A letter from our reader from the US, regarding his paranormal experience in his house

A letter from our reader from the US, regarding his paranormal experience in his house

First I wanted to apologize for not realizing you were from Canada. I found your name by doing a search of mediums and paranormal for the Chattanooga, TN area. As for the Cape Cod comment it was a type of house and not actually in the Cape Cod area. It’s basically a house with a very steep roof where the upstairs windows protrude out from the roof. The house I’m living in is in Cleveland, TN which was mostly undeveloped 20 years ago and is now growing rapidly and only has a population of about 40,000 people.

That being said I was able to do a little research about you on a few websites and some of the information I was going to ask you is outlined. Specifically a DIY at home cleansing and about not confronting or challenging spirits. I’m not quite yet comfortable with information on the blog as I don’t think we’ve gone deep enough into a few things and even then, yes I’d appreciate the removal or changing of names and maybe some slight vagueness of the exact location

I will definitely be looking into the history of the previous owners, I still have their names so hopefully I can find that out. For my current situation I’m usually a pretty carefree with a normal amount of stress and usually do not let too many things get to me. I feel that I used to be able to see paranormal type things, flashes, movement, feelings when I was younger and after going through all the experiences at my friends house I was able to block it more as I really didn’t want to see any of that.

My friend’s mother feels that she has a vortex in her basement where Myself and my girlfriend both felt the most uneasy at. This is also the area that has always frightened me to be around. As for my house I don’t feel any of those uneasy feelings other than when I was at my friends house but I do get uncomfortable when my girlfriend and I can smell death/decay/mold/musty type of smell.

When this happens it seems to be very localized. It has happened in the house a few times in different areas of the house. My house is built on a hill so the area under the house isn’t completely in the ground and I’ve had the crawl space/cellar type area completely encapsulated with a dehumidifier. Here’s a link to a picture if you have never heard of this, if is common in the south to have better air quality in the house

 . I have an IQ systems air purifier and IQ Air Testing unit in the middle of the down stairs that I had constantly monitored air quality along with several plants for air quality and a radon detector. All of which showed excellent air quality. Although a few of the plants have recently died I think from all the dust and lack of watering after starting remodeling. I was hoping they would make a recovery and maybe I should throw those out as I believe it’s a bad omen to have death in your house even if it’s plants.

The cat who I’ve named Bob as it looks like a bobcat, showed up several years ago and looked very skinny. I fed it one day and it’s been mostly around since. Sometimes it might disappear for a week or so but always ends up back on my porch. Since I got rid of any inside animals last year when my wife and I split up I do not let any animals in the house.

Bob has snuck in the house a few times but typically wants right back out and even when invited in will not go past 10 feet from the door. Bob does not seem intimidated by anything we see, feel or smell and I do not see any noticeable fear. At my friend’s house that was haunted they did have a dog that would bark at an unknown entity and get scared, urinate across the floor and hide under the bed the rest of the night so I have seen animals respond and show fear.

My girlfriend’s abilities are more where we have concern and curiosity. She can see what she tries to explain as energy. Sometimes she can see a halo to some people with different colored lights. She can only make out portions of blurry outlines or sometimes see partial facial pieces such as eyes. She is concerned with talking to anybody about this as in her experience it’s not a subject that is taken seriously and typically for the fanatics or people that should be taking meds.

I had an ex that was a believer in Aliens but if me and my friends talked about our personal experiences in my friends house she thought we were all crazy and making up stories. My girlfriend did have a very trying time during a divorce, loss of job and miscarriage and confided in a family member about an experience and they did not believe her. The experience was with a demonic presence visiting her every night at the same time wanting her to do bad things to herself.

Her faith does not allow her to do any self harm so that wasn’t an option. Unfortunately this family member like most assumed she needed psychiatric help even though she has had experiences seeing things since she was a child. Several tried medicines later at different dosages and have not changed what she sees and feels. I have tried to corroborate with myself and my friends mother as much as we can and from what we can determine what she sees and feels is true.

The part that concerns me is that she says they seem to be able to tell she can see/feel their presence and continue to get her attention by standing in front of her or touching her which she is not comfortable with. She also states that they typically have a fascination with me, which I don’t  understand why.

And a little more information about me. I am a jack of all trades, my job of 20 plus years has been I.T. for a software company doing implementation work with various financial institutes, I’ve done auto mechanics, built houses etc.

