Friction is a force that is around us all the time that opposes relative motion between systems in contact but also allows us to move (which you have discovered if you have ever tried to walk on ice). While a common force, the behavior of friction is actually very complicated and is still not completely understood. We have to rely heavily on observations for whatever understandings we can gain. However, we can still deal with its more elementary general characteristics and understand the circumstances in which it behaves. If you walk on land and then suddenly start walking in the mud your forward motion will be slow and you struggle to move forward, more struggle you put the deeper you go in the mud and trouble.

So don’t struggle with God and faith he is the balancer of your life and the evil one is the mud who pulls you toward trouble land and destroy your faith and relationships. 

Friction is a force that opposes relative motion between systems in contact. You need positive friction that brings a good forward motion with a positive result and peaceful outcome, so let the holy spirit guide you and don’t struggle with it let God be your gravity and you will see the difference.

The devil can lead you away from the mud sometimes and lure you toward a sandy place but when you follow him and follow your temptation toward what you think it safe sand and solid land it will turn into quicksand to pull you deeper in your trouble and demise.

One of the simpler characteristics of friction is that it is parallel to the contact surface between systems and always in a direction that opposes the motion or attempted motion of the systems relative to each other.

If two systems are in contact and moving relative to one another, then the friction between them is called kinetic friction. For example, friction slows a hockey puck sliding on ice. But when objects are stationary, static friction can act between them; the static friction is usually greater than the kinetic friction between the objects. Same thing with you and God you need him and he is the provider of your motion, more faith you put more positive result you get .more good action and good deed you do more and equal reaction you get in the earth and 10 folds from God.

Kinetic Friction; If two systems are in contact and moving relative to one another, then the friction between them is called kinetic friction. So f you in contact with God in your daily prayers and put him in your heart in every second, the holy spirit will provide you with that satisfaction and peace of mind, clear your thought and cleanse your spirits from the unwanted desires.

Imagine, for example, trying to slide a heavy crate across a concrete floor—you may push harder and harder on the crate and not move it at all. This means that the static friction responds to what you do—it increases to be equal to and in the opposite direction of your push. But if you finally push hard enough, the crate seems to slip suddenly and starts to move.

Once in motion, it is easier to keep it in motion than it was to get it started, indicating that the kinetic friction force is less than the static friction force. If you add mass to the crate, say by placing a box on top of it, you need to push even harder to get it started and also to keep it moving. Furthermore, if you oiled the concrete you would find it to be easier to get the crate started and keep it going (as you might expect).

The more strong your faith is the greater your push forward will be, and the harder will be for the devil to influence your life. Sturgle is part of faith to make you strong, along with a test of faith.

 Forces (including gravity and friction) can affect the speed and direction of an object. So if your force comes from God who sends the holy spirit to do his work, will lead you toward a positive outcome with the gravity of his light and love and the friction of the holy spirit in your life. It will give us hope as without hope we will fall in despair and we will not move forward toward success but stay still or get lost in different directions and deeper in trouble. like the quicksand that pulls us down the more, we struggle the more we drawn in our troubles. 

Gravity is a force that always attracts or pulls objects toward each other without direct contact or impact. God created this to help us move and live.  the act of God creation and his mercy to protect and provided us with balance and to show us that everything is running toward him toward the light, escaping to the outside away from the evil influence from within. Gravitational attraction depends on the mass of the two objects and the distance they are apart.

So the more we seek God and get the closer distance to him the stronger our faith will be and the farther we will be from the devil as the good action creates goo reaction and will be less room for the evil to influence you toward a different direction. Objects on Earth are pulled toward the center of Earth. We born and shall die here but if we are in faith our spirit will follow the light toward the heaven away from the central gravity of earth as we will be part of that living eternal light.

The force of gravity, like all other forces, can cause changes in the speed of objects. As an object falls, its speed will continually increase as Earth’s gravity continually pulls it downward. When air resistance is ignored, all objects will speed up at the same rate as they fall. That’s why you have to start slow and gain faith with daily prayers and reading and ask for God salvation until you notice that your speed toward God faith and blessing is getting stronger and stronger by the days, closer and closer to him and away from the gravity of temptations. 

Gravity can also cause an object that is thrown into the air to change its upward motion, slow down, and fall back toward Earth’s surface. The same thing with Faith the stronger your faith in God is the faster you will come back to him to repent when you fall and do mistakes. and you will find him forgiving and expecting. We reach a point in our life that we change our direction and then stop to think and reassess then back to reality toward God the central Gravity in our life. We must keep moving as stagnation is death.

If the rivers and oceans stopped moving the get bad and living things will die if the air stops moving if the blood stopped moving it will cause death and destruction. If the universe and all the stars stopped moving everything will end. Everything must move to keep life and time ticking  

Steve Ramsey, Ph.D.- Okotoks, Alberta – Canada

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