The effects of epilepsy and stimulating specific areas of the brain with electro magnetism can lead to paranormal feelings

There are also studies about how people with certain types of epilepsy often have those feelings that they are being watched or have a presence nearby. I happen to have that type of epilepsy which affects a certain part of my brain, and it would explain a lot of my paranormal experiences when I’m alone but it can’t explain how people around me have also experienced what I have with me in the same rooms (i.e., disembodied voices in the basement, feeling of being watched, knocks on the wall, objects moving on their own). Feeling like you are being watched is one thing but when you have other people (family and friends) that feel the same weird feeling coming from the same 4 square feet and no one initially shared that feeling because they were afraid of seeming foolish, it must be something. The fact that other people have experienced them with me makes me believe that my neurological condition may help me be more sensitive or more “in tune” to notice spirits (or whatever it is) that other people might miss. May be and just may be that people with this kind of epilepsy are more sensitive to seen and hearing things that what so called normal people brain can’t. May be the nature and the creator wants those with these disadvantages get and gain more ability when they lose one part of the brain it is a defense mechanism to the person with this disadvantage. After all, we only use 20% of our brain ability.

Bullshit. I had something happen to me about 20 years ago. It involved me sleeping and something jumping on my waterbed. Circling me. Growling. A heaviness on my chest. I thought I was going to die. So I started to pray to my recently dead grandmother to help me. The growling, shaking (waterbed waves) SLOWLY FADED. At which time I opened my eyes and looked at the digital clock. It said 4:19 am.

I obviously was scared to death. Heart racing. Sweating. I couldn’t go back to sleep for the rest of the night. Next night and every night after for weeks I would go to sleep… boom SHOCK WAKE up at 4:19. Go sleep on the couch. Started to just sleep on the couch. I would still wake up at 4:19. For months.

Told the story to my friend. He said it creeped him out for years. Then he read about “sleep paralysis”, which explains away a lot of stuff (that I think shouldn’t be explained away).

I know it wasn’t sleeping paralysis because I know I was awake. I know that sleep paralysis wasn’t waking me up at 4:19 for months.

The thing is… it’s kind of like the movie “Signs”. The quote is “People break down into two groups when they experience something lucky. Group number one sees it as more than luck, more than coincidence. They see it as a sign, evidence, that there is someone up there, watching out for them. Group number two sees it as just pure luck. Just a happy turn of chance.” There is more to the quote, but you would have to see the movie.

Anyway… it’s like some people are going to take everything as a sign. Other’s could have a sign/experience hit them in the head and to them, it would be nothing.

I worry that when I die if I did give my pretty atheist family a sign, they wouldn’t see it, and that makes me really sad 🙁

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Hmm. If you don’t mind me asking – exactly what part of OPs statement do you disagree with so strongly?

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I used to think that’s all it was, but eventually, I came to see it was more than that. The anecdotal evidence theory kind of went out the door for me when I was able to verify something I was seeing as real beyond much of a doubt. I had seen what I thought might be spirits several times growing up but I dismissed them as dreams or maybe hallucinations of some sort. But when I saw someone in my first apartment despite a locked door and then was able to describe her to her grandson who had lived there all his life, right down to her height and her age and the kerchief she actually habitually wore and found out that was her room in life? That was it for me. There was NO way I could have known anything about this woman. No other person she could have been. The clothes she had on, her unusually small stature, the room she came out of, seeing her favorite chair move. (It was the only thing of hers left in the apt and there were no pics of her elsewhere either if you are wondering.) That was just undeniable, and her family they absolutely recognized her from my description.

Later I saw my mother after she passed too and after that, I saw several others. Had similar experiences where I’d describe the person I was seeing to someone and it would be so spot on my description that the person I was talking to would just freak. That the paranormal exists, I don’t even question it anymore, but I don’t seek out such experiences either. I’ve had two supposedly legit mediums tell me point blank that I have the capacity and I have to believe them. Why else would I be seeing this kind of freaky thing? I’m definitely not mental. I’ve had the tests for all that, schizophrenia, personality disorders et all. Nothing. I’m fine.

