What and where is the soul how can we change this energy? By Steve Ramsey

What and where is the soul how can we change this energy?
There comes a point when, despite numerous prayers for healing and the efforts of doctors and modern medicine, it becomes clear that a loved one will not recover. The idea that he or she will not be around much longer is hard to swallow. How can this person, your partner , parents, family member, friend ,relative or your pet who have been part of your life for so long, really go away?  When I lost my favorite pet I cried and was so sad more than when I lost a family member and i wanted to now where is my pet soul and how can I communicate and pray for  my beloved cat Samira. I studied so many books and did so many ceremonies to find out where her soul is gone. Was not until I stopped thinking of her I started to feel her presence in my rented  house deep in the jungle of Brunei in South East Asia where I spent 7 years of my life working and researching On the Chinese ghost festival night  I was watching some  TV while heavy rain and thunder were hammering the area and the lightening flash and light the side window of the house ,when I started seen a car figure with the same meowing voice and looks  of my cat samira ,but every time i come close to the window to let the cat in she will vanish . I was thinking it was a stray cat and i was trying to get her in my dry place away from the rain.
When I went to my bed at that night and closed my eyes to sleep I felt a cat jumped to my bed and started to move exactly as my cat Samira used to do walk around and find a comfortable spot in my bed close to my arm .I can feel the impression of her feet on the bed I was frozen but I was not  afraid at all I was observing how this soul can let me feel her presence and her mass and weight over the bed it was a wonderful feeling . I extended my arm to reach her spot but I cant feel her in my hand .Then i started hearing her burr sound and she stayed burring until I slept .
Next day I woke up and looked form the window from the second floor toward the garden where i berried my cat samira in a rose garden, Samira passed away in my arms March 12 same day of my birthday. 
Samira came to my life unexpectedly when the pilot of the king of Brunei brought a small cat from Francisco California  with him to his 6 years old daughter . The cat was few months old then his wife took the child and went back to the USA and they left the small cat behind . The pilot gave the cat to the chief nurse and she didn’t have time to take care of her so she made a party and invited about 9 people and she told us that we all are going to sit in the launch room  and she will let the cat lose from the other side of the house and when the cat come and touch the first person that person must take the cat.
I was sitting way at the end and I felt that there was no way that the cat will touch me as I was far.
I didn’t look at her and pulled my leg to the chair which was big mistake because cats like those who ignore them, so she went around and came close to me and jumped in my chair …..NO,  no  I said you are cheating me ,may be you put a catnip in this chair . NO 
Every body laughed and pointed at me and said no it is fair and square the cat is yours.The rest was history she stayed with me 5 years. She saved me from  a black cobra and scorpion in my show the second scorpion bit her  .The scorpion poison effected her one year later despite that i spent almost 2000 to treat her but at he end her kidney and liver shut down. Her energy still with me.
In physics, energy is the quantitative property that must be transferred to an object in order to perform work on, or to heat, the object. Energy is a conserved quantity; the law of conservation of energy states that energy can be converted in form, but not created or destroyed.  To describe “what spirit is,” the best we can do is describe what spirit isn’t. In 1907, Duncan MacDougall claimed he had measured the soul, by weighing people just before and just after death. His claim for the soul’s weight was 21 grams (which is, incidentally, half of 42, the answer to life, the universe and everything). It has been shown that this was simply due to error in recording and sloppy experimentation.  

We  Can not measure the soul yet as the Holy book mentioned , that when the day will come and the human race will be very close to understand and thin they can duplicate the soul ,God will destroy this earth  and the judgment day will come upon us all. But now we cant measure it,  not with anything close to what we have now. 

Changing your standard to higher standard in faith , dealing with situation in positive way and asking God for forgiveness and guidance then belief that God will help you but you have to work for it and not just wish it . 

Joshua 1-9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”  

 In Kabbalistic tradition, we call this source of energy ( soul and human spirit)  EnSof, the all and the nothing, a paradox that is beyond the comprehension of our human minds.  We have an affirmation that states “All the Power That Ever Was or Will Be is Here Now!” Though simple, this is a powerful and deeply esoteric statement that becomes more and more true for me every day.  When we can ultimately plug into this source and flow it in our daily lives, we can truly live lives of magick and miracles.  

 The quantity and quality of energy invoked is determined by precise metaphysical laws, not by the whim of a mythical deity. Likewise the greater the quantity and quality of this energy, and the better it is directed to its target, the more effect it will have.Spiritual energy   

God created the soul from his light the spirit and the angels  from his light but the light of God is not like the light we know 

he is living light . Very roughly speaking, when most people think about an immaterial soul that persists after death, they have in mind some sort of blob of spirit energy that takes up residence near our brain, and drives around our body like a soccer mom driving an SUV. The questions are these: what form does that spirit energy take, and how does it interact with our ordinary atoms? Not only is new physics required, but dramatically new physics. there can’t be a new collection of “spirit particles” and “spirit forces” that interact with our regular atoms, because we would have detected them in existing experiments. Ockham’s razor is not on your side here, since you have to posit a completely new realm of reality obeying very different rules than the ones we know.

There are 4 basic ways in which a spirit or ghost may manifest itself. The one that most people think of but is probably the least common is a visual apparition. For the investigator, catching something like this on film is the holy grail of evidence. In this form of manifestation the ghost or spirit appears in physical form. They may look like a normal, living person, a semitransparent wispy figure, or anywhere in between. Visual apparitions may also be of animals or objects.

