I am Trying to make sense of translation, the universe, the atoms and everything in cosmos as a brainstorming to make sense of the creation around me and why people questions the holy books when it comes to science and creations.

71- SURAT NOAH in the holy book of Quran

It contains as you see number 7 & number 1. You can read allot about the miracle of number 7 from Dr Jamal Al Habbal, M.D

You can read more about this subject in his blog.

Number one is the sign of God is one and the only creator no one else share with him the creation of this universe; he made different angels to serve him for different reasons and aspects. This sura talks about Noah and his people who committed sins and followed the devil in every way they could and rejected God message.

The middle of the sura is number 14 talking about the stages of human creation. First aya is warning to the people of Noah.

Allah doesn’t said: “And made the moon a light in their midst”, He said: “And made the moon -therein- a light” [71: 16]. He didn’t say that he put the moon in the middle or the centre, that’s wrong English translation .As God say exactly within and therein not in the middle.

Just like the moon split, the split that God talking about not the moon divided to 2 pieces as I explained it in my you tube it when God split the moon into the dark side and the reflect the sun side as the earth face one side only and exact we don’t see the black side of the moon at all even that the earth and the moon are turning and that happened about 250,000 years ago when the moon got stable and there for the light side of the moon face the earth. All the hadith that been told are fake and lies about the prophet as he didn’t say any of the moon split to 2 parts and someone in India saw it etc…

  • Now those people who don’t understand Arabic and don’t understand the Quran language say this
  • 71:15 “Allah has created the seven heavens, one above another”
  • 37:6 “We have indeed decked the lowest heaven with an adornment, the star.”
  • 71:15 “See ye not how Allah has created the seven heavens, one above another,”
  • 71:16 “And made the moon a light in their midst, and made the sun as a (Glorious) lamp?” [transl.: Yusuf Ali]

Therefore: If the stars deck the lowest of the seven heavens, and the moon is in the midst of the seven heavens, then the moon is higher than the stars.

As you see from the question who used the Quran and say that God said he puts the moon in the middle, it is very stupid, wrong and lie as I know the Arabic language and that not what the verse said, God said Feehinna, and this word means among them if he said baynahunna then it will mean between. The word for midst, midst centre is = marakaz, wassat, wassatahunna, and that didn’t happen; God didn’t say any of these words. So I wish that those who don’t understand the text and the language to shut their pie hall.

  Let us go back to Surat Noah. In the Arabic language pronunciations

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem 

  1. Innaaa arsalnaa Noohan ilaa qawmihee an anzir qawmaka min qabli any yaatiyahum ‘azaabun aleem
  2. Qaala yaa qawmi innee lakum nazeerum mubeen
  3. Ani’-budul laaha watta qoohu wa atee’oon
  4. Yaghfir lakum min zunoobikum wa yu’akhkhirkum ilaaa ajalim musammaa; innaa ajalal laahi izaa jaaa’a laa yu’akhkhar; law kuntum ta’lamoon
  5. Qaala rabbi innee da’awtu qawmee lailanw wa naharaa
  6. Falam yazid hum du’aaa ‘eee illaa firaaraa
  7. Wa inee kullamaa da’awtuhum litaghfira lahum ja’alooo asaabi’ahum fee aazaanihim wastaghshaw siyaabahum wa asaarroo wastakbarus tikbaaraa
  8. Summa innee da’aw tuhum jihaara
  9. Summaa inneee a’lantu lahum wa asrartu lahum israaraa
  10. Faqultus taghfiroo Rabakum innahoo kaana Ghaffaaraa
  11. Yursilis samaaa’a ‘alaikum midraaraa
  12. Wa yumdidkum bi am waalinw wa baneena wa yaj’al lakum Jannaatinw wa yaj’al lakum anhaaraa
  13. Maa lakum laa tarjoona lillaahi waqaaraa
  14. Wa qad khalaqakum at waaraa
  15. Alam taraw kaifa khalaqal laahu sab’a samaawaatin tibaaqaa
  16. Wa ja’alal qamara feehinna nooranw wa ja’alash shamsa siraajaa
  17. Wallaahu ambatakum minal ardi nabaataa
  18. Summa yu’eedukum feehaa wa ukhrijukum ikhraajaa
  19. Wallaahu ja’ala lakumul arda bisaataa
  20. Litaslukoo minhaa subulan fijaajaa
  21. Qaala Noohur Rabbi innahum ‘asawnee wattaba’oo mal lam yazid hu maaluhoo wa waladuhooo illaa khasaara
  22. Wa makaroo makran kubbaaraa
  23. Wa qaaloo laa tazarunna aalihatakum wa laa tazarunna Waddanw wa laa Suwaa’anw wa laa Yaghoosa wa Ya’ooqa wa Nasraa
  24. Wa qad adalloo kasee ranw wa laa tazidiz zaalimeena illaa dalaalaa
  25. Mimmaa khateee’ aatihim ughriqoo fa udkhiloo Naaran falam yajidoo lahum min doonil laahi ansaaraa
  26. Wa qaala Noohur Rabbi laa tazar ‘alal ardi minal kaafireena daiyaaraa
  27. Innaka in tazarhum yudil loo ‘ibaadaka wa laa yalidooo illaa faajiran kaffaaraa
  28. Rabbigh fir lee wa liwaa lidaiya wa liman dakhala baitiya mu’minanw wa lil mu’mineena wal mu’minaati wa laa tazidiz zaalimeena illaa tabaaraa

