What’s the point of sending people to Mars if they can not take care of earth?

Given the success humans have had to explore Mars with robots, you might ask why NASA and others are so bent on sending people there — which will be way more difficult, more expensive, and more dangerous.

The cynical answer: Egotism and foolishness. There’s no good reason to send a person to Mars. Unmanned probes like Curiosity can explore it way more effectively than humans for a fraction of the cost, with no health risk to astronauts.

Long-term plans to try making Mars habitable for humans are escapist and absolve us of the responsibility of taking care of the perfectly habitable planet we already have. And politicians, grant plans to send people there are delusional, unrealistic fantasies.

The inspirational answer: A spirit of exploration has defined our species from the start. It’s what’s led us to cross the oceans and climb the world’s mountains — and now it compels us towards the next frontier, that of interplanetary travel.

A human Mars mission would mark a new era in the history of our species. Like the moonshot, it would demonstrate the remarkable heights we can achieve when we devote huge amounts of energy and resources toward a truly ambitious goal, rather than war or incremental technological progress. It would give us firsthand knowledge of the planet most like Earth — and open up the possibility that humans might someday be able to colonize it, in case Earth’s environment is irrevocably damaged.

Human will destroy mars s they did to earth and then want to keep destroying planets and creates animal then kill them, abuses them, torture them, eat them and invent ways to control everything!

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