USA GHOST STORIES PART 2 BY staff, excellent reading materiel can be found with this web site of cold spot paranormal research group. this is some of the items review of there excellent work

Beverly Hills Ghosts: Woman In White

Beverly Hills California Los Angeles ghosts haunted paranormal

Location: Beverly Hills, California, USA

Ghost report on October 23, 2015:

“Me and my cousin moved into a large house in Beverly Hills after we got a job there. When we first moved there, I felt like a presence was there watching us, but I avoided it. And things were a little messed up, like small things starting to disappear all by itself and things not found where we kept them. It was only one month after we moved in when things started getting worse.

One day I was just watching the TV while my cousin was sleeping upstairs in her room. After 6-7 minutes my cousin came down and asked if I was knocking on her bedroom door, and I replied no. She again went to sleep and shortly after that she screamed from her room. I immediately went up and asked her what was going on. She said she again heard knocking on the door and when she opened it she saw no one, but out of the corner of her eye she saw a white figure running in the kitchen. She thought it was her imagination, but decided to check there and saw the same white figure staring at her then disappear.

Shortly after that our four year-old cousin Kaelyn came to stay with us for a week. When she first entered she began to stare at the corner of the hall. When we asked what she was staring at she pointed at the corner of the hall and asked “Who is she?” But there was no one. That night she started crying without a reason and said that the women she had seen in the hall had followed her upstairs.

I decided to sleep with her as she was very scared. At midnight something woke me up, it was a white figure and it told me to go away. When I went closer to get a clear view, I saw that the white figure was a woman all in white, even her hair and her skin were white. It freaked me out. As I got closer to touch her she disappeared.”



Lewisville Ghosts: Grandma Comes To Visit Baby

Lewisville Texas ghosts haunted paranormal

Location: Lewisville, Texas, USA

Ghost report by Bonnie on March 12, 2015:

“My mother told me this story of when I was two months old. It was the summer of 78′ and I was the first-born child and my mother was very proud of her daughter. However she said that I was very independent from the start and didn’t care much for being rocked to sleep. So after she would play with me a while she would nurse me I would want my bassinet and pillow (yes I said pillow it WAS the 70’s and I did survive). But in my bassinet I would sleep contentedly until my next feeding.

Every morning around 7, after my dad would leave for work, she would move the bassinet into the living room and put it by the edge of the couch and after feeding me she would lay me down in the bassinet. She would turn the tv on PBS, but have the audio set to barely a mummer. She would then get cozy on the couch with me right at her feet and she would doze off herself as well, as most new mothers tend to do.

This morning was no different except that something that I feel was her mothers’ intuition woke her from her nap. She immediately looked towards the end of the couch where I lay asleep in the bassinet to see what she first thought was an intruder. She was so startled that at first she didn’t move. However this “intruder” didn’t move or make a sound, she was simply standing on her tip toes and smiling as she looked down to take a peek at the tiny baby girl fast asleep in the bassinet.

My mom, now realizing this was not an intruder, sat up and it was then the apparition looked for a second before turning her attention back at the sleeping baby. My mom was so scared at this point she layed back down, looked at the tv, and could remember Mr. Peppermint being on the television. She then looked again at the unphased ghost and realized for certain she wasn’t dreaming. She closed her eyes for what she said was a long time before opening them again.

Being she didn’t want anyone to think she was crazy or over stressed with a new baby, she didn’t tell any body for months. And finally one day when I was nine months old she told my dad about the smiling dark eyed gray-headed little old lady and in disbelief he looked at my mother and said matter of factly, ‘Honey, that was my mother…’

After all is said and done my mom still gets chills when thinking about my grandmother’s visit. I, on the other hand, smile to think that my grandmother would come to see her first grandchild. Maybe it’s the simple bond between us because I was after all named after her… Bonnie.”


Bakersfield Ghosts: Heavy Breathing in My Ear

Location: Bakersfield, California, USA

The following report was sent into our website by Tyler on February 15, 2015:

“This happened about 7 yrs ago. I was staying over at a girlfriend’s house one night and it was somewhere around 3 or 4 am. I was half-conscious laying on my right side on the right side of the bed. She was on the left side facing the wall. The bedroom door was about 10 feet away. Well, as I was laying there, from the door footsteps across the wooden floor began to pick up pace to a full run and stop directly on me. I felt pressure along my right side push me down into the mattress and a heavy breathing which I felt directly in my ear. I literally could not move, couldn’t speak. I was wide awake in my mind but could not control my body, I was paralyzed it felt like. I kept telling myself with this heavy breathing in my ear, “don’t open your eyes, don’t open your eyes, you don’t want to see this”.

It probably lasted over a minute, but felt like forever. The breathing stopped. I could feel the pressure release and myself raise in the mattress. I was able to snap up to my elbow and I just yelled in the direction of the door,“enough! Leave me alone!” Needless to say I didn’t go back to sleep after that.

Now, I knew the house had something going on there because they told me a few nights prior. They showed me a video they shot themselves of a dark hooded figure standing against the wall. and this capture was on complete accident. It was the most amazing footage I’ve seen. I’m pretty sure that was what came at me…it definitely didn’t feel friendly. Like it was upset I was there. I still remember that night like it was yesterday.”


Oklahoma City Ghosts: Angel Gives Warning

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

The following report was sent into our website by Darrin on February 13, 2015:

“When I was around 11 years old my mother, brother, and I had kind of fell on hard times. We were almost homeless, but one of my mom’s longtime friends and her husband let us move into one of their rentals. Apparently when the my mom’s friend was younger she was very big into the occult and black magic.