Our universe is made of matter, energy, and data. Maters are compacted energy. This is a common misunderstanding of one of Einstein’s most-abused equations. Just because I can describe the energy content of a photon as being equivalent to a mass, does mean that all matter *is* energy. This is open for discussion. As data must be part of this equation .Too small to find out in a lab yet.

 So we can say our universe is made of energy and data. An atom contains quarks, gluons, photons, positrons, neutrons, electrons, and other smaller nano atom still not discovered yet. All which are moving around in different directions, with different speed and so on. In fact the way that particles are moving results in formation of different materials in the universe. So, it can be concluded the universe is made of the movement of particles. But the particles have different speed, directions and so on.

A data behind the matter and energy direct and control the movement of particles in an atom. Where does this data come from? We call it the wahey, it is God particle, a code that God put into each atom he created and in human he called it a soul.

The soul of the atom and matter is the data. These data cannot be destroyed just like the energy it cannot be destroyed , God created them , and human cannot creates or destroyed energy, it changes to different form such as heat, electricity, electromagnetic, light, radio waves, infra and ultrasound, infra red and ultraviolet lights and so on​ ​Most of the universes are made of atom not all. Atoms in different materials are not originally different.

The difference is in the movement of particles. For example an atom on the surface of the Sun is as like as an atom in one of your hair. Also, an atom on the Sun has all the data of an atom in one of your hair and also all data of all atoms in the universe. So: Microcosmic = macrocosmic? May be​ ​the world of an atom = all the universe​ ​Seven heavens = all data

Where does this data come from?

They are originated from a unique consciousness which is controlling the universe. We called it the ​W​ahey, as God made it very clear to the BEES; he made the wahey to the bees, spiders, ants and all the creatures so they will know what to do, how to build and survive, the date is imprinted in their DNA and genes.

Can science see these data; the answer is NO, not now. As the human soul no one can find out the data of this soul and the makeup of it , so in all other creatures it is God secret in this universe and when the human think that they are very close to find out ( wajaha amrona ) God said in the Quran that God will make the science so advance that human one day think that they almost figuring out this data the soul, but God will crush them with disaster and make it the end of this universe to them.

God mention that if you kill one person / take one soul , you are in fact taken all the souls and killing all the community ,it is relativity but that’s mean if we are killing = deleting one soul = one data we are killing other data like domino effect . Creating what I call the butterfly effect phenomena, where a small action can creates a larger and larger action. It is like the micro black hall it is enough to destroy earth and all the solar system with one single small micro nano black hall, that’s why no one can make it here in earth , the scientists are trying to created in a lab but this is not a black hall and not even close.

If matter (sic) is ‘compacted’ energy, then where does charge come from? The effects of static electricity are explained by a physical quantity not previously introduced, called electric charge.

There are only two types of charge, one called positive and the other called negative.

Like charges repel, whereas unlike charges attract.

The force between charges decreases with distance.

Most energy is not pure only God is. That why he is the living light. Charge and sparks are facts of matter as everything inside the atom moves and turn creates electricity and magnetic, hat or other form of energy it is the part of the information we are talking about.

How can a particle have non-integer spin if it is made from integer spin bosons?

We have to study the quantum mechanics and particle physics, spin is an intrinsic form of angular momentum carried by elementary particles composite particles of hadrons and atomic nuclei.

Spin is one of two types of angular momentum in quantum mechanics, the other being orbital angular momentum. The orbital angular momentum is the quantum mechanics is the quantum-mechanical counterpart to the classical angular momentum of orbital revolution and appears when there is periodic structure to its wave function as the angle varies.

The existence of spin angular momentum is inferred from experiments, for example the silver atoms were observed to possess two possible discrete angular momenta despite having no orbital angular momentum.

