Ultrasound cases March 2018

Ultrasound cases March 2018



There is a wide range of causes of soft tissue calcification such as dystrophic soft tissue calcification (most common), e.g. chronic venous insufficiency, metabolic, e.g. CPPD (causing chondrocalcinosis), metastatic calcification, idiopathic tumoural calcinosis.

Ultrasound shows the soft tissue calcifications that was seen on the leg X-Ray above.

Same soft tissue calcification with color shows the mosaic artifact of the calcium

Multiple Calcification’s

Sebaceous Cysts of the left elbow .Epidermoid and Sebaceous Cysts are benign collections of keratin, fat and/or oil.

Sebaceous Cysts 

Rt quads , Rectus femoris muscle old injury ;A muscle in the quadriceps, the rectus femoris muscle is attached to the hip and helps to extend or raise the knee. This muscle is also used to flex the thigh. The rectus femoris is the only muscle that can flex the hip.

Right Radial collateral ligament lobulated cyst rising from the ligament sheath and not the joint of the 5th finger , mcp 5 level. MCP Joint Collateral Ligaments function is to stabilize MCP joint during motion  MCP joint “cam” nature leads to inconstant arc of motion because of joint asymmetry caused by “snoopy head” configuration of metacarpal head collateral looser in extension, tighten during increasing flexion  as MP joint flexes, proximal phalanx moves further away from metacarpal head, tightening all the ligaments . Anatomic Components : radial collateral ligaments (RCL) are more horizontal than ulnar collateral ligaments (UCL) . RCL and UCL have 2 parts each: proper and accessory ligaments 

Trigger finger ; flexor tendon sheath of the 5th digit fluid at mcp 5 level

Stenosing tenosynovitis is a condition commonly known as “trigger finger.” It is sometimes also called “trigger thumb.” The tendons that bend the fingers glide easily with the help of pulleys. These pulleys hold the tendons close to the bone.

Fiber mass at the plantar side of the right foot very close to the superficial plantar vessels

Foreign body just under the first layer of the skin after a woman stepped on a piece of glass. just few millimeters from the superfical plantar artery

An artery that is the larger of two branches of the posterior tibial artery, forms the plantar arch and supplies the sole and the plantar surfaces of the toes; with anastomoses to the medial plantar artery and the dorsal artery of the foot; lateral plantar artery.

Thanks for seen these few ultrasound slides .

Steve Ramsey, Calgary- Alberta

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