Letter from a reader 
Message: Good Afternoon:

I am writing to you in regards to having my house cleansed of unwanted spirits or entities.  I have a very uneasy feeling when I am at home and my daughters and I have experienced things that are not normal.  Could you please email me at ( deleted for privacy ) to book an appointment, ASAP.. Thank you



Jenny Hansen

I emailed the concerned Mother .
Good Morning Jenny
May  God bless you and your kids.
I am sorry to reply late cause  I dont check the blog mails as I put my emails so everybody can email me in my personal e mail so I can answer them
faster.  I live and work in Calgary .Where are you located and  What is your address ? I need your permission to enter the house and do the 


Will you please  email me and send your permission. Tell me more about what are you feeling and  your experience 
regarding this entity , why you think it is an entity ? does it harm you and the kids? did the entity affected the 

electronic and lighting   . Do you smell strange smell bad or good. Any noise  activity , any shadows or  cold spots in the house.

Do you have any depressed feeling?  How many of you are in the house, how old is the house.
Any anger issue and depression or stress among any family members that might cause a poltergeist activity ?
I need the complete address of the house to research about the area around you, any grave yards, anybody passed away in the house?
I  do the prayers  in way that fit your believe system , are you Christian? any specific denomination ? I do the prayers using the 

Torah, new testament and the quran if it is OK with you.

 Is  the entity attached to one place, one room one area of the house and which area is that?

does  it attached itself to an object

What is your phone number so I can call  .   Please always e mail me at  drsteveramsey@gmail.com for faster response time . All the reader can do the same too.
As soon as I red your e mail early around 5 am I had very bad stomach ache and got so dizzy i had to wash my face and lay down praying . My feeling that what ever in your place do not want me near you house. I kept praying and took me about 30 min to feel better.
Are you a Mennonites by any chance ? how old are your kids . are you in any danger now.
E mail me ASAP so I can see set a time to check the place and explain the procedure ,and when I do that I need to make sure that one room of the house will be cleansed and protected first with prayers and other method to seal the room then the kids must stay in that room or somewhere else until I dont the prayers .
Things might happen if there is a strong entity such as nausea , vomiting fainting ill feeling in the stomach to any members of the family , these feeling  will go a way as we progress in prayers . The bad entity are weak spirit and all they can do is to scare us and make us feel sick  but with strong faith , and our trust in God all mighty those evil entity will vanish for good . We bring them to our lives and they will stay when we are weak or in doubt , or we are under stress and depression they take hold when we are broken and have anxiety or feeling lonely and lost , They are like wolves they attack the far away lamb of God .
Be STRONG jenny God is with us all , he has his plan for each of us and  no evil can harm until we invite him .
Pray to God, hold hands with you daughters and pray asking God to shine his light in your hearts and  your house and get rid of evil spirits repeat that and praise God name by his power only and ask him to defend you in his power and send st Michael to cleanse your house from the evil sprites.  
Clean your house, open the windows and let the sunshine in. put  open holy books , fresh water, fresh herbs in the house, light a candle  always close the washroom doors and always say in the name of God  I enter my house may God protect me and my family say that before you enter your house and when you leave  say In the name of God I exit my house please God protect me , my family and my house for the evil one bless me and bless my house amen.
Use sage, burn candle or sticks if you have it , I will bring you some . Put fresh water and a mirror on a table with the sage beside it and the holy book . use the table as the prayer center daily . When you feel weak or in fear go to this table light the candle put fresh water in a metal container , read the holy book or do rosary and look in the mirror assure yourself that you’re strong, you believe in yourself and God , and keep praying . Sprinkle holy water around the table or rain water . I will bring you some rain blessed water . Rain water is very strong  against the evil spirit .
Read some of the prayers that i have in my blog and also put the roqeua prayers and play it from the tape recorder or from the computer  the roqeya prayers are in my blog i will e mail you one now so you can play it in your house daily for 40 days it doesn’t have to be loud just put the prayers in each room leave the computer in each room and keep moving it . The prayer is about 1 hour move the computer to the basement upstairs and down stairs . 
Let me know please I believe in you , I dont judge you and I AM HERE TO HELP , BECAUSE I SAW THE GOOD AND BAD entities and I felt their effect in my life and the lives of others Including my mother.
Thank you very much    and remember please e mail me at  drsteveramsey@gmail.com   for fast answer 
Steve Ramsey . PhD – Calgary.