Forensic Demonology- Part 2

Forensic Demonology, Part 2. By  -Steve Ramsey

The more stressed out and depressed we gets the more light our body emits and gets rid of excess energy in form of light and electricity and that what the demon like to have. You must focus on reducing your stress and anger, communicate with your partner and listen to each other is the key.

This letter is Regarding the separation and divorce issue that sent by one of our reader . I feel so sad to hear this, people don’t know that not all divorces and separation Caused by our personnel problems, financial difficulties, dying of romance and diminished chemistry, disrespect to each other, miscommunication, isolation especially nowadays with covid situation, as thousands of families file for divorce, and the list goes on and on.

But few people know that in many cases of divorce there is a sinister present behind it, a demonic present that feeds on our fear, our anxiety, stress and anger to lead us to depression and suicide.

The main goal for demonic entities is the destruction of the family unity. One day I will come to your house after this covid restriction.

I remember that my mother almost killed herself because of these demonic entities in our house; it is long story to explain now, but at the end 

My dad believed her and saw the entity in Baghdad city back in 1957, when they left that house my mom’s arm was broken, scratches all over her back and then they found  after the renovation that it was a grave in our house , with 6 skeletons in it.

In this time I want you to pay attention to your wife, communicate, show her and tell her you love her , you will change , you will be a better person, tell her about this covid situation that lead to so many people leaving each other, kill themselves , file for divorce and bankruptcy, losing jobs and more . It is not a normal time, Trust me if I said that God wants to help this nation on earth but with 

Demonic forces everywhere corrupt people and politicians make it hard to trust anybody. But you must keep the faith and unity. My advice are ;

1- I want you both to seek a marriage counselor as soon as possible please, social worker or clinical psychologist who has experience with divorce and counseling.

2- Before we go and blame the demonic we must look deep into our relationship and find the triggers that led to all of this correct them and try again.

3- I want you and your wife to seek the advice of your church, ask the elder and the priest and have a short meeting with them it will do wonders, trust me, take her with you and listen to him and the words of God.

Make sure to email and contact. The clairvoyant 

 Katherien Lundin

If you study the holy book you will notice that the enemy the Devil and his demons attack the faithful marriages. He hates unity, envy human, hates us and want us to be dead and destroy ourselves.

From the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3), he has sought to lure individuals and couples into his traps. 

He wants to weaken or destroy marriages, and he delights when children are wounded in the process. 

Without suggesting a “the devil made me do it” philosophy, I list here some of the enemy’s primary tools I’ve read and experienced over the years. Lucifer uses his demons to do these deeds;

  1. Neglect– The same couple that spent all their dating time together grows apart after the wedding day. The neglect is usually subtle, though which is the way the enemy often works.
  2. Romance and chemistry – the demon make you drift away, focus another person with lust, money or power to get you away from the faithful marriage. All done in the name of romance and chemistry, he put these ideas in your head to leave your partner in the name of finding happiness and compatibility. Then will try to tell you that you are stuck in a nutshell and that because your relationship was based on sex, romance, attraction , and material things and not under God and with faith unity.
  3. Sin– We can’t get around this one. Regardless of what the sin is, disobedience that weakens one’s relationship with God also weakens our relationship with our spouse.
  4. Blame– That’s what Adam did in the Garden, and what we often do. When it’s not my fault, I don’t have to worry about changing. My spouse does. 
  5. Selfishness– Too often, couples commit themselves to one another until “death does us part” during the wedding ceremony, but then live as if the other doesn’t exist.
  6. Secrets and trust – Anytime we’re hiding anything – especially from our spouse – the enemy’s winning in some way. Honesty breaks the enemy’s strongholds. Work on your trust issues.
  7. Anger– Many of us have lived this experience. Uncontrolled, unleashed anger can destroy the bond between husband and wife.
  8. Prayerlessness– A couple which does not pray together, misses an opportunity to strengthen their marriage. In fact, their prayerlessness says they can handle marriage without God’s help.
  9. Pornography– Increasingly, both males and females struggle with this sin that reduces human beings to an image and implies that our spouses aren’t good enough for us. 
  10. Financial fights– That happens especially when we live for wealth and security, most often doing so at the expense of spending quality and quantity time with our spouse.
  • Offspring trouble– From Genesis 4 (Cain’s killing Abel), the enemy has attacked our children. Too often, their struggles result in conflict between mom and dad.
  • Adultery– As Satan often does, he magnifies the temporary pleasure of sin over the devastating long-term effects of crossing that line. Families then pay the price for our bad choices.
  • Divorce– Even with the exception clauses of Matthew 19, we cannot conclude that God ever delights in divorce. The enemy does.

 Facts about demonic entities

  1. Demons are fallen angels.

Sometimes our theology textbooks state that sin first came into the world with the sin in the garden, but already there was a fall before the human fall. The serpent came into the garden from the outside and with evil intent (Gen3;1-2). The serpent questioned God’s goodness by insinuating that God was withholding something good from his human images.