 I am very technical, have an understanding of how things are made and put together, not very emotional and typically try to find a real answer for everytime and not jump to any conclusions. So any example of hearing, seeing, or smelling that I have noticed I try to find any possible explanation and if there’s even a hint I wouldn’t even use it as an example.

There is no concern of rodents between the floors, and even the cats that used to be allowed in that room several years ago never made the noises that could be heard that sounded like somebody walking across the floor. The weight, the cadence of the movement and location is typically pretty consistent each time.

It seems that they are walking from a far corner (maybe their side of the bed) to the doorway and then no sound. Keep in mind I might only hear this once every few months.

Since I’m typing another book, I’ll run through more experience with dreams. I typically do not remember my dreams unless they are the one right before I wake up, my brain seems to be pretty good and identifying when I’m dreaming and when I’m not and has a habit of waking me up for no reason if the dream seems to out of the ordinary so most of my dreams end up being me doing daily chores or tasks, which leads to very forgettable dreams. I have however, when I was younger, died in my dream about every imaginable way in vivid life like feeling the pain and senses that went with it.

I’ve fallen to my death, the wind in my face and the sudden nothingness and inability to breath at the end to wake up, roll over and go back to sleep. I’ve been shot, had my head cut off etc. etc. So when I have a nightmare it’s something that terrifies me. I’ve also had a small handful of experiences with sleep paralysis and can assure you the first time hearing the shrieks, noises, inability to move without knowing if it’s a dream or real is terrifying. I’ve gotten better at being able to jolt myself out of that but is very rare and might only happen 1-2 times a year that I remember. What did scare me is the dream where something wanted in the door.

The dream flows something like I’m laying in bed sleeping and something at the front step, I open my eyes and I realize it’s my bedroom but on a resemblance of it as things aren’t correct. I understand I’m still in a dream but something doesn’t feel right. I can hear the front door open and I have this feeling, a horrible feeling that something evil and powerful is there.

It comes to the closed bedroom door that is emitting a bright, flickering yellow/reddish light through all the cracks around the door. I continue to pray and tell it that it is not welcome and it needs to leave. I find a hidden access in the floor to escape ( an access that I haven’t yet built but was previously discussed ) and then I wake up terrified and sweating. There was no drinking that day, stress that I’m aware of or anything I could say I was watching on TV. After waking up my girlfriend was already awake to relax me and had already felt the presence of something outside the door and was praying out loud for it to leave. 

What made me initially reach out was to find out concerns, knowledge and protection. If there is any reading material we should be looking at that would be great. Any reading material and areas that we should avoid, the last thing I want to do is make things worse. Is this something that will always be like this or is there a way to turn my girlfriend’s abilities on/off or a way she can either ignore or have a less approachable presence. My friends mother seems like she has the ability to avoid this that she says she has to put on her protection which she describes and sort of like hiding behind a mirror where she cannot be seen.

Also I can send you some pics of the house/yard if that helps you get a better visual reference. 



——–   MY ANSWER 

HI Bruce 

I will focus on key targets and they are the cat who visit you, your blood pressure and cholesterol, your dreams, your girlfriend’s sensitivity and empathy, Your old friend’s house and those who used to live in your house and take care of their older parents.

 The cat that you are seeing at your place = Cat symbolism is all about communication. Their messages generally embrace your ability to communicate with those around you or with the spirit and astral realms. The mystery of the feline and its secretive ways has always been intriguing. Many people believe that these slinky creatures are in constant communication with the spirit world. Thus, they are a bridge between the realm of the unseen and the seen worlds. When the Cat’s meaning comes into your life, someone or something is trying to tell you something. Therefore, you must listen carefully and trust your intuition.

Alternatively, the feline can also be letting you know that you have the power and magic to create anything you want out of your life right now. All you need to do is believe in yourself. Also, you should trust that you have all the tools and skills necessary to accomplish what you desire in life. In other words, don’t hesitate! The time to focus on your dreams is now! Remember that the devil’s job is to destroy humans, destroy our relationship and self esteem, and give us fear, stress, and anger issues so we fail.

Many people are surprised when they get home and find a beautiful cat on their doorstep. In general, this is a stray cat begging for something. Due to a lack of resources they are most likely seeking food, heat and safety. But there is no chance as everything designed to follow the law of attraction .There are also some mystical theories that interpret this phenomenon as a sign of good luck and fortune for members of this household. However, practical concerns are the most important to consider.