I’m not into developing that talent if indeed I have it. People can think I am crazy or making up stories if they want. I know I’m not either and that’s all that matters. The only person who needs to know I’m completely sane and not hallucinating is me. Me knowing for sure I’m not mentally ill, that’s been very comforting, but knowing that I do not,  don’t make it not happen either so there you go. But yeah, I believe. I’ve just seen too damn much at this point not to, thank you….

I can’t be a true skeptic anymore. Not when I’ve got dead people randomly popping up and practically waving “Hey, I’m over here!” right in my face. I can choose not to believe every story I read. I can choose to ask questions and to be logical about such things, but deny it? Uh no. Not possible. Not now. I wish. I’d just love to be able to turn off the switch in my head that allows me to see stuff like this actually. I don’t like it. I think it’s creepy as hell. I don’t need an EMF meter or a EVP tape to tell me the dead are still around. The sudden cold chill, feeling a presence, maybe even seeing one, that’s enough for me.

The only way to know is to have recorded it with some type of device. Perhaps a hypnotist can help but anything in your mind is subjective and when you remember a memory, it’s only a pointer to another time you remembered it, not the actual event itself.

The EMF statement isn’t “new” studies. People have studied EMF’s effect for a hundred years. Maybe YOU are a ghost from the past. 😛

truly look back and assess the past. However, if a group of people has a shared paranormal experience, you instantly reduce the chance that it’s a delusion of your mind by quite a bit.

There is a caveat that a group of people may have a shared misinterpretation of some phenomena attributed to paranormal activity that may not be.

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Not only that, but it’s found that memories now are not memories of the time you experienced a thing, but memories of the last time you remembered experiencing the thing.s)


I believe that experiences can be considered paranormal until you can explain it. I don’t really think that there are any paranormal things. But everybody has had experiences they can’t explain. That does not mean it CAN’T be explained.

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Heres a way of looking at it: Maybe when the mind is stimulated in such a way, (Electro magnetism, meditation etc.) it opens to a wider reality allowing for experiences that aren’t accessible in the regular state. Another similar example is the fact that our vision only captures a small fraction of the full light spectrum. Same with our other senses. If you expand the range of your senses, you become open to more reality not necessarily a fake reality.


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“Opening your mind” will not physically change the receptors in your eyes allowing you to see things that are undetectable by human eyeballs.

So even if the mind being “stimulated in such a way” causes you to see things that you normally wouldn’t, it is still only happening in your mind. Not reality. Because here in reality, your eyes can only see what eyes can see.

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I’ve never had hallucinations, so personally I couldn’t compare.


  • Avatar Aamer Hendi says:

    هل يمكن عﻻج هذه الشحنات بصوره نهائيه ..
    تحياتي لك دكتور

    • Steve Ramsey Steve Ramsey says:

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      Below, please find dozens of peer reviewed research studies which support a finding that magnetic therapy utilizing pulsed electromagnetic fields called repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS/TMS) treatment for epilepsy reduces seizure activity and reduces symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, depression, MS, and migraine headache without side effects or expected/unexpected reactions. While modern research is nearly all done with very strong amplitude magnetic fields, Sandyk & Anninos showed that you can provide same or better effect with very-VERY minute fields in the Pico-Tesla range.

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      The Epilepsy rTMS bibliography is offered for your education only and studies contained are not intended as promotional material. This site is for informational purposes only. No therapeutic products can be sold in relation to the pulsed electromagnetic field therapy research bibliographies found here.

      See also; Sandyk R, Anninos PA , Jacobson JI; three pioneers of electromagnetic field therapy to treat Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and epilepsy.

    • Steve Ramsey Steve Ramsey says:

      with new advancement, in medication treatment, electromagnetic doctors can alter the waveforms in the brain and stabilize the frequency of the attacks

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