The second form of manifestation is through sounds. These may be disembodied footsteps, the sounds of doors opening and closing, music, or speech. Often, in the cases where speech is heard, it is muffled conversations from an empty room and there are many reports of people hearing their name being called. These are of course just a few examples

In the third form, scents or smells are detected. Often times there are reports of smelling flowers or cologne. Pipe, cigarette and cigar smoke scents are very common as well. These scents usually do not last long. Typically, someone will catch a brief smell and about the time they recognize it, it is gone. Some form also includes touch and test as our 5 senses

The last form is tactile. Like the others this can take several forms as well. A common example is feeling a cold spot in a room. These spots are believed to be caused by a spirit absorbing the energy in a room to assist in further manifestation. Heat is just another form of energy and when used by a spirit can drop the temperature 10 degrees or more. Sometimes it is a small area that is affected and sometimes a whole room. Tactile manifestations can also take the form of being touched, like a hand on the shoulder or a poke in the side. Sometimes hair is pulled or a piece of clothing is tugged on. These are generally very slight but can be forceful in nature.

These different ways a ghost or spirit may manifest may happen individually or together. The combinations are as varied as the hauntings they are associated with.

We live in the realm of matter. We are physical beings dwelling on a physical earth in a physical universe. All that is in the realm of matter is composed of the basic building blocks of all matter―atoms. We also know that atoms are not the smallest particles of matter. Atoms are themselves composed of protons, neutrons and electrons. And, from the field of particle physics, we know that protons and neutrons are also composed of numerous smaller particles that have names like quarks, leptons, bosons, etc.

We are always manifesting. Each thought we have creates an energy flow within and around our physical beings. This energy attracts its likeness. So if you’re thinking, “I suck,” then your energy kinda, well, sucks — and you attract sucky experiences.

The opposite experience occurs when you think high-level thoughts like, “I rock!” When you think and feel, “I rock,” you exude an energy of confidence and in turn attract great experiences into your life. Each thought you have informs your energy, and your energy manifests into your experiences. Your thoughts and energy create your reality.

Before you begin the manifestation process, you must take the necessary time to release all your disbelief in your power to be happy. One of the best ways to clear the blocks of disbelief is to pray for release. Begin a daily prayer practice of asking God to set you free from all the limiting beliefs that block you from believing in your greatness, like repent and ask for forgiveness and undo the bad things you done to others .

  Stay open for signs in your daily life, dreams, people help and gesture etc , and show up for the assignments that are brought to you. God  assignments come in many forms. Maybe you’re guided to the relationship that brings up all your mistakes and fix your self and  your marriage so that you have to finally heal your fear. Or maybe you lose your job so that you can learn the lessons of self-reliance and strengthen your self-love. Trust that these assignments, however tough at times, are incredible opportunities for you to clean your energy and clear space to call in what you desire. You dont leave your job because you are bad worker ,you are leaving a culture of  toxic environment so you can gain self respect and tell your boss to shove it.But you must be smart because you always need plan B.  

Your job in this step is to pray for guidance to clear all that blocks you from believing in your greatness. Then allow God  to help guide you to whatever assignments you need to aid in the healing process. Show up for the assignments, and trust that the more you clean your thoughts and energy, the more positive experiences you will attract into your life. That is why they say think positive and will attract positive in most time .

 You must have clear intentions for what you want to call in — otherwise you can manifest a lot of what you don’t want. Focus on what you desire and then make a list of all that goes along with it. If you’re getting clear about the job you want, make a list of all the things about the job that make you happy: the office, the people, the salary, etc. Be unapologetic about what you want. This list helps you clarify your intentions and access a vibrant mental picture of what you desire.The most important part of this step is to clarify how you want to feel. When you get clear on how you want to feel, you can begin to access that feeling. That feeling is what makes the manifestation come into form. You can write a thousand lists and make a million vision boards, but if you don’t clearly feel what you want to experience, it will never truly manifest into form.

The next step is crucial to the manifestation process. In order to truly manifest your desires into form, you gotta chill out! A Course in Miracles teaches: “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety.” Take this message with you and allow your faithfulness to guide you into the belief that what you desire is on the way. Also trust that the universe has a much better plan than you do. Though you are clear about what you want, you cannot control the timing or the form in which it comes. Stay calm, relax and trust that the universe has your back! Be sure that God will deliver his help

When you’have blind faith in God that he will help you , you’re deliberate about what you want. When you’re in the know, you no longer vibrate energy of fear or disbelief. You just know. Be patient in God wisdom and power.

  As your disbelief wilts away, wanting is replaced by knowing. Getting into the know happens naturally.

 When you diligently pray for him , say grace for him, walk with him, help the misfortune , clear your thought from bad ideas and negative people who lead you to bad influence, you will clean the body, get clear and feel happier. This process is healing and powerful, and it leads to a deep inner knowing that you are right where you need to be. Accepting your greatness in this moment, right now, is what manifests more greatness. Being in the know helps you accept that you already are living in your desired manifestation. When you feel it, you live it — regardless of what is happening on the outside. In time, the universe catches up with your energy and your desires come into form. This process of allowing the manifestation to follow your internal faith is the true process of co-creation.

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