Take this broken wing and learn to fly. My story of saving an injured Robin bird

Take this broken wing and learn to fly.
My story of saving an injured Robin bird
(American Robin), that has a broken wing.

I called the Bird Robi; I thought he was a male bird. It hurts when you see a loved one leave the nest, but it can be so rewarding when he/she comes back to visit.
I released the juvenile American Robin that I discovered in the summer of 2017 with a dislocated left wingback to the great outdoors in Okotoks, Alberta in the same place where I found him and that is my yard. I released him on May 22, 2018, after I gave him his food.
I paid for an X-Ray exam and I found out that he had no fracture but severe dislocation in his left wing.
The vets before that wanted to put him to sleep so I was so sad and depressed when I heard he has to kill this bird! I took him and left and later told him that he passed away and I took care of Robi all the winter myself.

When I released Robi I felt so happy to see him flying and trying to learn the art of flying and looking back at me and flying in my yard as that all that he remembers, it is his home.
Robi is flying high now, into different places and gardens. He came back to my backyard for his food that I am keeping in the 6 feeders containing seeds, mealworms, and berries.
After I studied few books and saw many YouTube about the Robin wings and Birds wings I managed to fix Robi left wing and put it together and then nurse him in a small cage first and then kept moving him to a larger cage to give him a chance to heal the traumatic muscles. He was so weak and sick then in time, he starts to eat, drink and sing. He jumps and flies in the cage that I kept in front of a large window in my house facing the sunrise and the garden. I can see him singing when he sees other birds. He celebrated Christmas and I provided him with the best food in the market and he loves the life mealworms and the dry ones, seeds, berries especially the small blueberries and the small black grapes.
I kept grass material in his cage and he started building the nest then I found he is she, so now I am calling her Robina. He responds to his name Robi.
I put the Sandi soil in the cage in a small container and put his life mealworm in so to give him chance to dig and find his food as part of his rehabilitation.
My three cats Smokey, Mahera, and Ashley didn’t like Robi at the start; they want to have him for breakfast. They complained and then kept watching him daily and learned that he is a friend and that I am feeding him, calling him and interacted with him, so they went from what the hell is going on here to a mutual respect.
When I saw that he is healthy, his wing is healed and strong and the weather in Okotoks, Alberta is good I know it was the time to let him fly and go find his friends and build his nest and make a family.
I feel happy that instead of killing a broken bird at the vet clinic I gave him a chance and in God welling, he is ready to fly in this wonderful nature. Robina kept visiting me almost every day and eats from the feeders and then went for 2 weeks. Later she came to my garden to say goodbye with a male bird with her they eat from the feeder so close and sat looking at me from the fence then both took off and flow away. It is mid of June now and I am sure she builds her nest and that’s mean I might see here by end of July, hopefully, she will bring the small baby birds with her to eat. I already have names for her baby birds (Robi, Reba, Robina, and Steve junior) LOL.
Be kind especially to those birds, pets and all animal in the nature they need our, but please check with your local animal shelter, vets, city bylaw so they can tell you what to do and what not to do. Remember that some birds might carry the bird flu, ticks, mites, or might have a salmonella infection and that some people might be allergic.
Steve Ramsey. Okotoks- Alberta – Canada

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