Greeting from Canada

Please push like , this is my life story on you tube, in arabic language , push like and share it. I appreciated allot. Go to the you tube link so you can share and push like

My dream is to go back to Iraq my home town and teach the ultrasound technology or creates a new program in the medical institute of baghdad or the health science college . I want to pass my knowledge and experience to those iraqi students and doctors who want to learn about ultrasound, in the  general , msk, obs, abdominal, vascular , pediatrics etc. If any one knows who to contact and how to start this please let me know with your connection we can pass our knowledge ,I want to go back , teach in Iraq, Die in Iraq,and buried beside my mother grave. If you have any connections in the educational ministry or health ministry please pass the word of my interest to teach this amazing technology and creates a new program.

Thank you so very much, and may God  bless all those who passed away from ours and your family,  . push like and share it if possible with all your friends, this program is new program and we need to show them that we do like and care for those who do good job, I appreciated and thank you so very much

SAAD RAMZI ISMAIL ALMAWLA ( Steve Ramsey)- Alberta – Canada

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