signs, superstitions and practices
as well truly trusting that there is something greater than ones self that is guiding you.
One can also seek a mentor that is ethical and true to help guide in the tuning of your
individual gifts, as intuition, psychic ability and mediumship is not a one size fits all and has
varying degrees and methods of translation.
So , the answer to, “Can you be a psychic medium too?” Maybe, this is depending on your
definition as well as the gifts you possess and if you are open to them as they are.
As they are meaning if for example you are gifted in playing the piano – one can learn to tune
this instrument and yes maybe learn another instrument but we must first learn the piano and
trust that the music played by ones piano is true.

Katherien Lundin