Later in Scripture, the devil is described as “that ancient serpent” (REV 20;2). How much more we would like to know about all this. However, Scripture is addressed to us and not to angels. What we do know is that Satan leads an army of rebellious angels (REV,12;7-8), who are now cast out of heaven. Demons are these fallen angels. Demons are not ministering spirits, but spoilers.

  1. Demons have a leader.

Satan is their leader. Was he a cherub gone wrong or was he an archangel gone wrong? We do not know for sure. Michael and his angels defeat him and his angels in battle. So, he was defeated by an archangel (REV .12;7).

  1. Satan and his demonic entourage have limitations.

Satan and demons are powerful spirits, but they are not omnipresent.

Regarding omnipresence demons can leave a man and enter pigs (MARK .5-13). Regarding omniscience—angels, and we can safely surmise fallen angels also, do not know the day and hour of the return of the Son of Man ( Matthew 24;36). Regarding omnipotence no angel, ruler or power can separate the believer from the love of God (Rom.8;38). In some Christian circles, devilish power, knowledge, and presence are inflated.

  1. The diabolic aim is worship.

It has been said that the world says to us, Conform to me! The flesh says to us, satisfy me! And the devil says to us, Worship me! There is biblical evidence to support each of these.

Respecting the last idea of the three, the devil’s tempting of Jesus in the wilderness climaxes with this invitation (Matthew 4;8-9): “Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. And he said to him, “All these I will give you, if you will fall down and worship me.” This appears to be the devil’s ultimate motivation: the desire to be worshipped. But to do so is idolatry. It is worshipping the creature rather than the creator (Rom.1;24-25).

  1. There are two important diabolic guises.

The devil is a deceiver (rev.12;9). The apostle Paul warns the Corinthians that the devil can disguise himself as “an angel of light” (2 cor.11;14). Paul is writing about the danger of false teachers who disguise themselves as “apostles of Christ” (2 cor 11;13 ).

However, there is another guise that is not subtle at all. It shows itself in persecution. Peter uses a startling metaphor in application to the devil

(1 pet .5 ): “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” Peter has persecution for the faith in mind as the next verse shows (1 pet.5;9): “Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world.”

  1. After death come judgment and the fear of it. But if God has addressed the matter of judgment and put your name in the book of life, riotous, and faithful servants you have nothing to fear as you will be saved by the grace and mercy of God.
  2. Demon inhabitation is real.

Demon possession is the stuff of movies. The Exorcist comes to mind as a classic horror movie. However, some scholars contest the use of possession to characterize a demon’s grip on a human subject. These scholars prefer to describe the man presented in MARK 5as demonized. The traditional descriptor is “demon-possessed.” I prefer the descriptor “demon inhabited.”MARK 5;1-20 provides an illuminating example. Jesus permits the demons to come out of the man and to enter the pigs (cf. MARK 5;10-13).

Another example is the parable Jesus told of an unclean spirit going out of a person. The unclean spirit returns to the person who is compared to a house, which the returning evil spirits now indwell (LUKE 11;24-25). Spatial imagery is used in both instances. The idea of possession may give the impression of ownership, whereas the demons are squatters. The language of demonized may be too broad to be overly useful.

  1. Believers cannot be demon inhabited.

Can believers be demon inhabited? This is a question which many ask. Theologically considered, it is hard to believe that it is possible that a believer can both be a dwelling place for a demon and the temple of the indwelling Holy Spirit (1 COR .6; 16-19 ). However, there is every reason to believe that a believer may be demonized in the sense of oppressed by demonic malevolence (1 PET.5;8-9). Likewise, the devil may actively seek to harass a godly servant as Paul tells the Corinthians (2 COR.12-7).

In brief: inhabited, no; oppressed, yes. Demons will attached to you when you leave God, don’t worship God and pray for him, live sinful life, and you think that Jesus will save you! NO, it is not enough as Jesus depends on God, and only God can save you, protect you and in his power only you can defeat the devil.

  1. The devil and demons have no future with God.

It is surprising to learn that some very important early-church thinkers were of a very different opinion. Origen (d. c. AD 354) was one of the greatest speculative theologians in the history of the church. He argued that all will be saved, including the devil.

Gregory of Nyssa (AD 335–394) was more cautious about making the same claim. He hoped, though, that the devil will be saved. For his boldness, Origen was condemned by the Council of Constantinople II in AD 553, but Gregory of Nyssa was not. The scriptural testimony is plain—the devil and his servants, the false prophet and beast from the sea, will be in the lake of fire eternally (REV.20;9-10). One can surmise that the devil’s other servants, the demons, will face the same fate. And that what the holy book of Quran said too , that the devil and his followers will be in the lake of fire for ever and ever.

  1. We may have a blind spot.

Many great scientists from the Middle East, Asia who came to the West , trained and lived in the west and started adopting the west philosophy and leaving their spiritual life behind  came to realize that his western training had made them become unaware of the world of spirits both good and evil, which the majority world has never lost sight of.  