If you are experiencing this situation you have definitely come to the right moments when things will be opened for you.

Many superstitious beliefs affirm that cats could be able to perceive good energy and would always be oriented  towards homes where they feel peace, serenity and positive vibrations.

Therefore, when a cat wants to enter your home, it is popularly said that your home is free of bad energy and transmits to this cat the optimal conditions it needs to feel safe and develop tranquility and good health.  Make sure that this cat gets inside your house to make her feel welcome and observe her behaviour as they can see things you cannot.

She is outside asking permission and sensing that she can get rid of those spirits for you.

The cats have the ability to absorb and ward off bad energies from environments. According to mysticism, when a cat wants to enter your home, it is because it has a mission to fulfill in your life. This mission would be to remove negativity from your environment   and protect you from bad spirits.

There is no scientific basis to support these superstitions. What I can say is that cats bring joy to many people around the world and any visit can at the very least add some positivity to your day. This is shown in the many benefits of adopting a cat as a faithful companion.

If a cat ‘‘asks’’ to enter your house or meows at the door, it is very likely that it is looking for a safe refuge. A begging cat may see you as a first choice, but their circumstances might lead them to your house. For example, if there has been bad weather, they may come to your house for shelter. If they have been chased by predators they may come to you for security, and yes if they sense spirits they come to investigate and be curious cats.

If you hear Footsteps in your hallway, but you are home alone and doors slamming all by themselves. A light goes on, a light goes off, and TV and station channels acting up like you said, without touching the switch. A scent of perfume lingers in your living room. Are you imagining these things, or could it be a ghost?

It is believed that your area of Cape Cod has great ghost stories , such as Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard is home to a multitude of ghosts who haunt various homes throughout the area, including the Truro cemetery .

Capt. Roland Kelley haunts his former home at 480 Main St. Reports from this beautiful Victorian home include the sounds of footsteps on the stairs and a door knob being rattled. A young resident of the home reported seeing a man standing at the edge of her bed staring intently at her – strange enough by itself, but even more so that was that he was transparent.

children’s voices, giggles, and the pitter-patter of tiny feet in the halls of Dillingham .The story goes that Branch Dillingham committed suicide in the home in 1813. A few weeks later, his wife died and their nine children were left without parents. Are Branch, Ruth, and their nine children haunting this house? How far is this place from your area?

The Orleans inns so haunted that it was featured on the television program Ghost Hunters on the SyFy Channel. The ghost hunters made a special visit to the Inn, and indeed their research revealed evidence (unexplained shadows and voices in empty rooms) that ghosts inhabit the Inn.

So, who are these ghosts that wander the halls of the Orleans Inn? They are believed to be three: Hannah, a lady of the night who lived in the building when it was run as a brothel in the 1920’s, was reportedly murdered there one evening. Also joining Hannah is Fred, a bartender who hanged himself in the home’s cupola in the 1950’s. And rounding out the cast of ghosts is Paul, a dishwasher who took his life in the basement of the Inn. Should you stop by, listen for footsteps, look for doors opening and closing by themselves, and candles being lit with no one in sight. Don’t be surprised if you feel a blast of cold air at various locations in the building, and, if you head to room 5, you may catch a glimpse of Hannah dancing around the room!

The Jared Coffin house on Nantucket is also believed to be haunted. The three-story mansion was built by Mr. Coffin, a prosperous ship-owner, for his wife, but they did not stay long and sold the mansion shortly after it was completed. It is believed that Mrs. Coffin wanted to be closer to Boston, but did Mr. Coffin return to the home after his death?

On cool evenings when the fireplace is lit, one may find a rocking chair next to the fireplace rocking slowly back and forth. The belief is that it’s Mr. Coffin returning to this spot to warm up. There are also stories of a Puritan female ghost, critical of unmarried couples who share a room. Accounts have stated that this apparition will pull the covers off these couples while they sleep. Hmmm…could these tales be true? So your area indeed has a history that may be not close to your home but not that far from the graveyard.

