Thank you letter

Thank you letter to all of those who helped me to be a better person  and mentored me .

To all of you and especially to Dr Ted lions, Denis Graton, Dr COOPER BURG,Dr Goldberg, Dr Hoffman, Dr Friedland, Dean McMillan, Gary kusher , all the camart society, all the ardms and sonography Canada, all acdtt college, Charles strut university , fanshaw college, Winnipeg health science centre, Basir faqiri, Dr Mujib Cadili, Dr Tariq and Iman alanai, Dr ALAKTIB ,Dr Essam , Dr Breugem, Varghese paulose Japan and south Korea ultrasound society , south Africa and the UK radiography and ultrasound societies, Mona mostafa adley, and all the radiologists, doctors, supervisors who taught me and mentored me along the years . and those who passed away teaching us great deal and to all our family, relatives and friends who with out them life will be difficult . Thank you for all your support. 

Life is short and II would like to thank you and all those who helped me along the way in my life, courier and everything I have now is because of you .

You are a wonderful teacher, boss, leader, and friend. You are everything one could look for in a good person.

Every day I wake up , drive my act to go to work I remember all of you each in different capacity who helped me some how to be a better person, a better sonographer and I passed it to my students to keep the circle of goodness, kindness going.

. You groomed us to be sound professionals and made working with you an interesting and memorable experience. I will always be grateful to you for your support and kindness. And it was so nice few years working with you and learns to deal with life issue.

It would be impossible to count all the ways that you’ve helped me in my career. Thank you so much for all that you’ve done — I only hope I can return the favor sometime in the future. If you ever come to Calgary please stay in my house, it is your place any time your visit you can reach me at  1 587 999 3840 what’s up, viper, imo, tango

You have consistently maintained strong business ethics while keeping a smile on your face and those of the people around you even in difficult times, when the going gets tough the tough person keep going forward and set example for us.

Thank you again for showing me how to stand my ground and have the kind of career that I can be proud of. I count myself lucky for having had your mentorship.

You have been an exemplary and visionary mentor, a great leader who has dedicated his life to the service of humanity in my field. I appreciate and treasure everything you have taught me.

Not only are you fantastic at your job, but you have also proven yourself to be a loving and caring person, both in the office and out in the world. Thank you for being there for me and teaching me so much.

I salute you for your tenacity of purpose and outstanding leadership qualities. Thank you for your words of encouragement and support. I will remain forever grateful.

I learn something new from you every day. Thank you for providing me such a strong foundation in an industry that can be confusing.

Your perseverance, integrity and people-loving nature are just a few of your qualities that continue to inspire me.

Your encouragement and advice has led me to places I never thought I would go. Thank you so much for your mentorship throughout my career.

You did a great job teaching me what I needed to know in order to become a sound professional. My success is due to your support and mentorship. I appreciate you so much and value everything I have learned from you.

I wish , your family, relatives, and friends all the best in life, health and prosperity, and above all peace of mind .


Steve Ramsey ,Okotoks,  CANADA

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