BIOFIELD IMAGING technology to detect health issue and attachments

Great photos mean more accurate biofield information
Getting a good photo means you get a more accurate idea of what someone’s biofield (or light field) is really like. We’ve got a great guide on our website which gives you practical advice on what cameras you can use. There are also lots of tips for setting up your scanning area. 
Click on image below to see guide or use the following link
There’s still time if you want to take advantage of our special offer on Biofield Imager (BFI) Buy one get one FREE, so that you can set up BFI on two computers. Imager is a great way to get into biofield imaging by processing images and photos you have on your computer.

To purchase, click on the Buy Now button on our Biofield Imager page. When you buy one we’ll send the second Licence Key automatically with the first key (until 31st October 2020 when the offer ends).

NOTE: If you want to look at the light/energy in real-time video then you’ll need Biofield Reader which retails at £499(GBP)

Do contact us if you have any queries. We are always happy to help.

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Jane Solomon
BSc (Hons) Acupuncture
BA (Hons) Humanities
Jane has over 30 years nursing experience

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