Answering an email from our reader concern

Answering an email from our reader concern about her boyfriend , she believes that he is possessed and have an attachments. she wrotes
From one of our reader; christien allen
Hi, I’m not sure if you guys can help. My ex and I moved into a house a few years ago and I believe he might have got possessed there. He hears voices and the devil all the time. He held me down for 2 hrs before I finally got help and the cops and ambulance showed up to take him away. He is currently as of today taken away again for hearing voices and being very unwell but he lives with my step father and he was hearing spirits going crazy around the house screaming and making a fuss. One was in his place screaming in polish so I definitely believe there’s more to him then just mental issues. He has an attachment or a possession in play.  
Hi, Thanks for the note. This is Steve at the paranormal zone , from Calgary Alberta
Will you please tell me more of the story, so I can help you farther. How old is your X, and why are you calling him X
was he upset from splitting of the relationship as that can cause traumatic personnel problem , stress and anxiety , severe depression
as any divorce, or ending relationship cases? How old is he and how old are you? Is he a polish what other languages he speaks.
When did this incident start before or after you left him? Why did you leave him?
Any issues with drugs, alcohol , depression, pills, or anger issues? 
Where was the house, can you give me an address ,the name of the town etc. 
When he held you down may be because he was upset that you left him ? Was he crying and asking you to take him back?
Just to let you know that many people with psychosis do hear voices, and see things, is he suffering from any form
of Psychosis , schizophrenia ? As this is very important , some people do suffer for a short time and temporarily
 and they can get hysteria , screaming and crying ,hearing voices etc.
When he goes to the hospital they tell him please let me know his condition 
and the list of medication he has taken or taken  before. It is very important before we manage the paranormal aspect.
Let me know about his background, his family, any abuse issues , post trauma, and what is his job?
Any stress level, Please make sure to answer all the above before we talk about possession or an attachment
Please read more opic in the blog to help you. There are lots of prayers .Stories of similar nature and I will wait for your answer.
Are you both safe now in a safe location? Email me here and we will take it step by step to see the facts and the science behind each
problem .
Steve Ramsey, PhD Public Health, Paranormal expert, researcher and investigator.

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