Why does God allow suffering

Traumatic memories

Steve. Ramsey,PhD. MSc,Rmsks,Rdms,Rvt,Crvs.Crgs

Steve. Ramsey,PhD. MSc,Rmsks,Rdms,R…

1. Suffering humbles us.

Suffering reminds us of our humanity, of our finiteness. When we go through sickness or loss, we are reminded that we are not in control of our lives.

Bloom writes, “God gives us grace in opposing our pride, for ‘the humble will dwell with God’ (Isa. 57:15). Humility is our greatest friend, and often comes through no other avenue than by suffering in our lives.”

In Psalm 119:71, David says what so many of us already know by experience: “It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees.”

2. Suffering drives us to dependence on God.

Pain and suffering cause us to run to God with our need. When we realize we are not in control and that our lives are a “mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes” (James 4:14), we cling to our God in heaven, who alone is our rock and sure foundation.

Suffering drives us to lean on God like nothing else can, and it allows us to see that God is enough. It allows us to see that we have something worth far more than anything this earth can afford.

3. Suffering reminds us that this world is not our home.

Suffering and pain cause us to long for our heavenly home and live more fully for eternity. Suffering shocks us into remembering that we are “temporary residents and foreigners” on this earth (1 Peter 2:11) and “this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come” (Heb. 13:14).

When this happens, we redirect our lives with an eternal purpose than before, and we focus more on pleasing the Lord.

The good news in our suffering is that, according to Dave Willis, “Because of Jesus, all our pain is temporary and all our joy is eternal.” Paul writes, “The sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us” (Rom. 8:18)—”an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison.” (2 Cor.4:17).

Most everyone has at least one traumatic memory embedded in their brains. One that still resonates for me was the time when the evil Iraqi army and police came to our house and dragged my father from the house hitting him with sticks and kicking him and took him with them in the army car to the political prison in Baghdad. Later he told us his torture story and his worst nightmare of his 5 years in Baghdad prison. I shouted at those thugs from the balcony, leave my dad alone you cowered Iraqi idiot’s police.

 One of the guards pointed a gun at me, the officer asked him to put it down and then they took my dad and left with a large army van full of political prisoners.

I used t wonder why people prison other people just because they oppose them and fight for human rights issues, why there is no freedom of speech and demonstration. Why Iraqi government and all Middleast governments are s sadists, thugs, killers, murderers with no fair justice including the evil Iranian government.Why we trust those clergy thugs and so-called religious leaders to bring our country to war and destruction!

When I got out of school I used to go to work so I can help my mother as all my other brothers did

.In Iraq there is no welfare system especially to those families with al political prisoner-parent.

After work, I used to go for a walk, window shopping and relaxing my mind used to see all those rich kids with their parents buying gifts and enjoying life with their beautiful cars and clothes and they were able to buy everything they want especially if they support the government.

 I used to say to myself why God allow injustices, poverty, starvation, and misery among humankind, is it a test to our faith and strength? And why the children have to pay and carry the struggle of their parents? But the silent God never answer me with words until later.

I asked my mother that question too, and I told her I don’t think that  God cares at all. She used to tell me that he does and he has his own reason for everything. She told me that my dad was a hero, he stood for what’s right for the people and the country.

Then why they put heroes in prison mom? I asked

This country and most countries in the Middleast are run by coward people, who are on the sideline, who turn a deaf ear and blind eyes on righteousness or helping others, hypocrites, thugs,  corrupt and they will get what they deserve one day, My mm answered.

 I tried hard to block so many bad and sad memories but it was and still is so hard as I always dream of the past every time I tried to block them as of something try to tell me that I must keep remember them to make appreciate what I have now. Appreciate the freedom and peace of mind without worrying about going to prison for my political choice. There are so many memories that I can write dozens of books about them but I am not alone.

 Many of us have memories from a bad relationships, a car accident, a rape, a natural disaster such as an earthquake, hurricane survivor, run away from ethnic cleansing such as the one in the Evil country of Burma, a violent parent, a drunken husband, an assault, prisoner in the evil countries of Iran, Iraq and Syria, deportation immigrants from the USA, and the horrors of wars.

Experiences like these are more common than you might think, Not all of these memories cause people to experience trauma later in life, but they can cause problems for many, and for some, they can be debilitating.

 People with post-traumatic stress syndrome can become hypersensitive, with nerves on a permanent state of high alert. Fear and anxiety recur without warning, and nightmares can ruin sleep. They can also have paranormal experiences and this topic I will cover separately as 99% of these paranormal experiences caused by anxiety disorders, stress and depression issues, monoxide carbon increases especially among the poor families who live in poor housing conditions.

 But now there are simple, yet effective, ways to actually erase the traumatic emotions that often accompany these memories so that they can finally be put to rest. Many people can do this work on their own. For more difficult traumatic memories, working with a therapist who specializes in healing trauma can be helpful.

New findings from the field of affective neuroscience can help people heal traumatic memories that can contribute to PTSD, depression, bipolar, and even Alzheimer’s. One of the things we are learning about memories is critically important: Though the brain is particularly good at recording bad memories, they are not permanently locked into the brain’s memory banks, as we once thought. Whenever we actively recall a memory, it transforms and becomes vulnerable to modification.

When we recall a memory it becomes a little unstable and for a window of perhaps two or three hours, it’s possible to modify it before it settles down again, or “reconsolidates,” in the brain. That’s why, paradoxically, recalling bad memories can help us heal from old wounds. Reliving traumatic moments again in a condition of safety can help a person disconnect the memory from the painful “alarm” mechanisms that are the source of so much discomfort.

My intake on this book is that these processes don’t erase the memory. I agree that it’s empowering to think about what has happened and how we’ve dealt with it. What these do is to take away the traumatic and fearful feelings that often accompany the memory.

They take away the post-traumatic aspects so we can live easily on the other side of the pain. We should fight back, think positive, trust in the lord and his work, keep work smart and hard and move forward, have good friends, seek help and therapists and try to expose those evildoer in the world who repress and kill other minorities anywhere in the world from Iran, Syria, Iraq, Burma, Russia,  and all other evil countries in the world .

It is great to take a moment even when you are facing horrible times and memories, to think about the wonderful people who have helped to pull you through this and who have never left you.

Those are the things that I hope that I would be able to fixate on, the strength and the sanity that I would be able to derive from others in my life; those who have given me the courage and the encouragement all along to keep moving forward even in the face of adversity and fear like my mother, my friends, my teachers, my books, especially the holy books, and of course God.

Thank you for reading, be part of the history and stop watching from the sideline and doing nothing, write, activate people about issues that affect our mankind struggle toward justice, equality, dignity, fairness, kindness and be part of the solution.

Steve Ramsey. Calgary – Alberta

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