When we talk about God, angles, demons and spirits they called us backward people. And those who don’t believe in God look at us in a different way. But this is exactly what the devil wants, he wants to give them a blind spot.

Demons Who Feed On Human Energy

Man has no free will at the present time, but merely the power of choice over a certain area of incidents brought, by his ever growing consciousness, within the scope of his comprehension.” – 33rd Degree Freemason, MANLY P HALL.

Not many people are aware that there is an unseen world that surrounds each one of us which we cannot touch, or see with our own two eyes.

A world that escapes our vision, but is at play in everything we do. Some people call it the spirit world, elemental world, astral plane, or the supernatural.

This unseen world actually influences our destinies, to the point that some adepts such as Manly P. Hall claim that we do not simply have free will.

Sure, we can make simple day-to-day choices, but our future may already be predetermined, and our paths being led by supernatural entities that are often called demons, angels, elementals, and or parasites, Some of them being good, and many more being bad.

Many of the world’s leading authorities on spirituality and the occult confirm these facts.

The Swiss Hermes,PARACELSUS   von Hohenheim (1490-1541) once said, “I got into Meditation because I was inhibited. Turns out I was inhabited!” What Paracelsus was hinting to was the fact that we are not alone in our bodies, and on our path we call life. He had identified them as harmful parasitic organisms that feed off human energies.

Many of us humans create and attract these unseen bad creatures through our thoughts and actions. These creatures then feed on our flesh, blood, semen and energies.

If our parents were who could be called sinners, immoral or unethical, they pass along these creatures to us in the womb. As it is said, “God’s punishment as owing to both the sins of the fathers and the sins of the children, ” or “the apple doesn’t fall too from the tree.”

If we and our families which are born in sin do not correct these inequities against the natural laws which govern us, we become but born again de facto Satanists prone to serve the darkness throughout our lives

Millions upon millions of dark beings procreating their seeds and thus creating the evil world we see around us at the very moment. They fill every rank of our society from the highest to the lowest offices.

This is why we currently have an epidemic of war, violence, mental illness and disease in our world,  How you have thought, lived and sinned, will determine the entities that are attached to you at this very moment. The unseen entities are responsible of driving you sad, mad, making you angry, lazy, and stressed out.

Manly P. Hall had called them “strange creatures of other planes, “Creatures,” who he said. “Many of us would be frightened to death of if we could actually see them. And that what Prophet Mohammed also mentioned when he was asked about the demons.

We seldom realize that our passions,  hates , distrust, sins, lies, anger, aggression, oppression and stress create these demonical beings in the super physical world, but this is one of the secrets to black magic.

Every evil or debased thought and emotion of man helps build these tearing, rending creatures, the innate qualities of which become in the hands of those who know, agencies for the destruction of light. It also seems part of plan, that those who chain these demons shall themselves fall victims to their own slaves, for one after another, the black magicians are sucked into a maelstrom of the astral hell.”

As we know that most demons want to drink your light, just like what king Solomon’s demon did, drinking the light of stolen jewels, and his answer was that he needs to drink the light to remind him in the beginning of time when he was with the light of God before he became a falling angel following Lucifer.

These creatures Hall speaks of are sometimes referred to as in Latin, Incubus and SUCCUBUS. And in English it is named the “Mare.” Are Male and female demonic parasites. They were said by the Church Fathers such as SAINT AUGUSTINE and Saint Thomas, to be spirits that trouble both men and women when they sleep.

Manly P. Hall had written in the Secret Teachings of All Ages;

“The terms incubus and succubus have been applied indiscriminately by the Church Fathers to elementals. The incubus and succubus, however, are evil and unnatural creations, whereas elementals are a collective term for all the inhabitants of the four elemental essences.

 Jinn are demons but they have their own well and they follow different faith and religions.

According to Paracelsus, the incubus and succubus (which are male and female respectively) are parasitic creatures subsisting upon the evil thoughts and emotions of the astral body. These terms are also applied to the super physical organisms of sorcerers and black magicians.

By the ancient sages they were recognized as the invisible cause of vice because they hover in the ethers surrounding the morally weak, and continually incite them to excesses of a degrading nature.

For this reason they frequent the atmosphere of the dope den, the dive, and the brothel, where they attach themselves to those unfortunates who have given themselves up to iniquity. By permitting his senses to become deadened through indulgence in habit-forming drugs or alcoholic stimulants, the individual becomes temporarily en rapport with these denizens of the astral plane.

Visible only to those whose evil practices are the magnet for their attraction?”

Frantz Hartman had said this about on Incubus and Succubus:

“Incubus and Succubus are Male and female parasites growing out of the astral elements of man or woman in consequence of a lewd imagination.

 They are an Astral forms of dead persons (Elementaries), being consciously or instinctively attracted to such persons, manifesting their presence in tangible if not visible forms, and having carnal intercourse with their victims.

Some also are the astral bodies of sorcerers and witches visiting men or women for immoral purposes. The Incubus is male, and the Succubus female.

Steve Ramsey, PhD. Paranormal Expert. Researcher and investigator.

Forensic Demonologist.

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