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“Although nature commences with reason and ends in experience it is necessary for us to do the opposite,

that is to commence with experience and from this to proceed to investigate the reason.”
– “Leonardo da Vinci”


Remember that in 95% of the time what you are experiencing is consistent with recognized illnesses of the mind that are known to cause symptoms like what you are experiencing. Conditions like schizophrenia, psychosis, paranoia, hysteria, audiophony, bipolar disorders,  and other disorders are not paranormal ability, You might hear and see things that others can not verified, see, or hear. These  are chemical imbalances in the brain, and there may be treatment available to help you, so please make sure it is true paranormal incidents and not caused by any psychological factors that can be triggered by aggression, stress, anger issue, depression  or other form of personality disorders.

 I considered myself as an empath, I can feel the presence of a spirit or entities.

I saw and felt so many good and bad spirits since I was 5 years old in Baghdad City and in many other countries. My self and the teams are an experienced paranormal research and investigational team based in the Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.

I engage in private investigations with expertise, objectiveness, discretion, open-mindedness and the latest scientific

equipment aimed at studying and measuring all forms of paranormal activity. I am always seeking to increase my knowledge

in regards to the paranormal as well as learning with open-mindedness. I use methods aimed at debunking and/or accounting

for outside interference which may hinder attempts to gain the truth for us and our clients.

I am also delighted in sharing our passion through public hunts and blogging, as a way of offering

the community the means to get involved and become educated, not only in regard to the paranormal

but also in the rich history of our area. This Paranormal Zone and The Haunting Dimensions web page is

dedicated not only for those who are interested in the paranormal investigation. 

We are experienced paranormal investigators who investigate claims of paranormal activity for personal research,

and for client assistance. We are a scientific based group whose investigations are based solely on scientific evidence. 

Our team consists of open-minded individuals who can approach an investigation with a skeptical, debunking approach

yet we are sensitive to your culture and background. 

Your priest or other helpers might help you for short time but their cleansing methods would not last for more than 90 days.

Many other cleansing methods could help you for a few days or a few weeks. My method will help to seal your house from any

negative energy. We can also tailor a cleansing method that fit your belief system and it is free of charge. I wish that

the paranormal investigator stop doing the cleansing leave it to the experts and do not give people false hope and use

them as guinea pigs by giving them a placebo effect. Some clients committed suicide because of those experienced

investigators told the clients that their place were cleared and cleansed and later they found it was not effective

at all and the demonic activity worsen leading to worse scenario and death of a client.

Yet the law and justice are on the sidewalk watching and doing nothing.

Those false paranormal investigators and the inexperienced should be liable in a court of law if they do not report

these cases of stress, depression, aggression and clients with suicidal thoughts. They caused abuse to the police,

social workers, and the clinical psychologist or a doctor after asking the client concern and convince them first to do the

right thing and clear their health facts and illnesses. DO NOT MISLEAD THE CLIENTS AND START LOOKING FOR GHOSTS.

Start looking for the sickness and illness first and other signs that might help the clients


 he/she had seen a specialist, a doctor or a priest.

We are currently looking for team members to join us such as a clinical psychologist, social workers, nurses, anger

management workers, computers and IT specialists, empath, healers, addiction nurse, geologist, biologist,

electricians, plumber, mechanical technician, demonologists, and occultist, etc., that like to help us when

we need them in the paranormal investigation. REMEMBER THAT OUR SERVICE IS FREE.


Please email me at drsteveramsey@gmail.com  and ask to be part of our team. We will talk and chat with emails,

phones, and do a general meeting at lest three times a year.

If you have a true paranormal story that you wouldn’t mind sharing with other readers, send it to

my email drsteveramsey@gmail.com so I can publish it for you here in my blog.

It could be about:

  • ghosts and poltergeists
  • out-of-body experiences
  • unexplained phenomena
  • strange creatures
  • bizarre coincidences
  • premonitions and ESP
  • prophetic dreams
  • unexplained sightings
  • past life experiences
  • near-death experiences
  • time and dimension slips
  • haunted hospitals, nursing homes, fire departments and clinics
  • haunted pet hospitals and pet stories. 
  • haunted grave sites and old building, prisons or funeral homes.
  • haunted caves, mountains, desert, and woods.
  • UFO stories, bigfoot sighting, and any paranormal anomaly that you can photograph record or both.
  • anything strange and unusual.

There is only one main rule, It must be to the best of your knowledge and true based story.

Any selected story will be posted anonymously, but your name will published if you like to.

Please be aware that I might publish your stories on this website and do not be offended

 if your story is not chosen. 


Send me your stories, ideas, experiences, or if you need any service you can contact me at my email for fast response.

For those who live outside Calgary who needs an investigation or cleansing service,

 I will recommend credible paranormal investigators in that area.

Thank you very much for visiting our Blog, Please share your comment with us.

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