The house, known as Windy Gates and located in the woods just a few feet from Wequobsque cliffs in Chilmark, was a grand estate owned by the Sanford family in the 1890’s. Sadly, tragedy struck the family in the form of poverty and a string of mysterious deaths, including the death of Mr. Sanford, their daughter and a family friend. Mrs. Sanford left the estate, never to return. People claim that at Windy Gates there are inexplicable sights and sounds: lights turning on and off, voices heard with nobody around. Also apparitions have been seen in and around the house. A man dressed in clothing from earlier centuries lingers in the home and on the grounds. There have also been sightings of the ghost of a woman who threw herself from the cliffs upon learning that her husband, who was on a whaling ship, had died at sea.


That’s cover the cat and the history of the area not that far from you, so let us get back to blood pressure and cholesterol ;

 It is known that high and low blood pressure can affect our ability to experience the paranormal and feel something heavy on our chest while sleeping, paralyze dreams, hard to breath as the low oxygen in the brain reach a point to make us panic and have paranoia to wake up and move so we can get fresh air and oxygen, it is our body defense mechanism. 

Sleep paralysis is a condition in which a person is mentally conscious but physically unable to move. It is sometimes accompanied by hallucinations of frightening invaders in the bedroom. The result is a scary, almost nightmarish experience of sensing an intruder but being unable to respond. Thankfully, this is nothing more than the product of a half-awake brain. 

 As you are sleeping, your body alternates between REM and NREM (non-rapid eye movement) sleep. During NREM, your body is relaxed. But when your body transitions into REM sleep, your eyes begin to move quickly and you start to dream. During the REM stage, your muscles “turn off”–an evolutionary mechanism to keep you from acting out your dreams while asleep. But if you start to wake up before the REM cycle is complete, you may find yourself immobilized when you become conscious. To get rid of this

Avoid caffeine and alcohol close to bedtime.  

Avoid sleeping on your back. 

Understanding what is happening can make the experience less overwhelming–so reading this blog post is a good place to start! Try to relax and breathe normally to reduce the length and intensity of an attack.

Concentrating on moving one small muscle, such as a finger, can break the paralysis and end the attack

High blood pressure also causes muscular spasm and that can happen during sleep and give you nightmares especially if you have dehydration too.

Clinical trials suggest nightmares are a common side effect of cholesterol lowering drugs. I take anti cholesterol pills and I can tell you the dreams I have are like a horror movie. Try to read my article in my blog www.moleopedia.com A to Z of the paranormal ,I explain every single fact ,medications syndromes, and illness that can lead to paranormal activity from lack of oxygen to monoxide carbon level to infrasound .

Regarding the sounds on the top of your room, make sure there are no rodents and other animals that sometimes jump and create the noises but moving objects and seen shadows, smells that sound like bad spirit or low demonic activity. Poltergeist activity is more likely and that can come from trickster demon or human spirit. You said you are not in any danger ,that’s good, but please try to ask a tech person to check the monoxide level in your house please this is very important as these feelings you both have might be due to that and it can save your life by checking the level.

Try to clean all the house mirrors with clean water after you pray over it and some sage or lemon grass and say the name of God. We clean and cleanse this mirror and we ask any portal to be closed. Light a white candle in your house near the window and put fresh water, mirror, open holy book, and  open the windows when you do any cleansing. This is a must.

Make sure to check with a plumber for any drainage problem in the house that might cause the bad smell. Put a small nail in front of your door and try to find a Jewish store and buy a few mezuzah and ask them how to use them. They are very powerful and it is in the bible.

I think that you are the source and not your girlfriend. Something possibly followed you and trying to get attached to you, but it waits for the right time to attach and usually starts with spiritual attacks and nightmares. Something you brought with you from your friend’s house.

Shadow people watching both of you might be the parents of those 2 members of the household who used to take care of them. I believe that one of them died in the house and the second passed away in the hospital. the energy of those 2 dead partners are in search of the other two who used to take care of them it is never ending search for them like a broken record (Residual haunting ) and when they don’t see those 2 people ( their children ) who took care of them they find you and your girlfriend as a substitute.

They are trying to reach out  because to them you are the 2 who live in their house and they expect caring as they had before ,the only way to get your attention is by making voices, moving things ,and watch you both and give you the feeling that you are being watched. Try to investigate them. It is easy to ask the real estate ,the library , the hospital etc to get some names and search who and when they died and my feeling that one passed away with a heart attack and other with Cancer.

Try to make peace with them and assure them that you are in their house to take care of it and they are welcome to stay as long as they don’t harm you or your girlfriend. They are upset more as you recently started to renovate the house and this is a classical thing I see with previous owners who passed away and they came back to the place that they love the most.