In some ways, spin is like a vector quantity: it has a definite magnitude, and it has a “direction” (but quantization makes this “direction” different from the direction of an ordinary vector).

All elementary particles of a given kind have the same magnitude of spin angular momentum, which is indicated by assigning the particle a spin quantum number

Imagine that the only things we know up to date and what God have put in these subatomic particles. Where the data located? Just like a strain of DNA, one day we will discover the data strain for each particle including the age of each particle and when it will be changed.

I wonder, is it some consequence of the spin-statistics theory that fermions have mass and travel slower than the speed of light?”

It seems as rather plausible to suggest that the spin of particle is the consequence of that particles are some close-loop cycled algorithms and so for any fundamental particle 4D spin is equal to 1; besides this spin always is directed along particles 4D momentum.

At that there are two types of particles – which have “rest mass” (T-particles) and which are “rest massless” (S-particles. The first are created by momentums having non-zero temporal component and so obligatorily move along 4-th coordinate of Matter’s [5]4D Euclidian space-time and so at 3D spatial rest the particle has spin=1 that is directed along t-axis.

But angular momentum  is defined for 3D space [not obligatory  Matter’s spacetime’s 3D space] and so for such particle must exist an additional spin, for example there can be simultaneously spins for sub-spaces (X,Y, [c]t) and (X,Y,Z) , the spins in this case are directed along ct and Z axes, both are equal to 1, and so sum of the spins can be more 1.

Nonetheless the 4D spin is equal to 1 when there must be some spatial projection even if a T-particle is at absolute rest and so moves with the speed of light along the ct-axis only. Thus by some way this problem is solved in Matter so that [fundamental] T-particles have spatial spin ½.

S-particles [for example – photons, possibly graviton] are created by purely 3D spatial momentums and so, rather possibly, they have unobservable “temporal” spin ½ and observable spatial spin 1.

If a T-particle moves with 3D spatial speed near speed of light, its “true”, i.e. “temporal” speed rotates with the particle’s 4D momentum, which is directed practically along some 3D spatial direction [of the motion] and so the spatial temporal spin becomes be observable as “particle’s helicity”. Since observed neutrinos that have very small masses had rather large energy and so very high speeds, the neutrinos’ spin and helicity are well measured at experiments.

Here seems are no links – in this case – between spin and statistics – the statistics are consequences of the spins ½ or 1 and not opposite.

Particles that consist of the fundamental particles can have essentially arbitrary spins, including 1 and be at that T- particle, but that are sums of spins of the components. In principle still there is a small possibility that a fermion (spin one half particle) may travel at the speed of light. In practice it is almost certain that all fermions have a mass.

The point is that from neutrino oscillations we get values of mass squared differences only, and from cosmology we get bounds on sum over mass eigenvalue.

Because there are three non-zero mass squared differences between three neutrino mass Eigen-values, there can still be “one” mass less state with zero mass eigenvalue

Atoms in general term includes all sub-particles such as boson, hadrons, and fermions and those also have other micro atoms such as photons, meson, glon, higgs, pions, kaons, baryons, leptons, protons, electron, neutrons, hutrion , and in the future another dozen of these sub atoms will be discovered . And if we look at objects that appear to be influenced by gravity, whatever dark matter is, it is more common than baryonic matter: probably.

Atoms in different materials are not originally different”

An atom of copper is very different from one of helium, but have same principle as it contains atoms with different numbers , spins speed , direction ,but the data in each are the same that God put in them to work together, bind , modified, alter and change shape to fit in the creation and evolution of new matter .

There are no atoms on the ‘surface’ (say, the photosphere) of the Sun – it’s too hot for electrons to be bound stably to protons. But it is still have energy of heat, light, photons, and other sub atom that science did not discover to this day.

Does the data of each energy, atom, and mass have to be the same, the soul of the matter? Same is a wide range of question it comes from the same source that I call the living light , the pure unseen soul or data it could be in a parallel to the atom itself . The speed of an atom sometimes is so fast it looks like not moving and still in the same place.

The arrow of time or Maxwell, Thomson and, Boltzmann entropy expresses the fact that in the world about us the past is distinctly different from the future. Milk spills but doesn’t unspill; eggs splatter but do not unsplatter; waves break but do not unbreak; we always grow older, never younger.

These processes all move in one direction in time – they are called “time-irreversible” and define the arrow of time. It is therefore very surprising that the relevant fundamental laws of nature make no such distinction between the past and the future.

