Covid vaccine facts and the new variants.

Covid vaccine facts and the new variants.


Steve Ramsey, PhD -Health Sciences MSc-(hon) in Med Ultrasound.RMSKS.

Steve Ramsey, PhD -Health Sciences

If the Delta, and omicron variant of the coronavirus is different enough from the original variant, it’s possible that existing vaccines won’t be as effective as they have been. If so, it’s likely that companies will need to update their vaccines to better fight omicron.

Some of the Authors of conspiracy theories denied the existence of this virus all together like David Icke the 69 years old since fiction writer. He also denied that this virus has a protein spike (crown / corona or the protrusion around it. Of course he is wrong as I saw those spikes and the crown with a microscope myself.

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Scientists  zeroed in on coronaviruses’ spike proteins 20 years ago when looking for a potential vaccine for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). COVID-19 vaccine research was expedited by updated technology, as well as the decision to launch commercial-scale production before the Food and Drug Administration authorized vaccines for emergency use

I wish he and other writers like him would stay away from science and focus on his science fiction books and write about the future, electric cars, the environment and co2 , vibrations and frequency etc. as he is very good at it.

Why might vaccines need to be updated?

Basically, it’s a question of whether a virus has changed enough so that antibodies created by the original vaccine are no longer able to recognize and fend off the new mutated variant. Most of the change usually happened at the crown, the protein spikes and the size of each one of them. It is like changing the lock and still using the same key trying to open the old lock.

Corona viruses use spike proteins to attach to ACE-2 receptors on the surface of human cells and infect them . All mRNA COVID-19 vaccines work by giving instructions in the form of mRNA that direct cells to make a harmless version of the spike protein. This spike protein then induces the human body to produce antibodies.

Scientists should also go farther and study the effect of our new antibodies not only on the virus but on other tissues in our body such as our kidneys, liver, heart tissue, eyes, brain and the skin. Not enough research is done in this matter. Do the antibodies affect the antibiotics we take or other medications we take especially for those who are taking diabetes medicinal, cholesterol and blood pressure medications, thyroid, or other medications?

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 If a person is then ever exposed to the coronavirus, these antibodies bind to the corona virus’s spike protein and thus interfere with its ability to infect that person’s cells. Can we improve the antibodies we create to further destroy the corona spikes and remember the genetic make up for any future mutation?

I wrote back in 2020 about it and many other topics relating the origin of the virus , why we should stop traveling immediately but the Canadian government was slow to act and brought us waves of travelers to infect most of us . I even got many threatening letters, one was from a Toronto Chinese man that the police managed to capture him tracing his IP address, and dealt with.

Russia, China, USA and many other countries had armies of fake news writers that were so evil that affected so many people around the world, there was and still are nothing stopping them from their agenda, And each was doing the harm that directed on our economy, and implanted fear in our society. Some of those evil people are motivated by making fast money, sailing and advertising for 3rd, 4th and 5th vaccinations without any data to back them up.

Those countries are taken as an educated guess and depending on agencies that get paid by China, US, UK, Russia, and other rich individuals who have shares in so many companies. 

The delta and omicron variant contains a new pattern of mutations to its spike protein. These changes could disrupt the ability of some but probably not all of the antibodies induced by the current vaccines to bind to the spike protein . If that happens, the vaccines could be less effective at preventing people from getting infected by and transmitting the omicron variant.

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 How would a new vaccine be different?

The Existing mRNA vaccines, like those made by Moderna or Pfizer, code for a spike protein from the original strain of coronavirus, In a new or updated vaccine, the mRNA instructions would encode for the omicron spike protein.

By swapping out the genetic code of the original spike protein for the one from this new variant, a new vaccine would induce antibodies that more effectively bind the omicron virus and prevent it from infecting cells. But this is not the case now the government took an educated guess by giving you the same covid vaccine booster which have no date at all to back up the effectiveness of the new mutation. 

People already vaccinated or previously exposed to COVID-19 would likely need only a single booster dose of a new vaccine to be protected not only from the new strain but also other strains that may be still in circulation. If omicron emerges as the dominant strain over delta, then those who are unvaccinated would only need to receive 2-3 doses of the updated vaccine.