Try to find something in the top room, hidden pictures or a book, try to find what they are looking for and make sure to honor their memories they must be buried in the nearby graveyard.

.Regarding your dream of the devil-bad entity to get in your room and then the light, it is the struggle that you are dealing with in life and at work the two opposites side the evil and good , dark and light . Your room is your life ,your ownership ,your territory, your comfort that you are trying to protect, and the light of course God , the angel of protection, your inner consciousness to guide you and protect you.

Dreaming of the devil trying to get in your bedroom; Demons are most commonly described as evil entities that are thought to cause fear, misery, and guilt. Many people believe that a demon purposely intends to torment people for its own enjoyment. The white light at the door is your highest self is trying to guide you, protect you and communicate with you.

If you are going through tough times , stress, upset , economical hardship you light this as a hope ,as a listener to your problem it is God’s way to enter your life .It represents hope, love, healing, positivity, and powerful energy trying to cleanse the place for you. It can also represent the two old partners who live in the house as combined energy to drive evil away and keep you in peace.

Rarely do our conflicts and struggles in our daily lives have such a clear path for what to do. You might be conflicted over a decision and wrestling your logical side vs. what your heart wants to do. Sometimes in life we are pressured to do the wrong thing. A friend might be pressuring you to not tell a secret that is harming them, and you are conflicted. Do you stay loyal to your friend? Or do you tell their secret because ultimately it is what will be best for them and lead them to getting help? 

Demons in dreams often indicate it is time for us to take some time to search deep down at what our own “inner demons” may be. It’s not comfortable to look at your faults or weaknesses, but being able to look at these problems can help us to better understand what we should do to improve ourselves and our situation. All of us are capable of radical self-change and improvement. Sometimes when you are the darkest place in life that is where the light becomes clear and you are able to reinvent yourself as a smarter, wiser, and more loving person ready to move forward from the past. 

 Now I want you to tell me about the cat color , and if you have any record of the sound ,noise , pictures or clips try to install cam or baby monitor in the activity area, and use your cell phone and see what happen but after you make peace with the previous owners as for them you are the intruder they don’t know . 


On Sun, Aug 16, 2020 at 11:20 AM Bruce R wrote:

Hey Steve,

Sorry for the delay. Had a lot of things going on yesterday with work. I’ll try to answer as many things from your previous emails.

How old are you when the first attack happened or seen things or the experience you had? I had experience several haunting type things when I was younger at my friends house from animals, noises, smells and things moving and lots of electrical interference of channels changing sometimes stopping on a commercial or movie that was specific to the conversation being had at the time. My girlfriend has experienced things most of her life that she didn’t understand and now believing this to be some sort of Empathic clairvoyance type of ability.

 Are you in any danger now? I do not believe so

How many times did you see the described horror? How old are you now? More details further down

Where do you live and are there any graveyards close to you? There is one about 3/4 mile down the road

 Do you live alone? Me, my girlfriend with no kids or pets in the house. There is an outside cat that tends to stay on the porch

Do you take any medication, alcohol or pills? Small dosage of blood pressure and cholesterol, social drinking or a few glasses of wine with dinner

Do you have any issues with diabetes, thyroid, blood pressure, seizure? Blood Pressure

Do you practice any faith and read the holy books? I am unsure of my faith but would lean toward christian if anything as that’s most of what I would know. My girlfriend has a strong Christian faith mostly southern baptist and not a fan of cathology. The has a bible on the dresser that’s visible at all times but doesn’t read it very much but prays daily.

Did you experience this at night or when you are alone, in any specific area of the house, can you tell me more details please so I can guide you and help you. No specific places in the house, the bedrooms seems to have more attention with occasional sounds of somebody walking in the bedroom above ours. Our bedroom gets very cold or at least cold feeling on occasions. Lots of bumps and bangs on occasion usually at night. A few times of articles being moved

Write the beginning, the start of the attachment, how and when, where and what happened and what did you do, did you use any method to get rid of it, what was the result etc. We have tried a cleansing using white sage asking that anything harmless to please exit the house. 

Do you have any sleep paralysis and dream terror? Do you practice or involve in any witchcraft or read books in these subjects? No practicing of witchcraft or any sorts that would invite anything in. The most would be watching science fiction shows

Do you have any of these issues?

