In physics, the law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system cannot change—it is said to be conserved over time. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can change form; for instance, chemical energy can be converted to kinetic energy.

Fire is a conversion of chemical energy into thermal and electromagnetic energy via a chemical reaction that combines the molecules in fuel (wood, say) with oxygen from the air to create water and carbon dioxide.

 It releases energy in the form of heat and light. A battery converts chemical energy into electrical energy. A nuclear bomb converts nuclear energy into thermal, electromagnetic and kinetic energy. 

I believe it has been proven that there is exactly one way of defining relativistic mass and momentum as a function of rest mass and velocity and given two objects of any rest mass and velocity, what rest mass and velocity the system will have if they collide and combine such that

  • Total relativistic mass and momentum are conserved
  • The relativistic mass is equal to the rest mass at zero velocity
  • The momentum is zero at zero velocity
  • The rate of change of momentum with respect to a velocity at zero velocity is equal to the rest mass
  • In any frame of reference, two objects of a given rest mass and velocity if they combine will combine into a system with the same rest mass and velocity

 In the real situation of a system with no external forces in the absence of a gravitational field, we can define the rest mass of a spinning object to be its relativistic mass in the frame of reference of its velocity and when two objects combine, they will either gain thermal or spinning kinetic energy and it’s actually the thermal energy and spinning kinetic energy that contributes to its rest mass but two objects of a given rest mass and velocity will combine into a system of the same rest mass and velocity regardless of the source of their original rest mass.

Einstein objected to the idea that quantum mechanics defied energy conservation. And it turns out he was right. After physicists refined quantum mechanics a few years later, scientists understood that although the energy of each electron might fluctuate in a probabilistic haze, the total energy of the electron and its radiation remained constant at every moment of the process. The energy was conserved.

 I believe that in general relativity, energy and momentum are not necessarily conserved. I think an electromagnetic field doesn’t curve space-time and does not influence a gravitational field in any way other than accelerating a charged particle which in turn affects the gravitational field with its gravity and in the absence of particles, an electromagnetic field will not affect a gravitational field one speck. That means an electric field will not accelerate a charged black hole. Maybe a charged black hole could undergo a hyperbolic orbit with a charged particle and the charged black hole will accelerate the charged particle with its mass and charge but the charged particle will accelerate the charged black hole only with its mass and not with its charge, creating a net change in momentum and if it doesn’t satisfy an exact condition, also a net change in total energy.

 You can create energy at the expense of mass. If you can ‘somehow’ convert mc2

“>mc2mc2 units of energy according to special relativity. The question then is, how exactly do you achieve this conversion?

Generally, this is obtained by either fission or breaking up of an unstable nucleus to give smaller nuclei or by fusion or joining of 2 smaller nuclei to produce a heavier nucleus.

 The conservation of energy is an absolute law; Sparks create a fire, which generates heat—manifest energy that wasn’t there before.

 A battery produces power. A nuclear bomb creates an explosion. Electric charge can create an ultrasound by excited a special piezoelectric crystal and we use this as an ultrasound in the medical field. Each of these situations, however, is simply a case of energy changing form.

The question rise as a paranormal researcher, if you get depressed, stressed, and you have great anger and aggression will you create or project your energy the poor energy to a more evil form of energy, a destructive energy that can sometimes move things and we called it kinetic energy. Can these energies stay behind after we die especially in the severe form of death such as suicide, murder and or death by accidents? It is very likely that our residual energy or some of it stay behind for some time until we can change them to a pure form of energy and make them go away and change frequency by direct them to the light with the message of love, kindness, and prayers.

Potential and kinetic energy are two of the most basic forms of energies, Gravitational potential is the stored energy of an object pushed from the upper floor and forced to roll down.

 Kinetic energy is the energy of its motion when it starts rolling, moving, going down or forward toward the gravity source.

The sum of these is called mechanical energy. The heat in a hot object is the mechanical energy of its atoms and molecules in motion. You throw a stone in a river you have the force energy from your hand to forward the stone with its kinetic energy, and then it falls in the river following the gravity as it has its own potential energy then creates a mechanical energy in form of water circular waves and the sound of the splash.

Chemical energy is another form of potential energy stored in molecular chemical bonds. It is this energy, stockpiled in your bodily cells, that allows you to run and jump. The same energy that the spirit use but they need more of these energies to manifest or move object they need the energy of the wind, water, sun and so on to harvest it and use them when they want and where they want if they are permitted to do so.

 Other forms of energy include electromagnetic energy, or light, and nuclear energy—the potential energy of the nuclear forces in atoms. There are many more. Even mass is a form of energy, as Albert Einstein’s famous E = mc2 showed. Changing our physical body after death to a spirit is changing of energy; we still don’t understand the spirit world or the soul, a man is not allowed yet to open this Pandora box, as it is the secret of God himself.
We now know that the universe is expanding at a faster and faster rate—propelled by something scientists call dark energy. This is thought to be the intrinsic energy per cubic centimeter of empty space. But if the universe is a closed system with a finite amount of energy, how can it spawn more empty space, which must contain more intrinsic energy, without creating additional energy? So I think as the holy books mentioned including the Quran regarding the expansion of the universe that God himself is feeding this energy from his light , that his creations of billions of angels who we cannot see are acting up as  helpers in this, watchers of the gates and portals, using their heavenly light to keep everything in check .

Einstein’s theory of general relativity is correct by regions of space with positive energy actually push space outward. As space expands, it releases stored up gravitational potential energy, which converts into the intrinsic energy that fills the newly created volume. So everything is moving toward God almighty and around his thrown ,it is like his angels everything turning around his thrown as part of a ritual , praise and pray to the original force of creation and energy the pure living light I called God ( G – GRAVITATIONAL, O =OF, D= DAATH  the Hebrew word for the tree of knowledge  the divine spirit, the 4th letter in the Hebrew, Arabic and English alphabets symbolizes the door, the gate to heaven. the 4 elements.

Steve Ramsey, PhD 

Okotoks, Alberta – Canada

paranormal researcher, expert, and investigator 

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