This in turn leads to a great puzzle if the laws of nature permit all processes to be run backwards in time, why don’t we observe them doing so? Why does a video of an egg splattering run backwards look ridiculous? Put another way: how can time-reversible motions of atoms and molecules, the microscopic components of material systems, give rise to the observed time-irreversible behavior of our everyday world? The resolution of this apparent paradox is due to Maxwell, Thomson and (particularly) Boltzmann.

These ideas also explain most other arrows of time – in particular; why do we remember the past but not the future? That’s why I think if human can discover a time machine they only can make the machine to go forward in time and never ever backward, and those who go to the future will never be allowed or can go backward in time.

The entire universe is expanding and running, running where? Expanding to where this is the question? My answer is everything is going back to the first point of the big bang, to God himself .Just like when you twist the cone of spring or thread around an object and let you hand go you will see that the object will turn forward as fast as it can and then reach at a point when slowdown and get to stop then it turns backward, and keep doing this until its stop.

That’s why I think that the 7 heavens above each other it’s like a spiral desks over each other and all they span and going forward until one day it will reverse and all the skies and the universe will collapse to one disk, one sky, one heaven until God end it.

I think also we have to think out of the box and translate what God want to say in different way, metaphors, especially in terms such as “heavens,” “stars,” “Moon” and “Sun” have different meaning in the Scripture. That’s is well known in the bible and the Quran , when Joseph ( yousef) told his father Jacob his dream and that he saw 11 planets , the sun and the moon . And if you read the verses you will find that at the end God made his dream come true when his 11 brothers and his mother and father were all gathered so all the 12 brothers give respect to Jacob and his wife.

He uses the ward kawkab and in Arabic means planets but in English they change the translation to stars, and of course we know the big difference between planets and stars that’s why in 1973 I wrote about my research that because of this, there must be only 12 planets in our solar system not 7, 9 or 10, only 12, and no more or less.

One day this will become true when scientists will discover all the 12 planets as those tribes of Israel were 12 and the sons of Jacobs were 12  , sons of Ishmael were 12, and God want to match and honor them by this sign and miracle , I wrote an article about the 12 planets and the miracle of number 12 ,you can read it in my blog

So may be from this verse -71:15 “Allah has created the seven heavens, one above another”. May be

This means seven religions, under one faith .that’s why sura 71, 7 religion and one faith for all of them .which have the most significance in the world today(and had at the time of Muhammad, with the reference to the nearest future Revelation). And each of those prophets reside in different level of heaven

These 7 religions under one faith, one covenant moves to those are:

1 -Adam (or something else very ancient, the religion of Sabeans)

2 -Sheeth after it was to Abel (habeel) but he was killed by his brother Cain, then covenant went to Sheeth

3- Noah who is the second father of this earth after all human were destroyed

4- Abraham the father of all faith direct linkage Jewish and Islam, and in indirect linkage    the Christianity  , he is number 4 as he is in the middle of those great seven and he is like the moon reflect the light of knowledge from God to all. He is in the centre of those seven holy prophets

5- Moses

6- Jesus (forth heaven, referred to in the Qu’ran, Ruh’u’llah, i.e. the Spirit of God, as Jesus is often referred to, ascended to the Fourth Heaven)

7- Muhammad (SAAW), the final messenger and prophet and anyone else after him say he or she a prophet they are liars ,fake and Antichrist , all the rest after him are only should be called emams, saints, scholars , men of wisdom, qedees, Hakeem, and so on.

Quran verse -37:6 “We have indeed decked the lowest heaven with an adornment, the stars.”

The lowest heaven is the lowest level of religious institutions. I.e., these are the priests, mullas, Pope, Patriarch, Ayatollah, etc. They give a little light to the people around them, and therefore referred to as “stars.” Jesus has predicted that they are going to fall, and they have fallen indeed: in the today world, they don’t have a lot of power anymore. But I don’t think this idea is correct as God where specifically talking about our seen sky and the lights in the sky from the stars.

The above translation was done by people who do not know Arabic language, and translate the Quran in Persian and different languages even if they study Arabic but it were not enough to understand the true Arabic language.

71:16 “And made the moon a light in their midst, and made the sun as a (Glorious) lamp?”

Again the key mistake here is Midst, no where the Quran say that it is a fake and wrong translation.

“Sun” and “Moon” here probably refer to the Divine Revelation and its laws. The Quran and the hadith, the Quran is the sun, the light and, Mohammed and his hadith is the Moon and reflection of the Quran and the faith of Abraham, or God himself as the Light that mentioned as the sun, and the faith of Abraham with Mohammed as his prophet that mentioned as moon.


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