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In here we can discuss science, paranormal, true ghost stories, culture, superstition, pets behavior, ultrasound and infra sound research, haunted houses, creations, and evolution with open mind and in-depth research.

Please feel free to contact me. I can help you to get rid of the these entities for sure. Please make sure to counsel with your Physician or Clinical Psychologist to rule our any psychological illness, stress, depression, and anger issues. Your priest might help you for short term, anywhere 40 days to 90 days. Other paranormal investigating team will only provide you with evidences if the entities exists in your house or not but they cannot get rid of it. So Please make sure to contact me when you feel you exhaust all your options. I can help you to get rid of the entities 100%.

You can reach me at .

I will not do any demonic possession of a person , this have to be dealt with by a psychiatrists and your prayer groups as this might lead to physical harm, injury and even death to you and those who around you. I will Take a history of your house and collect data. I will go through the regular debunking methods to make sure your house is not creating the noises due to mechanical or electrical defects . With my back round in physics, radiography, sonography, pharmacy, biology and chemistry and public health degrees I can bring a balance between science and spirituality at your disposal. I will Check the facts, and validate the story. Interview each occupant of the place with permission and consent. Make sure that no human remain in your house such as Ashes of human or pets.

I will ask for permission to do the investigation from the owners of the place and the tenants and give you a consent form to read and sign . I will check with the local police to make sure they know what are we doing and why,  for my safety and security issues. I will Ask you for the basic medical back round, house history.Check the house surrounding and the high voltage, EMF areas around the house.

I do all the EMF, Infra sound, EVP, Laser thermal reading and measurements.and infrared camera, voice recording and camera surveillance recording, lasers grid recording.When all data are collected, I will then analyse them , and if there are one or tow signs of paranormal reading  I will go the next step .

The second step is the cleansing I can do the cleansing method that base on the holy books, KABBALAH, ARABIC AND ARAMAIC PRAYERS CHANTING. Using the proven AL Gilani method, Oil and sage anointment and cleansing , Gilani prayers, and the most powerful ROQEYA PRAYERS in every corner of the house and  every room, I might stay alone in the basement or the room where the activity is taken place . Children must be cleared from the house . No dogs or pigs pets . Cats or birds are OK. I might ask some of you  to visit and see a train psychologist for farther check up.

My Heeling process with varieties of method will be used until the bad energy is gone.

Remember never try to provoke the entity alone, you need to be authorized, have permission from a man of faith . Do not challenge the entity.

To evict someone you need anywhere between 30 days to 90 days and they might not leave until they are forced. Most Spirits and negative energy do not care of city bylaw or your reading from a bible , they live in your house before you as it is  their house , and it will take a different tactics and strategy to deal with them , most of the time it starts with you, helping the person how to overcome their anger issues, stress and depression , resolve their main problem at hand, and you have to accept the facts that you are the one who need help , seek help, and work toward a solution step by step. and the rest will be easy. I have all the technical and the spiritual tools with me to help you bring balance to the house and the area in concern.

There are some universal principles that apply to the faith f Abraham (Jewish, Christian and Islam) in protection from malevolent spirits. The most basic of which is that faith is the cornerstone. Rely on symbols important to your own religious beliefs (off hand I know that in Judaism the Mezuzah is particularly effective in protecting a home when use properly Many has confirmed that it’s almost impossible for a malevolent spirit to enter a home protected by them, I use these talismans, prayers reading and writing when I cleanse your home, I use the Hamsa, and many other talisman against the evil eye, evil spirits around your house and the doors of each room. I also read Psalms (91), reading it and write it in a small paper and put it in clean small container front of the house, it is a good choices for protection. While the roqeya prayers is the proven Muslim method. You must clean your house , and when you do the cleansing make sure to remove the children, Dogs and unclean animal such as pet pigs or a dog .remove  any statue or figures of stone God such as Buddha or other animal figures and put them in a box. spray salt and water and keep playing the roqeya prayers with your computer in different part of the house , it will take some times , and then repeat the prayer every Thursday morning and Friday 1 hour before the sunset. Sometimes it takes up to 40 days to completely clean the house in these methods.  Sometimes it take only one day. E mail me as I have many other technical methods and ritual that I perform .

Thank you.

Thank you for taken the first step of dealing of this serious issue.

You can email me at

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  • Steve Ramsey Steve Ramsey says:

    For those people who want immediate help and can not wait for the team to arrive , Please try to log in to these sites one by one and keep your computer
    volume medium loud and start in the centre of the house and let the reading on while you can do the sage burning sagging the house, and use salt and water to spray around windows and doors, put olive oil mark around the front door and spray with salt water , do the same around the corner of the house inside nd outside.
    Use large white candle in front of the window at your living room to the left side your left, and small black candle to the right side of the window . Use sage insence , you can buy this for the dollar store or Indian store. Repeat the payers reading in these site using your computer around the house once a week Thursday night then Friday one hour before the sunset. I do these prayers in my voice and I do other chanting prayers from the holy books also and the kabbalah ritual . I did 30 houses and it work 100% when I do it. since 1986.


    2 one hour the best i can read the pages silent.
    3 best athan and roqeya aganist evil jin . mojaraba , yaseen also

    4 -

    5- For hasad evil eye, evil pain sickness, illness , stress and depression.

    6 -for Ruqyah For The Cure Of Black Magic And Jinn Possession

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