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  • Steve Ramsey Steve Ramsey says:

    I will write my family experience with this in north Iraq- mouse state as I was told by my father. The Djinn or Jin is part of the second creation
    After the angels, they are made of special fire we call it al simoom fire, means the smoke that comes from the fire as we made of carbon unit, silicon dust mud clay mixed with water.
    the angels who created from God light and God light is living light it has varieties of color and energies, light that can think and act .The djinn fire also a living fire
    they can come in different shapes and looks, some lives I water under the sea, in caves or mountains, valleys or desert and each has its own territories and boundaries if they pass
    it they will be burned, some can move about the earth, and they do have faith and religion . They take the religion of the place they live in and try to understand it some get converted and make wars like the human but each obeys God if they are repented and fear God, many are aligned with the demonic world of satan and his demons legions and practice
    all kind of witchcraft and black magic. they can live at homes those we call AMER or the djinni f the house usually are peaceful and watchers very curious about human I can go on and on to fill a book about them and some of their names the famous one that I like a djinn called ABQAR the jinn who help people to find things, find ideas and discovers ideas in God help of course

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