My room was the basement. Once when it flooded we had to take up the carpet and there were pentagrams and other symbols painted on the concrete. My mom and I were constantly sick the entire time we lived there, also our relationship became very estranged. She actually became very physically and emotionally abusive towards me.

After a couple of years my brother, whom was a youth minister at a small church in the city, gained custody of one of his church kids. It was great because Kenny and I were already good friends and he was a year older than me so I had a partner in crime. One night Kenny and I had snuck out the side patio doors to go have a cigarette. It was cold so we smoked in the unattached garage. I got an eerie feeling and looked over at Kenny who was staring wide-eyed over my shoulder. Then I heard a loud voice say “GET OUT NOW!” We both ran towards the house, maybe 20 feet. And in this short time the entire garage was engulfed in flames. I looked back, and saw what appeared to be a dark shadow float across the stockade fence away from the garage. It terrified me. We both went and slept in the floor of my mom’s bedroom. I was 14 he was 15 we might as well have been 4 and 5.

The next day Kenny asked me if I saw it, I told him about the shadow. He said he hadn’t seen a shadow, but a large glowing figure he termed an angel, and he swore that is what warned us to get out.

We moved to a new house and shortly after my health returned to normal, and me and my mom’s relationship got better as well!”

New Melle Ghosts: Widow’s Husband Hangs Around

Location: New Melle, Missouri, USA

The following report was sent into our website by Thomas on Sept 24, 2014:

“This is a bit of a strange haunting. I have not mentioned any names so that the people involved can remain nameless, and to protect their collective privacy. This story is about a tragic death and the spirit who chose not to move on to the other side.

The haunting started almost immediately upon his death. He visited his widow as she sleep that night, saying he was sorry and would watch over her and their two children.

After a period of grieving, this woman started to date again.

The first poor man she dated was going to spend the night. When he went to sleep, he was awakened by a violent shaking and he felt a cold wind rush over him. The man sprang from the bed and the spirit’s widow asked what was wrong. The man told her what had happened as he hastily got dressed and left. He never came back.

A few years went by and the widow remarried. There were no incidents the entire time they dated. However, when they got married it all started again. This time the widow’s husband was showing himself to the new husband. He would manifest into a shadow form and rush the new husband. This frightened the man so much he left his new wife and filed for divorce. I would like to see the divorce papers. Irreconcilable differences due to paranormal activity sounds about right.

This is where I come into the story. I started dating the widow, now a divorced woman a little before she was divorced. We always were at my apartment so everything was fine at first. Then I started to stay at her home every once in a while. That is when the activity started.

The first night I stayed over, I was awakened by a rush of cold air. I looked up to see no one there. I did not think much about it and went back to sleep.

A few weeks went by and I was painting the kitchen. As I was painting the wall, a green orb floated in front of my face. I got really cold and all the hairs on my body stood up. I stopped and said “if you want to help, grab a brush. If not, do not bother me right now.”

I finished painting and was not bothered again for a day or two. I was walking down into the basement and felt someone shove me from behind; I only slipped down the remaining steps and when I looked back, I saw the shadowy outline of a figure that just simply faded away.

The following day I was taking a nap on the couch when I was violently pulled by the arm and landed on the floor. I did not see anyone or anything this time. There was no one home at the time except myself.

I was never afraid of the ghost, it seemed the more I interacted with it seemed to lessen the activity. Maybe he just gave up or maybe he decided that I was not such a bad person after all.

The widow’s ghost never did succeed in breaking us up. We just wanted different things in life and went our separate ways.

She has remarried and has since moved out of the house. I have always wondered if her deceased husband followed her, or did he stay behind in the house that he built himself. I have always wanted to visit the house to see if the new owners are experiencing any paranormal activity. Nevertheless, how do you knock on a stranger’s door and ask if they are being haunted?”


New Haven Ghosts: Woman Dressed In A Huge Hoop Skirt

Location: New Haven, Missouri, United States

The following report was sent into our website by Thomas on Aug 27, 2014:

“When I was about 11 yrs old, my family moved into a very old farmhouse. I went with my uncle to the house about a week before we moved in. My uncle was in the basement looking around, hoping to find some antiques. So, getting bored, I went upstairs to the first floor. And that’s when I heard someone coming down the stairs. Not really thinking about it, I walked to the sound of the footsteps. I get to the stairs and I look up and see a woman dressed in a huge hoop skirt that went down to the floor. I thought she was dressed odd, and I could hear the rustling of her dress as she turned towards me. We look at each other, and right when I was going to say “hi” my uncle came up from the basement and I turned around, and when I turned back around she was gone!

After living here for about two or three days, I was asleep and someone had grabbed me and shook me really hard. I woke just in time to see no one shaking my brother in the same way. He says “why did you wake me up?”. I said “I didn’t I am way over here”. He screamed and turned on the light.

So, the next day I was awake, and this time I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. The door opened, but this time I got out of bed and I watched my brother get shaken again. So, after this I set my alarm and woke up in time so the shaking’ s stopped.

I never felt threatened or scared the whole five years we lived there. I just think it was the lady of the house doing what she did for all those years living on that farm. I can still picture her with her black eyes and shimmering satin dress. But I never felt threatened, and I hope she has moved on to a better place.”

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