Whoever controls technology will control the human minds


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Whoever controls technology will control the human minds. The future of Infra sound. see this interesting research.

Scientists have found a way to add a spine-tingling dimension to modern music. They played an experimental organ pipe too low to be heard and then collected reports of strange reactions – sorrow, coldness, anxiety and shivers down the spine.Animal use both Infra and Ultrasound in their communications, location of food and shelter, warning for danger and location of their specious .

They were playing with infra sound, the point at which an instrument resonates at an inaudible frequency. The experiment was conducted during concerts of contemporary music at the Purcell Room in central London.

“Infrasound has been suggested as weaponry because it has potentially negative effects on people as it vibrates the. Some people have suggested the presence of infra sound is causing unusual experiences in sites that are allegedly haunted,” said Richard Wiseman, a psychologist at University of Hertfordshire, who will outline the research at the British Association festival.

“Some organ pipes in churches and cathedrals produce infrasound and this could lead to people having very weird experiences within church and attributing it to God. We wanted to try to assess some of these claims.”

To test the theory that infra sound could trigger sensations, the researchers worked with physicists to add silent notes to parts of the music. They also handed questionnaires to the concertgoers to see if any unusual sensations coincided with inaudible bass lines.

One of the ghost instrumentalists monitoring the bad vibes was Richard Lord of the National Physical Laboratory. “It was a double blind experiment. I didn’t even know, before the concert, which pieces the infra sound was going to be in.”

The audience reported 22% more “unusual experiences” during those pieces accompanied by infra sound. They reported “shivering on my wrist, an odd feeling in the stomach, increased heart rate, feeling very anxious, a sudden memory of an emotional loss,” said Prof Wiseman. Natural sources of infrasound – wind, air conditioning systems and traffic for example – could possibly explain why there were persistent reports of hauntings in some buildings. But the environment would affect the attribution, he said.

“If you walked into a modern building and suddenly felt sort of ill but didn’t know why, it might be sick building syndrome. If you walk into an old Scottish

So many causes of Migraines are around us every day and in our home.

“A silent communications system in which non-aural carriers, in the very low or very high audio-frequency range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum are amplitude- or frequency-modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally, for inducement into the brain, typically through the use of loudspeakers, earphones, or piezoelectric transducers. 

The modulated carriers may be transmitted directly in real time or may be conveniently recorded and stored on mechanical, magnetic, or optical media for delayed or repeated transmission to the listener.”

According to literature by Silent Sounds, Inc., it is now possible, using supercomputers, to analyze human emotional EEG patterns and replicate them, then store these “emotion signature clusters” on another computer and, at will, “silently induce and change the emotional state in a human being”.

“All schematics, however, have been classified by the US Government and they are not allowed to reveal the exact details.

The graphic illustration, “Induced Alpha to Theta Biofeedback Cluster Movement”, which accompanies the literature, is labeled #AB 116-394-95 UNCLASSIFIED” and is an output from “the world’s most versatile and most sensitive electroencephalograph (EEG) machine”. The frequency which alter out brain waves as known to scientists only 5 brain waves . But I know it is 6 and if the future scientists discover the 6th wave and it can be used both in healing and in War efforts. Knowing human they will use it first in war 99% of time before they used it to heal human. 

It has a gain capability of 200,000, as compared to other EEG machines in use which have gain capability of approximately 50,000. It is software-driven by the “fastest of computers” using a noise-nulling technology similar to that used by nuclear submarines for detecting small objects underwater at extreme range.

The purpose of the future high technology will be  to plot and display a moving cluster of periodic brainwave signals.  By using special computers-enhanced EEGs, scientists can identify and isolate the brain’s low-amplitude “emotion signature clusters”, synthesize them and store them on another computer.You can heal your self with it and they can control you with it.

In other words, by studying the subtle characteristic brainwave patterns that occur when a subject experiences a particular emotion, scientists have been able to identify the concomitant brainwave pattern and can now duplicate it.

“These clusters are then placed on the Silent Sound[TM] carrier frequencies and will silently trigger the occurrence of the same basic emotion in another human being!”  There is a lot more involved here than a simple subliminal sound system.   There are numerous patented technologies which can be piggybacked individually or collectively onto a carrier frequency to elicit all kinds of effects. Many plants use infrasound too to communicate with each other and with Insects .

There appear to be two methods of delivery with the system. One is direct microwave induction into the brain of the subject, limited to short-range operations. The other, as described above, utilizes ordinary radio and television carrier frequencies.

Far from necessarily being used as a weapon against a person, the system does have limitless positive applications. However, the fact that the sounds are subliminal makes them virtually undetectable and possibly dangerous to the general public.

In more conventional use, the Silent Sounds Subliminal System might utilize voice commands, e.g., as an adjunct to security systems. Beneath the musical broadcast that you hear in stores and shopping malls may be a hidden message which exhorts against shoplifting. And while voice commands alone are powerful, when the subliminal presentation system carries cloned emotional signatures, the result is overwhelming.

Free-market uses for this technology are the common self-help tapes; positive affirmation, relaxation and meditation tapes; as well as methods to increase learning capabilities.
In a medical context, these systems can be used to great advantage to treat psychiatric and psychosomatic problems. As a system for re mediating the profoundly deaf, it is unequaled.

But the deaf are still deaf, and the military now has a weapon to use on unsuspecting people with perfectly normal hearing.) .The secrecy involved in the development of the electromagnetic mind-altering technology reflects the tremendous power that is inherent in it. 

Thank you for reading.

Steve Ramsey, PhD.   Calgary, Alberta- Canada

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