We like to be asked and not told by toxic vampires

 We’re told at young age what to do. We learn to read and write and use tools for creative expression, and then we are told how to use those tools, stifling your own ideas of what you want to do and seemingly undermining the point of being able to express yourself.

Then we go to our adulthood, high school and college life and understand that we were being told what to do because we had more to learning to do. Ok, We learn more stuff and told to progress to higher level of knowledge , and  gain a complex knowledge of how to express ourselves than just using the superficial understanding thereof. We’re still being told what to do, with the promise that when you’re even older, you’ll have complete control over your life.

Then we become older, thinking that we are the master of our world now, but this is not what we find as we will be told that we   need to contribute to society, which normally require us to go to work and being told what to do by our bosses. Its ongoing learning and the worse those younger workers start making fun of you and tell you what to do because they are sharper and faster than you in some areas and they think they know it all.

And we still feel like we have no control over your lifelong pursuits. So after all of those years when those younger generation start to tell you what to do no wonder why some of us explode at them and show them to start with asking and respect. But they faster than you to go to the boss and complain and he or she will listen to them in 90% of the time as they are his favorites, get pay less, serve him well and they are his little spies . Some of those young generation of work will go and become   bullies, and toxic workers suck the sunshine out of a beautiful day , they become a part of the  problem rather than solution finder , they lose focus and the team work .

The tunnel vision workers that they become are usually backstabber they badmouth other workers and expose their minor faults and make it a big deal to gain favor from the boss. They are fast to complain before you and complain about everything and that can be very negative influence in your life.

Those who tell you rather than ask you are always asking for favors, freebies, and they don’t follow the routine order. They exaggerate their accomplishment and let you hear what they want to tell you, they make you feel defensive and make you always explain yourself. They ask you to make the policy and procedures, protocols and then they will criticize you, and take the project add few tail notes to it and sign it as their own work. They are always in it for themselves, without sense of teamwork and respect.

Those toxic bullies also a big talker as soon as you meat one of them they tell you all their life story and what they did and they don’t give you a chance to share your input and your part as they are not interested in you, they don’t even know your last name or what you do for living .They don’t make you feel at all, you feel stress and unease to be around them. Unfortunately more than 50% of them are women as many papers indicated.

Nothing dies in this universe , everything simply just transformed to different energy and data including our thought and subconscious mind .

Steve Ramsey, Ph.D

Okotoks, AB, Canada.

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