Do you have any relationship problems? No current issues in my relationship. I’ve been seeing my girlfriend for 8 months and everything is going very well

I’ll try to do the short version. I’m 44 years old I live in Cleveland, TN and used to see/smell/feel things in my friends house all the time. They later had the house cleansed and hasn’t been a problem since.

This went on for about 5 years. Most people that went to the house would experience something but many said we were crazy.

I have a healthy fear for things that are being my comprehension. I have heard and seen things in the bedroom above my bedroom. My friends mother the one that had the haunted house has a history of being able to see/feel supernatural in her family. She has talked to several mediums on the topic and she has seemed to find a way that she was able to get through life without fear and be in control.

My girlfriend (37 years old) seems to have a history of seeing things she couldn’t explain. I took her to a Reiki Master  (family member) for a checkup and cleansing and no attachments were felt and seemed to have good energy. I then took her to see my friends mom a few weeks ago and they got to comparing feelings, seeing and paranormal things. This is also the first time she has admitted out loud that she has the ability to see things.

My friends mom now allowed things not deemed evil to stay in her house. They were able to feel/see many of the same things but in the process she had been touched, scratched haunted dreams while she was in the house. Since returning home it seems to have opened her senses more. 

Prior to the visit I had a dream that an evil feeling entity was trying to get in my bedroom and a glowing light at the door. At the same time my girlfriend couldn’t sleep and could feel something scary at the door. I woke up and we both could tell the other was uneasy about this.

After our trip to talk to my friend’s mom she advised us to do a basic cleansing but the activity has seemed to increase. We like to sit on the porch in the evening but lately just after sunset we’ve gotten many feelings of being watched, motion sensors going off in the driveway near us, occasional smells of rotten trash/musty odor or a sudden cold front roll across the porch.

There’s been several occasions of sounding like something upstairs would fall over, but when we would look nothing is out of place. My friends mom had stated that when she visited in the past she felt there was an old couple that lived upstairs and they were harmless, this would also seem to be where most of the noises would come from.

Now when my girlfriend would see things they are much taller than the previous things she would see that might have been the old couple. I’ve also had several dreams recently where something is trying to get at me in my sleep to get at my heart. I’ve woken up several times not being able to breath and one dream where somebody very heavy was sitting on my chest and I couldn’t get them off.

I’m reaching out as this is a little terrifying to work through without anybody giving knowledge. My girlfriend picked up the book Psychic Empath but that has been the only book so far. She is concerned about getting anything that would go against her faith or be considering a witchcraft kind of book.  

Sorry I forgot the history of the house. It’s a newer Cap cod style built in 1997 on 3 acres. I am not aware of any deaths but there was an older couple living here that maybe could have taken care of their parents at some point. As far as I know there isn’t any historical significance with this area such as battles etc. I am in the middle of remodeling a portion of it. 

We feel that both of us have a super good bond. We are both confident professionals with high self worth, I do IT work and she is currently taking some time off from being a corporate accountant. We’ve both had our previous marriages and bad relationships and feel this is the strongest yet. She has also had experience in the past of the feeling the more she read the bible and prayed the more she experienced.

Hopefully this gives you a decent starting picture, let me know what else I can answer.



On Sat, Aug 15, 2020 at 10:13 PM Steve Ramsey <drsteveramsey@gmail.com> wrote:

HI Bruce please tell me more about these things?did you see any entity or shadow person? sound , bad smell -perfume, flowers or any smell 

heavy air and area that make you nauseous and have chest pain, do you take any pills or drink before you go to bed?

is this entity in one room or place? is your house have any history anybody died passed away in it ? Do you or your girlfriend use any spirit board etc?

Ant paralyzing dreams ? any history of severe stress and anxiety ? Remember the main key for  demonic entities is to isolate you and break your relationship 

with those around you , family members and God , then your self worth .  

On Fri, Aug 14, 2020 at 9:40 PM Bruce R> wrote:

I’d really like to talk to you about these things.  I’ve got some issues at my house and gf with empath abilities that are new to me/her that scare the crap out of me/us. I’m hoping you are real as I don’t know too many people that even believe in these things.  I’m pretty sure that there are things trying to get at us at night in our sleep. Call me any time. 

Many emails were sent back and forth to resolve the issue over the email and I wish he was closer to my are so I can help. 


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