If delta and omicron are both in circulation, people would likely get a combination of the current and updated vaccines.

To make an updated mRNA vaccine, you need two ingredients: the genetic sequence of the spike protein from a new variant of concern and a DNA template that would be used to build the mRNA.

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In most organisms, DNA provides the instructions for making mRNA. Since researchers have already published the genetic code for the omicron spike pritne. All that’s left to do is make a DNA template for the spike protein that would be used to produce the mRNA part of new vaccines.

To do this, researchers mix DNA templates with synthetic enzymes and four molecular building blocks that make mRNA – G, A, U and C for short. The enzymes then build an mRNA copy of the DNA template, a process called transcription. Don’t let those fake news writers scare you about the use of synthetic enzymes , this enzyme will do no harm to your DNA its main target is the protein spikes of the virus, and it will not change you to a monkey or a lizard like some writers suggested. LOL

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These methods are used in many different viruses that they dealt with like the flu virus.

Using this process, it takes only minutes to produce a batch of the mRNA for vaccines. Researchers then place the mRNA transcripts within fatty nanoparticles that protect the instructions  until they are safely delivered into cells in your arm.

It takes only three days to generate the DNA template needed to make a new mRNA vaccine. Then it would take about a week to produce sufficient doses of the mRNA vaccine for testing in the lab and another six weeks to perform the pre-clinical tests on human cells in test tubes to make sure a new vaccine works as it should.

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So by now many scientists have already obtained the new mutated virus and studied their spikes and are ready to make the new antivirus. It will take some times until the new antivirus vaccine will be ready so the main time they ask us to get the third vaccine of the same corona virus and that where many of us will stop and say wait a minute , we don’t have enough data that it will work, and if it will harm us.

So within about 2 months , scientists could have an updated mRNA vaccine ready to plug into the manufacturing process and begin producing doses for a human clinical trial. That trial would likely require at least another few weeks for a total of around 100 days to update and test a new vaccine. So we need let say about 6 months to get the new vaccine and at least a few more months to ship it around the world if other countries produce it too like Russia, China, India, South Africa, USA, Europe, and Australia.

While that trial is going on, manufacturers could start switching their current process to making a new vaccine. Ideally, once the clinical trial is complete – and if the vaccine gets authorized or approved a company could immediately start rolling out doses of a new vaccine.

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If I am the chief scientist, I will instruct the buildup of a predictor computer to give me the possibilities of different mutations from the spike and go and make a different sequence of any new viruses ready for trial , in this way we can take one step ahead of the virus mutation. Or we can creates a vaccine that can change its code depending on the new protein spike it will face,

It’s currently not clear how much clinical data would be required to get FDA approval or authorization for an updated COVID-19 vaccine. However, all the ingredients would be the same in a new vaccine.

The only difference would be a few lines of genetic code that would ever so slightly change the shape of the spike protein. From a safety perspective, an updated vaccine is essentially identical to the already tested vaccines. Because of these similarities, clinical testing may not need to be as extensive as what was needed for the first-generation COVID-19 vaccines.

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At a minimum, clinical trials for updated vaccines would likely require safety testing and confirmation that an updated vaccine induces antibody levels on par with the response of the original vaccine against the original, beta and delta strains. If these are the only requirements, then researchers would enroll only hundreds not tens of thousands of people to obtain the clinical data needed.

I also said 2 years ago that the covid 19 virus will go to 7 different mutations before it will become weak, as in that time many of us over 70% of the world population will be vaccinated.

The free world should stop and rethink their immigration policies, who we can let in and who we cannot allow them to enter, when and where to protect the majority of taxpayers and our citizens. Especially from now on as the avian flu/ bird flu is going to be a major issue this year killing millions of migratory birds and infecting other animals who will eat the birds and humans who might get infected from the droppings , and cooking those birds . Many pets will die if they eat those birds.

Before I end I want to leave you with Steve Jobs the founder of apple final words that changed my life too. May God bless his soul.

Other countries can have war with us not by using bombs but by using these biological agents and microscopic agents, viruses and other form of Nano technology that can destroyed our economy and stop our commuters, electric grids, transportations and force us to kneel and pay ransomed to those terrorists around the world.

Thank you for reading

Steve Ramsey, PhD- Health Sciences

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